Schedule & Results, Kitchener Blueline Tournament, 11-12 (Kitchener Minor Hockey)

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DivisionGame #TimeVenueVisitorResultHome
Thursday, November 24, 2011
MRR1 M18:00 PMActiva Mississauga Senators2-1Kitchener Jr Rangers
Friday, November 25, 2011
MRR3 M-28:00 AMAud Waterloo Wolves6-2Halton Hurricanes
MARR1 MA-18:00 AMGR Lambton Jr Sting2-1Kitchener Jr Rangers
MBRR1 MB-18:00 AMActiva Brantford 99ers4-2Upper Canada Cyclones
MBRR2 MB-28:00 AMSWA Eastern Ontario Wild1-5Cambridge Hawks
MPRR1 MP-18:00 AMKinsmen Ottawa Sting1-1Huron Perth Lakers
MARR2 MA-28:15 AMSWB Cambridge Hawks3-1Huron Perth Lakers
MPRR1 MP-28:15 AMKiwanis Sudbury Wolves0-3Cambridge Hawks
MARR1 MA-39:00 AMGR South Central Ontario1-2Brampton Battlion
BRR1 B-19:15 AMKinsmen Huron Perth Lakers3-0Kitchener Jr Rangers
MARR2 MA-49:15 AMSWB Central Ontario Wolves2-0Guelph Jr Storm
MPRR1 MP-39:15 AMActiva Kitchener Jr Rangers3-1Central Ontario Wolves
BRR2 B-29:30 AMSWA Niagara North Stars1-3Ottawa Senators
MRR1 M-39:30 AMActiva Sault Ste Marie North5-3Brampton Battalion
MRR2 M-49:30 AMKiwanis North York Rangers0-8Whitby Wildcats
PRR1 PW-110:00 AMGR Nipissing District Lucky 132-2Niagara North Stars
PRR1 PW-210:15 AMSWB Cambridge Hawks2-0Kitchener Jr Rangers
MBRR1 MB-310:30 AMActiva Huron Perth Lakers3-3Hamilton Reps
PRR2 PW-310:45 AMKinsmen Lambton Jr Sting2-6Huron Perth Lakers
BRR2 B-311:00 AMSWA Brantford 99ers1-5Cambridge Hawks
MRR2 M-511:15 AMActiva Guelph Jr Storm5-3London Jr Knights
PRR2 PW-411:15 AMKiwanis Southern Tier Admirals3-5Windsor Jr Spitfires
MBRR1 MB-411:30 AMGR Brampton Battalion5-3Oshawa Generals
MBRR2 MB-511:45 AMSWB Markham Waxers2-5Guelph Storm
BRR1 B-412:00 PMActiva Ottawa Valley Titans5-2Windsor Jr Spitfires
MRR3 M-612:00 PMAud Ontario Hockey4-2Hamilton Reps
MBRR2 MB-612:15 PMKinsmen Ottawa Jr 67's4-3Kitchener Jr Rangers
MBRR2 MB-712:30 PMSWA Cambridge Hawks7-3Kingston Jr Frontenacs
MARR2 MA-512:45 PMKiwanis Central Ontario Wolves0-4Cambridge Hawks
MARR1 MA-61:00 PMActiva Brampton Battlion6-1Kitchener Jr Rangers
MPRR1 MP-41:15 PMSWB Huron Perth Lakers3-0Grey Bruce Highlanders
MBRR1 MB-81:30 PMActiva Upper Canada Cyclones2-2Toronto Red Wings
MARR2 MA-71:45 PMKinsmen Guelph Jr Storm4-5Huron Perth Lakers
BRR1 B-52:00 PMActiva Guelph Jr Storm4-7Huron Perth Lakers
MRR3 M-72:00 PMSWA Huron Perth Lakers1-6Waterloo Wolves
MRR2 M-82:00 PMKiwanis Cambridge Hawks2-1North York Rangers
MARR1 MA-82:30 PMGR South Central Ontario2-2Lambton Jr Sting
PRR1 PW-52:30 PMSWB Niagara North Stars5-4Kitchener Jr Rangers
MRR1 M-92:45 PMKinsmen Windsor Jr Spitfires2-3Sault Ste Marie North
BRR2 B-63:00 PMActiva Brampton Battalion3-2Niagara North Stars
MPRR1 MP-53:30 PMActiva Ottawa Sting1-1Sudbury Wolves
MBRR1 MB-93:45 PMKiwanis Hamilton Reps3-3Oshawa Generals
MPRR1 MP-63:45 PMSWA Cambridge Hawks3-6Central Ontario Wolves
MBRR2 MB-104:00 PMGR Eastern Ontario Wild2-2Markham Waxers
PRR1 PW-64:00 PMSWB Nipissing District Lucky 131-0Cambridge Hawks
MBRR2 MB-114:30 PMKinsmen Guelph Storm2-4Kitchener Jr Rangers
