Tournament Volunteers, Ice Pirates Friendship Tournament (Kitchener Minor Hockey)

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Welcome Interested Tournament Volunteers

KIP Friendship Tournament Volunteer Roles:
ON-ICE Helper:
Require the ability to skate themselves and teach children/ adults with Special Needs the fundamentals of hockey and skating. Also, to assist coaches/ players in performing drills.
Equipment Needed: Helmet, Hockey Gloves, Skates and Hockey Stick. 
OFF-ICE Helper: 
MUST be able to work well with Children/ Adults with Special Needs as well as their families. Many volunteer positions available with all levels of abilities and skill levels. See Below for Detailed Positions. 
General Inquiries or for more information please contact Volunteer Co-ordinator Madi Pengelly at [email protected]

 PLINKO $2 - Help players and families play the favourite game of plinko   Saturday and Sunday 8am-4pm
 SHOTS  Hockey shooting game, keep order, help players choose the right size stick  Saturday and Sunday 8am-4pm
 SUPERDEKER  Hockey shooting game, keep order, help players choose the right size stick  Saturday and Sunday 8am-4pm
 CHANGE ROOM SIGNS, VOLUNTEER SIGN IN, TEAM GREETINGS  Each game put team signs on doors, sign-in volunteers, greet teams and hand out take-away bags Friday 3pm-8pm, Saturday and Sunday 7:15am-4pm 
 BUCCANEER COVE, THE QUIET CAVE Buccaneer Cove - Where players' siblings and players can come play board games, colour, play with toys, or just have a place to go during the tournament, any child under 8 years old will need to be accompanied by an adult
The Quiet Cave - Where players/ families can go to escape the noise, it is to be kept at a low level, only quiet activities allowed, it will be unsupervised, however, you will check in to keep order
Saturday and Sunday 9am-4pm 
 FISH POND  Must be over 19 to volunteer here. Dealing with money (able to make change) Watch over prizes, match tickets with prizes   Saturday  11am -4pm
 BBQ  Barbequeing food and handing out food, keep order, accept donations  Saturday and Sunday 11 am-4pm
 BBQ PREP  Players Only   Friday 3:30pm - 5pm 
 THANK YOU CARDS  Able to handwrite efficiently, we will have a blurb for your to write in the cards   Sunday 11:30pm-2pm
 TAKE-AWAY BAGS Putting Take-Away Bags together for the teams   Friday 3:30pm - 5pm
 TIME-KEEPING/ MUSIC  Time Keep, Keep "Score" and play Music  Friday 3pm-8pm, Saturday and Sunday 7:15am-4pm 
 CERTIFIED REFEREE Must be a Certified Referee with Hockey Canada  Friday 3pm-8pm, Saturday and Sunday 7:15am-4pm 
 BANQUET COAT CHECK  Players and Parents attending the Banquet ONLY    Saturday 5:30-6:30
 BANQUET GREETER  Players and Parents attending the Banquet ONLY  Saturday 5:30-6:30
 BANQUET USHER Players and Parents attending the Banquet ONLY  Saturday 5:30-6:30

New and Returning Volunteers
New - Interested in volunteering with the KIP Friendship Tournament, please fill out the Online Application below. Once completed, wait for response from the Ice Pirates Volunteer Coordinator and/or GM before proceeding to Required Certificates
Returning - Thank you for continuing to volunteer with the Ice Pirates, please click the link below and fill out the Online Returning Volunteers Form 

 New and Returning Volunteer Application - Click Here

Required Certificates and Courses for New and Returning Volunteers
KMHA Medical Release Form (All Ages)- 

 All Volunteers - Upload Documents Below
 Medical Form Upload- Click Here

Reimbursement And Document Upload
To be reimbursed for Any Expenses Occurred during the 2023 KIP Friendship Tournament
*Documents can be submitted ALL at once or individually
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