Schedule & Results, Oktoberfest Tournament, 2017-2018 (Kitchener Minor Hockey)

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Friday, October 20, 2017
AA Pool AA-AA17:00 AMAUD Kitchener Jr. Rangers1-4Streetsville Tigers
A MD PoolAA-MD17:00 AMACT-PJD Cambridge Hawks0-3Kitchener Jr. Rangers Red
A MD PoolBA-MD37:00 AMLions New Hamburg Huskies0-9Kitchener Jr. Rangers Blue
MA A PoolAMA-A17:00 AMDMcL Waterloo Wolves5-1New Hamburg Huskies
MA Pool BMA-MD37:00 AMSW-Spec Oakville Rangers2-4Kitchener Jr. Rangers Blue
MA Pool BMA-MD47:00 AMGR Flamborough Sabres2-5Guelph Jr. Gryphons
MA Pool CMA-MD57:00 AMKin West London Hawks1-1Burlington Bulldogs
MA Pool AMA-MD17:15 AMACT-Alum Woolwich Wildcats1-6Kitchener Jr. Rangers Red
A Pool BA-A28:00 AMSW-Spec Woodstock Jr. Navy Vets0-0Oakville Rangers
AAA Pool AA-AAA18:00 AMDMcL Guelph Gryphons2-3Kitchener Jr. Rangers
AAA Pool BA-AAA28:00 AMGR Brantford 99ers1-2Waterloo Wolves
AAA Pool CA-AAA38:00 AMKin Huron Perth Lakers2-6Cambridge Hawks
MA A PoolBMA-A38:00 AMLions Stratford Warriors8-2Meadowvale Hawks
MA Pool CMA-A58:00 AMACT-PJD London Jr. Mustangs White4-3Woolwich Wildcats
MAAAA PCMA-AAA58:00 AMWilmotW London Jr. Knights4-0Waterloo Wolves
AA Pool BA-AA28:15 AMAUD Stratford Warriors2-2Mississauga Terriers
A MD PoolBA-MD48:15 AMSW-Prac Ancaster Avalanche0-7Orangeville Flyers
MAAAA PAMA-AAA18:15 AMACT-Alum Cambridge Hawks3-3Kitchener Jr. Rangers
A Pool AA-A18:30 AMKiw Brantford 99ers4-5Woolwich Wildcats
MA Pool CMA-MD68:30 AMHep # 2 Dundas Blues1-3Erin Hilsburgh Devils
AA Pool CA-AA39:00 AMSW-Spec PHI Dental Soo Jr. Greyhounds0-1Milton Winterhawks
AA Pool AA-AA59:00 AMACT-PJD Windsor Jr. Spitfires0-4Grimsby Kings
AA Pool CA-AA79:00 AMDMcL Hamilton Huskies4-5Goulding Park Rangers
AAA Pool CA-AAA99:00 AMGR Central Ontario Wolves1-5Hamilton Huskies
A MD PoolCA-MD69:00 AMHesp # 1 Vaughan Rangers Red1-2Waterloo Wolves Black
MA A PoolAMA-A29:00 AMKin Greater Toronto Capitals1-4Grimsby Kings
MA AA PAMA-AA19:00 AMLions Kitchener Jr. Rangers3-1Mississauga Beast
MA A PoolBMA-A49:15 AMACT-Alum Ted Reeve Thunder0-7Halton Hills Thunder
MA AA PCMA-AA39:15 AMWilmotW Guelph Gryphons7-0Hamilton Huskies
MAAAA PAMA-AAA29:15 AMSW-Prac Niagara North2-1Brampton 45's
AA Pool BA-AA69:30 AMKiw North Durham Warriors3-3Burlington Eagles Blue
MA Pool AMA-MD29:30 AMHep # 2 Leitrim Hawks2-1Milton Winterhawks
A Pool BA-A510:15 AMKin Bradford Bulldogs1-5Toronto Eagles
AA Pool DA-AA410:15 AMSW-Spec Copper Cliff Redmen5-1Tonawanda Lightning
AAA Pool CA-AAA610:15 AMGR Richmond Hill Coyotes1-4Niagara North Stars