PRR2 PW-74:30 PMActiva Southern Tier Admirals0-6Lambton Jr Sting
MBRR2 MB-124:45 PMActiva Kingston Jr Frontenacs4-8Ottawa Jr 67's
MBRR1 MB-135:00 PMSWA Brantford 99ers2-2Huron Perth Lakers
PRR2 PW-85:15 PMKiwanis Windsor Jr Spitfires1-2Huron Perth Lakers
MPRR1 MP-75:30 PMSWB Grey Bruce Highlanders4-4Kitchener Jr Rangers
MRR2 M-106:00 PMActiva Whitby Wildcats2-2London Jr Knights
MRR3 M-116:00 PMKinsmen Halton Hurricanes7-3Hamilton Reps
MRR1 M-126:15 PMActiva Brampton Battalion5-1Kitchener Jr Rangers
BRR2 B-76:30 PMSWA Ottawa Senators1-3Cambridge Hawks
BRR1 B-86:45 PMKiwanis Kitchener Jr Rangers2-6Windsor Jr Spitfires
MBRR1 MB-146:45 PMSWB Toronto Red Wings5-6Brampton Battalion
MRR2 M-137:45 PMActiva Guelph Jr Storm2-8Cambridge Hawks
MRR3 M-147:45 PMKinsmen Ontario Hockey0-5Huron Perth Lakers
BRR2 B-98:00 PMSWA Brantford 99ers1-5Brampton Battalion
MRR1 M-158:00 PMActiva Mississauga Senators3-2Windsor Jr Spitfires
BRR1 B-108:15 PMKiwanis Guelph Jr Storm4-4Ottawa Valley Titans
Saturday, November 26, 2011
MBRR1 MB-157:00 AMActiva Oshawa Generals0-3Huron Perth Lakers
MBRR2 MB-167:15 AMActiva Kitchener Jr Rangers7-2Markham Waxers
PRR2 PW-107:15 AMKiwanis Huron Perth Lakers4-3Southern Tier Admirals
BRR1 B-118:00 AMAud Windsor Jr Spitfires0-3Huron Perth Lakers
MPRR1 MP-88:00 AMKinsmen Central Ontario Wolves2-1Sudbury Wolves
MPRR1 MP-98:00 AMGR Huron Perth Lakers0-2Cambridge Hawks
PRR1 PW-118:00 AMSWA Kitchener Jr Rangers1-2Nipissing District Lucky 13
PRR1 PW-128:15 AMSWB Niagara North Stars1-1Cambridge Hawks
MBRR1 MB-178:30 AMActiva Upper Canada Cyclones6-2Hamilton Reps
MBRR1 MB-188:45 AMActiva Brampton Battalion3-3Brantford 99ers
PRR2 PW-138:45 AMKiwanis Windsor Jr Spitfires5-2Lambton Jr Sting
BRR2 B-129:15 AMKinsmen Cambridge Hawks6-1Niagara North Stars
MPRR1 MP-109:15 AMGR Grey Bruce Highlanders1-5Ottawa Sting
MBRR2 MB-199:30 AMSWA Cambridge Hawks2-4Guelph Storm
MBRR2 MB-209:30 AMAud Ottawa Jr 67's3-2Eastern Ontario Wild
BRR2 B-139:45 AMSWB Brampton Battalion0-3Ottawa Senators
MRR1 M-1610:00 AMActiva Kitchener Jr Rangers0-4Sault Ste Marie North
MRR2 M-1710:15 AMActiva London Jr Knights4-0North York Rangers
MRR3 M-1810:15 AMKiwanis Hamilton Reps4-6Waterloo Wolves
MARR1 MA-910:30 AMGR Kitchener Jr Rangers2-2South Central Ontario
BRR1 B-1410:45 AMKinsmen Guelph Jr Storm0-5Kitchener Jr Rangers
MRR3 M-1911:00 AMSWA Huron Perth Lakers5-2Halton Hurricanes
MARR2 MA-1011:15 AMSWB Huron Perth Lakers0-3Central Ontario Wolves
MARR1 MA-1111:30 AMGR Brampton Battlion1-1Lambton Jr Sting
MRR1 M-2011:45 AMActiva Windsor Jr Spitfires0-4Brampton Battalion
MRR2 M-2112:00 PMActiva Cambridge Hawks1-5Whitby Wildcats
MPRR1 MP-1112:00 PMKiwanis Sudbury Wolves2-2Kitchener Jr Rangers
MARR2 MA-1212:15 PMSWB Guelph Jr Storm3-2Cambridge Hawks
MBRR1 MB-2112:15 PMKinsmen Huron Perth Lakers4-3Toronto Red Wings
PRR1 (XOVER)PW-1412:45 PMSWA Huron Perth Lakers3-2Nipissing District Lucky 13
BRR1 B-151:00 PMAud Huron Perth Lakers4-6Ottawa Valley Titans
MPRR1 MP-121:15 PMKiwanis Cambridge Hawks5-1Grey Bruce Highlanders
PRR2 (XOVER)PW-151:15 PMSWB Cambridge Hawks2-2Windsor Jr Spitfires
