Schedule & Results, Fallfest Tournament (Kitchener Minor Hockey)

Complete Tournament Schedule
DivisionGame #TimeVenueVisitorResultHome
Friday, November 23, 2018
Pool BMB-29:45 AMKIW Brantford Ice Cats 2117Woolwich Wild 7109
Pool AMBB-110:00 AMKIN Wilmot Wolverines 4816Cambridge Roadrunners 2207
RRNBC-110:00 AMGR West Oxford Inferno 2905Kitchener Lady Rangers 2713
RRPA - 1 10:00 AMSWA Oakville Hornets 1284Kitchener Lady Rangers 2707
RRPB - 110:00 AMPJD Mississauga Chiefs 5859Kitchener Lady Rangers 2710
RRBC-110:15 AMALU Wingham Lucknow 86ers 8692Mitchell Meteors 7262
Pool BMBB-210:15 AMSWB Caledon Coyotes 4663Flamborough Falcons 2356
RRMC-110:45 AMKIW St. Thomas Panthers 6814South Huron Sabres 5608
RRNBC-211:00 AMGR Niagara Rapids 2951Lambeth Lancers 6006
RRPA - 211:00 AMSWA Mississauga Chiefs 5861Niagara Rapids 2970
RRPB - 211:00 AMPJD Stoney Creek Sabres 3430London Devilettes 663
RRBC-211:15 AMALU Grey Highlands Shooting Stars 8722St. Thomas Panthers 6804
Pool CMBB-311:15 AMKIN Mount Forest Rams 8758Markham Stouffville Stars 3584
Pool BMB-411:30 AMSWB Kent County Fillies 8154Chatsworth Rebels 8859
RRMC-211:45 AMKIW IIderton Jets 7244South Bruce Blades 8744
Pool ABB-112:00 PMGR Sarnia Jr. Lady Sting 3357Kitchener Lady Rangers 2747
RRPA - 312:00 PMSWA Niagara Rapids 2956Stoney Creek Sabres 3407
RRPB - 312:00 PMPJD Lucan Irish 6051Ancaster Avalanche 5046
Pool ABB-312:15 PMALU Scarborough Sharks 831Lucan Irish 6054
Pool BBB-412:30 PMSWB Wallaceburg Lakers 7034South Huron Sabres 5601
RRMC-312:30 PMKIN Chatsworth Rebels 8860Grey Highlands Shooting Stars 8723
Pool A (XOVER)BBB-112:45 PMKIW Huron Heat 3654Kitchener Lady Rangers 2711
Pool BBB-21:00 PMGR Chatsworth Rebels 8852Georgina Golden Hawks 3302
RRBC-31:00 PMSWA Saugeen Shores Storm 8811Kent County Fillies 8151
Pool AMB-11:00 PMPJD Mitchell Meteors 7263Kitchener Lady Rangers 2709
Pool AMB-31:15 PMALU Georgina Golden Hawks 3304Flamborough Falcons 2351
Pool A (XOVER)BA-21:30 PMSWB Napanee Crunch 1861Woodstock Wildcats 3882
Pool A (XOVER)BBB-21:30 PMKIN Stoney Creek Sabres 3412Wilmot Wolverines 4603
Pool A (XOVER)BBB-31:45 PMKIW Lakeshore Lightning 5991Orangeville Tigers 3141
Pool A (XOVER)BA-32:00 PMSWA Lakeshore Lightning 5996Sault Ste Marie Wildcats 4007
Pool AMBB-72:00 PMGR Lakeshore Lightning 5993Wilmot Wolverines 4816
RRNBC-32:00 PMPJD Kitchener Lady Rangers 2713Chatham Outlaws 2262
Pool AMB-52:15 PMALU Lindsay Lynx 6025West Northumberland Wild 4184
RRPB - 42:30 PMKIN Kitchener Lady Rangers 2710Ottawa Valley Thunder 4302
Pool A (XOVER)BA-12:45 PMKIW West Northumberland Wild 4181Kitchener Lady Rangers 2718