A MD PoolAA-MD210:15 AMHesp # 1 Oakridge Aeros2-2Whitby Wildcats
A MD PoolCA-MD510:15 AMACT-PJD North London Nationals6-3Burlington Bulldogs
MAAAA PBMA-AAA310:15 AMDMcL Hamilton Huskies2-0Huron Perth Lakers
MAAAA PBMA-AAA410:15 AMLions Quinte Red Devils4-3Burlington Eagles
AAA Pool BA-AAA810:30 AMWilmotW Buffalo Regals SCTA0-10London Jr. Knights
MA Pool CMA-A610:30 AMSW-Prac Whitby Wildcats Blue7-2Burlington Bulldogs
MA AA PBMA-AA210:30 AMACT-Alum Soo PeeWee Selects10-0GT Capitals
A Pool AA-A410:45 AMWilmot E Richmond Hill Stars4-5Amherstburg Stars
MAAAA PCMA-AAA610:45 AMKiw Ottawa Sting1-0Southern Tier Admirals
AA Pool AA-AA911:15 AMSW-Spec Barrie Colts2-0Vaughan Rangers
AAA Pool AA-AAA411:15 AMKin Brampton 45's2-6Gloucester Rangers
AAA Pool AA-AAA711:15 AMACT-PJD Buffalo Regals1-7Sun County Panthers
MA AA PAMA-AA411:15 AMGR Newmarket Redmen6-1Lasalle Sabres
MA AA PBMA-AA511:15 AMLions London Jr. Knights Green5-0Brampton 45's
MA AA PAMA-AA711:15 AMDMcL Copper Cliff Redmen6-1Toronto Aeros
A Pool CA-A311:30 AMHesp # 1 Burlington Bulldogs5-3Victory Honda Blue
AA Pool BA-AA1011:30 AMACT-Alum Glanbrook Rangers4-5GT Capitals
AA Pool DA-AA811:30 AMSW-Prac Niagara Falls Flyers0-6York Toros
A Pool CA-A611:45 AMWilmotW Toronto Royals2-2Sarnia Sting
AAA Pool BA-AAA511:45 AMKiw Grey Bruce Highlanders2-3North Central Predators
MA AA PCMA-AA612:00 PMWilmot E Whitby Wildcats3-1Ted Reeve Thunder
MA AA PBMA-AA812:15 PMSW-Spec Barrie Colts1-0Leaside Flames
MA Pool BMA-MD1012:15 PMKin Guelph Jr. Gryphons1-5Oakville Rangers
MA Pool CMA-MD1112:15 PMACT-PJD Burlington Bulldogs4-0Peterborough Petes
MA Pool AMA-MD712:15 PMLions Kitchener Jr. Rangers Red1-0Ajax Knights
MA Pool BMA-MD912:15 PMGR Kitchener Jr. Rangers Blue1-5Whitby Wildcats
A MD PoolAA-MD712:30 PMSW-Prac Kitchener Jr. Rangers Red0-5Barrie Colts
A MD PoolBA-MD912:30 PMACT-Alum Kitchener Jr. Rangers Blue3-1Sarnia Jr. Sting
MAAAA PAMA-AAA712:30 PMDMcL Kitchener Jr. Rangers2-5Lambton Jr. Sting
MA A PoolAMA-A71:00 PMWilmotW New Hamburg Huskies2-2Barrie Colts
MA Pool CMA-MD121:00 PMKiw Erin Hilsburgh Devils3-4West London Hawks
MA A PoolBMA-A101:15 PMWilmot E Halton Hills Thunder0-8Stratford Warriors
AA Pool CA-AA131:30 PMKin Goulding Park Rangers2-8PHI Dental Soo Jr. Greyhounds
A MD PoolBA-MD101:30 PMLions Orangeville Flyers6-1New Hamburg Huskies
MA Pool CMA-A111:30 PMGR Woolwich Wildcats3-1York Mills Rangers
MA A PoolBMA-A91:30 PMACT-PJD Meadowvale Hawks2-8Peterborough Petes
MA AA PCMA-AA121:30 PMSW-Spec Hamilton Huskies4-10Richmond Hill Stars