MBRR1 MB-221:30 PMActiva Oshawa Generals1-5Upper Canada Cyclones
BRR2 B-161:45 PMKinsmen Niagara North Stars3-4Brantford 99ers
MBRR2 MB-231:45 PMActiva Markham Waxers5-0Kingston Jr Frontenacs
PRR1 (XOVER)PW-162:15 PMSWA Lambton Jr Sting3-2Niagara North Stars
MRR1 M-222:30 PMKiwanis Sault Ste Marie North4-3Mississauga Senators
MRR2 M-232:45 PMAud North York Rangers3-4Guelph Jr Storm
MBRR1 MB-243:00 PMActiva Hamilton Reps3-4Brampton Battalion
MRR3 M-243:15 PMActiva Waterloo Wolves5-0Ontario Hockey
MBRR2 MB-253:15 PMKinsmen Kitchener Jr Rangers0-3Cambridge Hawks
MARR2 (XOVER)MA-133:45 PMSWA Kitchener Jr Rangers2-2Central Ontario Wolves
MPRR1 MP-134:15 PMKiwanis Central Ontario Wolves3-3Huron Perth Lakers
MBRR1 MB-264:30 PMActiva Toronto Red Wings1-5Brantford 99ers
MBRR2 MB-274:30 PMAud Guelph Storm1-5Ottawa Jr 67's
BRR1 B-174:45 PMKinsmen Windsor Jr Spitfires3-1Guelph Jr Storm
MARR2 (XOVER)MA-154:45 PMSWA Lambton Jr Sting2-1Guelph Jr Storm
MARR1 (XOVER)MA-145:00 PMActiva Huron Perth Lakers4-4South Central Ontario
PRR2 (XOVER)PW-175:30 PMKiwanis Kitchener Jr Rangers1-2Southern Tier Admirals
MARR1 (XOVER)MA-165:45 PMSWA Cambridge Hawks2-1Brampton Battlion
MRR2 M-256:00 PMActiva London Jr Knights3-5Cambridge Hawks
MRR1 M-266:00 PMActiva Kitchener Jr Rangers0-0Windsor Jr Spitfires
MRR3 M-276:00 PMAud Hamilton Reps2-5Huron Perth Lakers
MBRR2 MB-286:15 PMKinsmen Kingston Jr Frontenacs0-9Eastern Ontario Wild
MPRR1 MP-146:45 PMSWA Kitchener Jr Rangers0-3Ottawa Sting
BRR2 B-187:00 PMKiwanis Cambridge Hawks2-3Brampton Battalion
MRR2 M-287:45 PMActiva Whitby Wildcats6-1Guelph Jr Storm
MRR3 M-297:45 PMActiva Halton Hurricanes7-1Ontario Hockey
MRR1 M-307:45 PMKinsmen Brampton Battalion2-2Mississauga Senators
BRR2 B-198:00 PMSWA Ottawa Senators4-2Brantford 99ers
BRR1 B-208:30 PMKiwanis Kitchener Jr Rangers3-3Ottawa Valley Titans
Sunday, November 27, 2011
MAFIN MASF-18:00 AMActiva Central Ontario Wolves0-3Cambridge Hawks
MPFIN MPSF-18:00 AMKinsmen Huron Perth Lakers3-2Ottawa Sting
MAFIN MASF-28:15 AMActiva Brampton Battlion3-1Lambton Jr Sting
MPFIN MPSF-28:15 AMKiwanis Central Ontario Wolves0-1Cambridge Hawks
MBFIN MBSF-19:00 AMActiva Brantford 99ers1-4Ottawa Jr 67's
MBFIN MBSF-29:15 AMActiva Cambridge Hawks0-3Brampton Battalion
PFIN PWSF-19:15 AMKinsmen Cambridge Hawks1-4Huron Perth Lakers
PFIN PWSF-29:30 AMKiwanis Windsor Jr Spitfires5-4Nipissing District Lucky 13
MFIN MSF-110:30 AMActiva Whitby Wildcats2-1Waterloo Wolves
BFIN BSF-110:45 AMKinsmen Ottawa Valley Titans7-3Cambridge Hawks
MFIN MSF-210:45 AMActiva Huron Perth Lakers1-3Sault Ste Marie North
BFIN BSF-211:00 AMKiwanis Ottawa Senators6-3Huron Perth Lakers
MAFIN MAF12:15 PMActiva Brampton Battlion2-3Cambridge Hawks
MPFIN MPF12:30 PMActiva Huron Perth Lakers0-1Cambridge Hawks
MBFIN MBF1:45 PMActiva Brampton Battalion2-3Ottawa Jr 67's
PFIN PWF2:00 PMActiva Windsor Jr Spitfires1-0Huron Perth Lakers
BFIN BF3:30 PMActiva Ottawa Valley Titans0-1Ottawa Senators
MFIN MF3:30 PMActiva Whitby Wildcats2-1Sault Ste Marie North
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