Pool BMB-62:45 PMSWB Woolwich Wild 7109Bancroft Jets 7406
RRNBC-43:00 PMPJD Lambeth Lancers 6006West Oxford Inferno 2905
Pool BMBB-53:15 PMALU Flamborough Falcons 2356Woodstock Wildcats 6891
RRMC-43:15 PMGR South Huron Sabres 5608Sarnia Jr. Lady Sting 3358
RRPA - 43:15 PMSWA Kitchener Lady Rangers 2707Toronto Leaside Wildcats 3756
RRPB - 53:30 PMKIN London Devilettes 663Mississauga Chiefs 5859
RRBC-43:45 PMSWB Mitchell Meteors 7262Sarnia Jr. Lady Sting
Pool CMBB-64:00 PMPJD Markham Stouffville Stars 3584Wallaceburg Lakers 7036
RRMC-54:00 PMKIW South Bruce Blades 8744St. Thomas Panthers 6814
RRBC-54:15 PMSWA St. Thomas Panthers 6804Wingham Lucknow 86ers 8692
RRPA - 54:15 PMGR Niagara Rapids 2970Oakville Hornets 1284
Pool BMB-84:30 PMALU Chatsworth Rebels 8859Brantford Ice Cats 2117
RRPB - 64:30 PMKIN Ancaster Avalanche 5046Stoney Creek Sabres 3430
RRPA - 64:45 PMSWB Stoney Creek Sabres 3407Mississauga Chiefs 5861
RRBC-65:00 PMKIW Kent County Fillies 8151Grey Highlands Shooting Stars 8722
Pool ABB-55:15 PMPJD Lucan Irish 6054Sarnia Jr. Lady Sting 3357
Pool ABB-75:15 PMSWA Kitchener Lady Rangers 2747Scarborough Sharks 831
RRMC-65:15 PMGR Grey Highlands Shooting Stars 8723IIderton Jets 7244
Pool BBB-65:30 PMALU South Huron Sabres 5601Chatsworth Rebels 8852
Pool B (XOVER)BBB-45:30 PMKIN Wilmot Wolverines 4603Huron Heat 3654
Pool BBB-85:45 PMSWB Georgina Golden Hawks 3302Wallaceburg Lakers 7034
Pool B (XOVER)BBB-56:15 PMSWA Orangeville Tigers 3141Stoney Creek Sabres 3412
Pool AMB-76:15 PMGR Kitchener Lady Rangers 2709Georgina Golden Hawks 3304
Pool AMB-96:15 PMPJD Flamborough Falcons 2351Lindsay Lynx 6025
Pool AMBB-46:15 PMKIW Cambridge Roadrunners 2207Lakeshore Lightning 5993
Pool B (XOVER)BBB-66:30 PMKIN Kitchener Lady Rangers 2711Lakeshore Lightning 5991
Pool BIA-26:30 PMALU Guelph Gryphons 4483Brampton Canadettes 263
RRNBC-56:45 PMSWB Chatham Outlaws 2262Niagara Rapids 2951
Pool AIA-17:15 PMGR Mississauga Chiefs 5876Kitchener Lady Rangers 2746
Pool BMB-107:15 PMPJD Bancroft Jets 7406Kent County Fillies 8154
Pool BMBB-87:15 PMSWA Woodstock Wildcats 6891Caledon Coyotes 4663
Pool B (XOVER)BA-47:30 PMKIW Woodstock Wildcats 3882West Northumberland Wild 4181
RRPB - 77:30 PMKIN Ottawa Valley Thunder 4302Lucan Irish 6051
RRMC-77:45 PMSWB Sarnia Jr. Lady Sting 3358Chatsworth Rebels 8860
RRPA - 77:45 PMALU Toronto Leaside Wildcats 3756Niagara Rapids 2956
Pool CMBB-98:15 PMPJD Wallaceburg Lakers 7036Mount Forest Rams 8758
Pool B (XOVER)BA-58:30 PMSWA Sault Ste Marie Wildcats 4007Napanee Crunch 1861