MAAAA PAMA-AAA81:30 PMDMcL Brampton 45's1-5Cambridge Hawks
AA Pool CA-AA151:45 PMACT-Alum Milton Winterhawks1-3Richmond Hill Stars
AA Pool AA-AA112:00 PMKiw Grimsby Kings1-4Kitchener Jr. Rangers
MA Pool AMA-MD82:00 PMSW-Prac Milton Winterhawks3-1Woolwich Wildcats
MA A PoolAMA-A82:15 PMWilmotW Grimsby Kings2-6Waterloo Wolves
A Pool BA-A82:30 PMSW-Spec Oakville Rangers3-3Bradford Bulldogs
AA Pool BA-AA122:30 PMWilmot E Burlington Eagles Blue2-2Stratford Warriors
A MD PoolCA-MD112:30 PMKin Burlington Bulldogs1-5Peterborough Petes
A MD PoolAA-MD82:30 PMDMcL Whitby Wildcats1-0Cambridge Hawks
MAAAA PBMA-AAA102:30 PMACT-PJD Burlington Eagles3-5Hamilton Huskies
MAAAA PBMA-AAA92:30 PMLions Huron Perth Lakers2-3Quinte Red Devils
AA Pool DA-AA162:45 PMACT-Alum Tonawanda Lightning3-2Belle River Jr. Canadiens
A Pool AA-A73:00 PMKiw Woolwich Wildcats4-1Richmond Hill Stars
MA Pool CMA-A123:00 PMSW-Prac Burlington Bulldogs4-3London Jr. Mustangs White
MAAAA PCMA-AAA123:00 PMGR Southern Tier Admirals1-2London Jr. Knights
A Pool BA-A113:30 PMWilmotW Toronto Eagles1-2Woodstock Jr. Navy Vets
AA Pool AA-AA173:30 PMKin Streetsville Tigers5-1Barrie Colts
A MD PoolCA-MD123:30 PMDMcL Waterloo Wolves Black0-2North London Nationals
MA AA PBMA-AA103:30 PMSW-Spec Brampton 45's0-5Soo PeeWee Selects
MA AA PAMA-AA133:30 PMACT-PJD Mississauga Beast3-8Copper Cliff Redmen
MAAAA PCMA-AAA113:30 PMLions Waterloo Wolves2-3Ottawa Sting
A Pool AA-A103:45 PMACT-Alum Amherstburg Stars4-6Brantford 99ers
A Pool CA-A94:00 PMKiw Victory Honda Blue4-8Toronto Royals
MA AA PAMA-AA154:00 PMSW-Prac Toronto Aeros2-6Newmarket Redmen
MA AA PCMA-AA114:15 PMGR Ted Reeve Thunder3-5Guelph Gryphons
A Pool CA-A124:45 PMLions Sarnia Sting2-3Burlington Bulldogs
AA Pool BA-AA184:45 PMSW-Spec Mississauga Terriers6-0Glanbrook Rangers
AA Pool AA-AA194:45 PMKin Vaughan Rangers3-1Windsor Jr. Spitfires
AAA Pool AA-AAA104:45 PMDMcL Gloucester Rangers8-3Guelph Gryphons
MA AA PAMA-AA94:45 PMACT-PJD Lasalle Sabres0-4Kitchener Jr. Rangers
MA AA PBMA-AA165:00 PMSW-Prac Leaside Flames8-4London Jr. Knights Green
MAAAA PAMA-AAA135:00 PMACT-Alum Lambton Jr. Sting1-2Niagara North
AA Pool DA-AA145:15 PMKiw York Toros4-4Copper Cliff Redmen
AAA Pool CA-AAA125:30 PMGR Niagara North Stars4-4Huron Perth Lakers
AA Pool BA-AA205:45 PMLions GT Capitals0-5North Durham Warriors
AAA Pool BA-AAA115:45 PMKin North Central Predators0-3Brantford 99ers
AAA Pool AA-AAA135:45 PMACT-PJD Kitchener Jr. Rangers8-2Buffalo Regals
MA AA PCMA-AA175:45 PMSW-Spec Richmond Hill Stars1-8Whitby Wildcats
