Sponsors, Minor Midget, 2016-2017, AAA (Kitchener Minor Hockey)

This Team is part of the 2016-2017 season, which is not set as the current season.
Team & Major Organization Sponsors
Alcove Drywall System
Alcove Drywall Systems Inc. (519) 780-1375 6959 Hwy 7 RR 2, Breslau, ON N0B 1M0
Dr. Douglas Beaton Dentistry
Address: 526 Frederick St, Kitchener, ON N2B 3R1 Phone: (519) 578-4600
Grand River Dental Care
Dr. Paul Tan, Dr. Dana Kim, Dr. Christine Gordon, and Dr. Bo Kyung Kong would like to welcome you to Grand River Dental Care Centre, proudly providing dentistry in Kitchener Waterloo areas since 1996. We are committed to excellence in family dentistry and general dental care. Our staff are some of the area’s finest, caring, and competent dental professionals, and we are eager to know you and your family and to help you reach an educated decision about your dental treatment. We promise you excellent dental care that fits your needs and exceeds your expectations. Our number one priority is our patient’s comfort. We use the most advanced available treatment methods to make sure you have a comfortable experience during your dental visit. We are proud of our services and look forward to working with you. Dr. Paul Tan & Staff
Mattamy Homes
179 Seabrook Drive Kitchener, ON N2R 0E6 (519) 744-9296
Red Line Conditioning
We build our team training philosophy from the phrase “MOVE BETTER, PLAY BETTER”. With this statement being the driving force behind how we design every training session. We take great pride in our ability to asses each athlete by gathering information from a baseline/ fit test, we then determine the various issues each athlete has and will incorporate added mobility, soft tissue, or strength exercises, as well as make various progressions or regressions for exercises within the program. We correct the limitations at the root of the problem, instead of simply working around their symptoms. Our program will be designed to fix various compensations each individual athlete has, resulting in improved movement patterns, strength, and performance, which will ultimately carry over to various aspects of their sport. Each Training session will be divided into three components: 1) Movement/Speed Training 2) Power/Strength Training and Maintenance 3) Energy System Development Movement / Speed Training: -Area of focus within each session is mobility, movement preparation, plyometrics, activation and movement strength/skill. The goal of every session is proper movement pattern recruitment/movement technique. Power/ Strength Training and Maintenance: -Area of focus include: Compound movements designed to teach and maintain adequate joint mobility and core stability, Rotational power and rotational stability work, Linear power and linear stability, Injury reduction and strengthening of injury-susceptible areas ,Corrective exercises designed to eliminate injury and re-train the motor center. Energy System Development: -Our In-Season ESD is carefully monitored and is determined on a weekly basis. We work with the coaching staff to determine the volume and intensity of each session to ensure adequate recovery is available before games and practices to avoid overtraining. -As hockey players you spend most of your season in a flexed hip position, therefore we believe it is imperative that much our ESD is performed upright (i.e. sprint running) so you can fully extend your hips and open your chest to help correct and avoid any of the imbalances incurred during the season.
Reitzel Insulation
A family owned and operated business with 40 years of experience! As professionals we offer quality spray foam and blown-in insulation service; in addition to insulation removal and fireproofing services. Throughout the years, we have completed over 100,000 projects, and our clients have included commercial contractors, agricultural contractors, home owners and new home builders. No matter what type of insulation project you have in mind, Reitzel Insulation has the expertise to handle it. Phone: 519.886.6100 or 1.800.265.8869 Greenguard Product Certified Proudly Canadian Accredited Business
Wasteco makes a difference for the clients and the communities we serve by offering superior service, advice and information. Making a difference in today’s world means providing effective waste and recycling solutions that help businesses meet their corporate, financial, and environmental goals. Our approach is built on the three pillars: Transparency - Detailed and easy-to-access records that provide real-time performance data on your waste reduction efforts. Accuracy - Accurate and timely information that helps you make informed decisions. Education - Our award-winning Trim Your Waste program that is committed to educate your staff and tenants on today’s best waste and recycling practices.