Pool BIA-48:30 PMGR St. Catharines Jr. BadgersSaugeen Maitland Lightning 8836
Pool AMB-118:30 PMKIN West Northumberland Wild 4184Mitchell Meteors 7263
Pool B (XOVER)BA-68:45 PMKIW Kitchener Lady Rangers 2718Lakeshore Lightning 5996
RRBC-78:45 PMSWB Sarnia Jr. Lady StingSaugeen Shores Storm 8811
Pool AIA-38:45 PMALU Sudbury Wolves 1097Peterborough Ice Kats 1497
Saturday, November 24, 2018
RRMC-88:00 AMPJD South Bruce Blades 8744South Huron Sabres 5608
RRNBC-68:00 AMSWA Lambeth Lancers 6006Kitchener Lady Rangers 2713
RRPA - 88:00 AMKMAC- DC Niagara Rapids 2970Kitchener Lady Rangers 2707
RRPB - 88:00 AMGR London Devilettes 663Kitchener Lady Rangers 2710
Pool BMB-138:15 AMALU Woolwich Wild 7109Chatsworth Rebels 8859
Pool A (XOVER)MBB-108:15 AMKIW Woodstock Wildcats 6891Cambridge Roadrunners 2207
Pool A (XOVER)MBB-118:30 AMKIN Markham Stouffville Stars 3584Wilmot Wolverines 4816
RRBC-88:45 AMSWB St. Thomas Panthers 6804Mitchell Meteors 7262
RRMC-99:00 AMPJD Sarnia Jr. Lady Sting 3358Grey Highlands Shooting Stars 8723
RRNBC-79:00 AMSWA West Oxford Inferno 2905Chatham Outlaws 2262
RRPA - 99:00 AMKMAC- DC Toronto Leaside Wildcats 3756Stoney Creek Sabres 3407
RRPB - 99:00 AMGR Ottawa Valley Thunder 4302Ancaster Avalanche 5046
Pool BMB-159:15 AMALU Brantford Ice Cats 2117Kent County Fillies 8154
Pool A (XOVER)MBB-129:30 AMKIW Mount Forest Rams 8758Lakeshore Lightning 5993
RRBC-99:45 AMSWB Sarnia Jr. Lady StingKent County Fillies 8151
Pool B (XOVER)MBB-139:45 AMKIN Wallaceburg Lakers 7036Flamborough Falcons 2356
RRBC-1010:00 AMSWA Grey Highlands Shooting Stars 8722Wingham Lucknow 86ers 8692
RRMC-1010:00 AMPJD IIderton Jets 7244St. Thomas Panthers 6814
RRPA - 1010:00 AMKMAC- DC Mississauga Chiefs 5861Oakville Hornets 1284
RRPB - 1010:00 AMGR Stoney Creek Sabres 3430Mississauga Chiefs 5859
Pool BIA-810:15 AMALU Brampton Canadettes 263St. Catharines Jr. Badgers
Pool BIA-610:45 AMSWB Saugeen Maitland Lightning 8836Guelph Gryphons 4483
Pool AIA-710:45 AMKIW Kitchener Lady Rangers 2746Sudbury Wolves 1097
Pool ABB-911:00 AMPJD Scarborough Sharks 831Sarnia Jr. Lady Sting 3357
Pool A (XOVER)BBB-711:00 AMMcL Huron Heat 3654Orangeville Tigers 3141
Pool A (XOVER)BBB-811:00 AMKIN Stoney Creek Sabres 3412Kitchener Lady Rangers 2711
Pool A (XOVER)BBB-911:00 AMSWA Lakeshore Lightning 5991Wilmot Wolverines 4603
Pool AIA-511:00 AMGR Peterborough Ice Kats 1497Mississauga Chiefs 5876
Pool A (XOVER)BA-711:30 AMALU West Northumberland Wild 4181Sault Ste Marie Wildcats 4007
Pool A (XOVER)BA-812:00 PMPJD Napanee Crunch 1861Kitchener Lady Rangers 2718
Pool A (XOVER)BA-912:00 PMSWA Lakeshore Lightning 5996Woodstock Wildcats 3882
Pool BBB-1012:00 PMMcL Wallaceburg Lakers 7034Chatsworth Rebels 8852
Pool ABB-1112:00 PMKIW Lucan Irish 6054Kitchener Lady Rangers 2747
Pool BBB-1212:15 PMKIN South Huron Sabres 5601Georgina Golden Hawks 3302
Pool AMB-1212:15 PMGR Lindsay Lynx 6025Georgina Golden Hawks 3304
Pool BMB-1712:45 PMALU Chatsworth Rebels 8859Bancroft Jets 7406
RRNBC-812:45 PMSWB Kitchener Lady Rangers 2713Niagara Rapids 2951
Pool AMB-141:00 PMKIW West Northumberland Wild 4184Kitchener Lady Rangers 2709
RRPA - 111:00 PMKMAC- DC Kitchener Lady Rangers 2707Niagara Rapids 2956
RRBC-111:15 PMKIN Mitchell Meteors 7262Saugeen Shores Storm 8811
Pool B (XOVER)MBB-141:15 PMSWA Cambridge Roadrunners 2207Caledon Coyotes 4663
RRMC-111:15 PMPJD South Huron Sabres 5608Chatsworth Rebels 8860
RRPB - 111:15 PMGR Kitchener Lady Rangers 2710Lucan Irish 6051
Pool BMB-191:45 PMALU Kent County Fillies 8154Woolwich Wild 7109
RRNBC-91:45 PMSWB Chatham Outlaws 2262Lambeth Lancers 6006
Pool AMB-162:00 PMKIW Flamborough Falcons 2351Mitchell Meteors 7263
RRPA - 122:00 PMKMAC- DC Stoney Creek Sabres 3407Niagara Rapids 2970
Pool B (XOVER)MBB-152:15 PMKIN Wilmot Wolverines 4816Woodstock Wildcats 6891
RRMC-122:15 PMPJD Grey Highlands Shooting Stars 8723South Bruce Blades 8744
RRPB - 122:15 PMGR Ancaster Avalanche 5046London Devilettes 663
Pool C (XOVER)MBB-162:45 PMSWB Lakeshore Lightning 5993Markham Stouffville Stars 3584
Pool C (XOVER)MBB-172:45 PMALU Flamborough Falcons 2356Mount Forest Rams 8758
RRBC-123:00 PMKIW Kent County Fillies 8151St. Thomas Panthers 6804
Pool BIA-103:15 PMPJD St. Catharines Jr. BadgersGuelph Gryphons 4483
Pool AIA-93:15 PMKMAC- DC Sudbury Wolves 1097Mississauga Chiefs 5876
Pool AIA-113:30 PMKIN Peterborough Ice Kats 1497Kitchener Lady Rangers 2746
Pool ABBB-104:00 PMKIW 3rd Place Pool A2nd Place Pool A
Pool BBBB-114:00 PMSWB 3rd Place Pool B2nd Place Pool B
Pool BIA-124:00 PMALU Saugeen Maitland Lightning 8836Brampton Canadettes 263
Pool ABA-104:30 PMKMAC- DC 3rd Pool A2nd Pool A
Pool BBA-114:30 PMPJD 3rd Pool B2nd Pool B
Pool B (XOVER)BB-144:45 PMKIN 4th Pool A1st Pool B
Pool A (XOVER)BB-155:00 PMSWB 3rd Pool B2nd Pool A
Pool A (XOVER)BB-135:15 PMALU 4th Pool B1st Pool A
Pool AMB-185:15 PMKIW Georgina Golden Hawks 3304West Northumberland Wild 4184
Pool BMB-215:45 PMPJD Bancroft Jets 7406Brantford Ice Cats 2117
Pool B (XOVER)BB-166:00 PMKMAC- DC 3rd Pool A2nd Pool B
RRNBC-106:00 PMKIN Niagara Rapids 2951West Oxford Inferno 2905
RRBC-146:15 PMKIW Saugeen Shores Storm 8811Grey Highlands Shooting Stars 8722
RRMC-136:15 PMALU St. Thomas Panthers 6814Sarnia Jr. Lady Sting 3358
RRPB - 136:15 PMSWB Mississauga Chiefs 5859Ottawa Valley Thunder 4302
RRPB - 146:45 PMPJD Lucan Irish 6051Stoney Creek Sabres 3430
RRBC-137:00 PMKMAC- DC Wingham Lucknow 86ers 8692Sarnia Jr. Lady Sting
Pool AMB-227:00 PMKIN Kitchener Lady Rangers 2709Flamborough Falcons 2351
Pool AMB-207:15 PMALU Mitchell Meteors 7263Lindsay Lynx 6025
RRMC-147:15 PMSWB Chatsworth Rebels 8860IIderton Jets 7244
RRPA - 137:15 PMKIW Oakville Hornets 1284Toronto Leaside Wildcats 3756
Pool A (XOVER)IA-138:00 PMKIN 4th Pool B1st Pool A
Pool B (XOVER)IA-148:00 PMPJD 4th Pool A1st Pool B
Pool A (XOVER)IA-158:15 PMKMAC- DC 3rd Pool B2nd Pool A
Pool B (XOVER)IA-168:15 PMALU 3rd Pool A2nd Pool B
Pool C (XOVER)MBB-188:15 PMSWB Caledon Coyotes 4663Wallaceburg Lakers 7036
RRPA - 148:15 PMKIW Niagara Rapids 2956Mississauga Chiefs 5861
Sunday, November 25, 2018
FinalsBC-SF17:00 AMKIW 3rd Place2nd Place
FinalsPA - SF17:00 AMPJD 3rd Place2nd Place
FinalsPB - SF17:00 AMKMAC- DC 4th Place1st Place
FinalsPB - SF27:00 AMKIN 3rd Place2nd Place
FinalsBA-SF17:30 AMSWB Winner of BA-111st Pool A
FinalsBC-SF28:00 AMKMAC- DC 4th Place1st Place
FinalsIA-SF28:00 AMKIW Winner of IA-15Winner of IA-14
FinalsPA - SF28:00 AMPJD 4th Place1st Place
FinalsIA-SF18:15 AMKIN Winner of IA-16Winner of IA-13
FinalsBA-SF28:45 AMSWB Winner of BA-101st Pool B
FinalsBBB-SF19:00 AMKMAC- DC Winner of BBB-111st Pool A
FinalsBBB-SF29:15 AMKIW Winner of BBB-101st Pool B
FinalsBB-SF19:15 AMPJD Winner of BB-16Winner of BB-13
FinalsMBB-SF19:30 AMKIN Best 2nd Place1st Pool A
FinalsBB-SF210:15 AMPJD Winner of BB-15Winner of BB-14
FinalsMBB-SF210:15 AMKMAC- DC 1st Pool C1st Pool B
FinalsMC-SF110:30 AMKIW 4th Place1st Place
FinalsMC-SF210:45 AMKIN 3rd Place2nd Place
FinalsNBC-Finals11:30 AMPJD 2nd Place1st Place
FinalsMB-SF211:45 AMKIW 2nd Pool A1st Pool B
FinalsMB-SF112:00 PMKIN 2nd Pool B1st Pool A
FinalsPB-Championship12:45 PMPJD Winner of SF2Winner of SF1
FinalsBC-Championship1:00 PMKIW Winner of SF2Winner of SF1
FinalsIA-Championship1:15 PMKIN Winner of SF2Winner of SF1
FinalsPA = Championship2:00 PMPJD Winner of SF2Winner of SF1
FinalsBB-Championship2:15 PMKIW Winner of SF2Winner of SF1
FinalsBBB-Championship2:45 PMKIN Winner of SF2Winner of SF1
FinalsBA-Championship3:15 PMPJD Winner of SF2Winner of SF1
FinalsMBB-Championship3:30 PMKIW Winner of SF2Winner of SF1
FinalsMB-Championship4:00 PMKMAC- DC Winner of SF2Winner of SF1
FinalsMC-Championship4:00 PMKIN Winner of SF2Winner of SF1
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