MA Pool AMA-MD135:45 PMDMcL Ajax Knights0-5Leitrim Hawks
AAA Pool BA-AAA146:00 PMACT-Alum Waterloo Wolves6-2Buffalo Regals SCTA
AA Pool CA-AA216:15 PMSW-Prac Richmond Hill Stars2-4Hamilton Huskies
AAA Pool CA-AAA156:15 PMKiw Cambridge Hawks2-3Central Ontario Wolves
A MD PoolCA-MD156:45 PMKin Peterborough Petes4-0Vaughan Rangers Red
MA A PoolAMA-A136:45 PMACT-PJD Barrie Colts4-2Greater Toronto Capitals
MA A PoolBMA-A146:45 PMSW-Spec Peterborough Petes6-0Ted Reeve Thunder
MA AA PBMA-AA146:45 PMLions GT Capitals1-8Barrie Colts
MA Pool BMA-MD146:45 PMGR Whitby Wildcats5-0Flamborough Sabres
MA Pool CMA-MD156:45 PMDMcL Peterborough Petes1-5Dundas Blues
AAA Pool BA-AAA177:15 PMACT-Alum London Jr. Knights9-1Grey Bruce Highlanders
AAA Pool CA-AAA187:15 PMSW-Prac Hamilton Huskies1-3Richmond Hill Coyotes
MA Pool CMA-A157:15 PMKiw York Mills Rangers2-4Whitby Wildcats Blue
AA Pool DA-AA228:00 PMSW-Spec Belle River Jr. Canadiens4-3Niagara Falls Flyers
AAA Pool AA-AAA168:00 PMACT-PJD Sun County Panthers1-2Brampton 45's
A MD PoolAA-MD138:00 PMKin Barrie Colts1-3Oakridge Aeros
A MD PoolBA-MD148:00 PMGR Sarnia Jr. Sting4-6Ancaster Avalanche
Saturday, October 21, 2017
A Pool C (XOVER)A-A147:00 AMLions Bradford Bulldogs1-0Burlington Bulldogs
A Pool C (XOVER)A-A167:00 AMACT-PJD Toronto Eagles2-3Victory Honda Blue
AA Pool AA-AA277:00 AMGR Barrie Colts2-1Windsor Jr. Spitfires
A MD PoolCA-MD207:00 AMDMcL Burlington Bulldogs5-1Waterloo Wolves Black
MA AA PAMA-AA237:00 AMKin Toronto Aeros0-6Kitchener Jr. Rangers
MA AA PBMA-AA247:00 AMSW-Spec Leaside Flames2-2Soo PeeWee Selects
AA Pool DA-AA327:15 AMPreston Copper Cliff Redmen3-4Niagara Falls Flyers
MA AA PAMA-AA217:15 AMSW-Prac Copper Cliff Redmen4-4Newmarket Redmen
MAAAA PCMA-AAA187:15 AMACT-Alum Waterloo Wolves0-3Southern Tier Admirals
MA AA PBMA-AA227:30 AMKiw Barrie Colts1-0London Jr. Knights Green
MAAAA PBMA-AAA167:30 AMAUD Huron Perth Lakers8-3Burlington Eagles
A Pool A (XOVER)A-A178:00 AMLions Sarnia Sting2-5Woolwich Wildcats
AA Pool AA-AA298:00 AMDMcL Vaughan Rangers2-3Kitchener Jr. Rangers
AAA Pool AA-AAA228:00 AMACT-PJD Buffalo Regals0-5Brampton 45's
AAA Pool BA-AAA238:00 AMSW-Spec Buffalo Regals SCTA0-2Grey Bruce Highlanders
MA AA PAMA-AA188:00 AMKin Mississauga Beast3-2Lasalle Sabres
MA AA PCMA-AA258:00 AMGR Guelph Gryphons0-5Whitby Wildcats
AA Pool DA-AA268:15 AMACT-Alum Tonawanda Lightning3-8York Toros
MA AA PCMA-AA208:15 AMSW-Prac Hamilton Huskies2-2Ted Reeve Thunder
MA Pool CMA-A208:30 AMKiw Woolwich Wildcats5-2Burlington Bulldogs
MA AA PBMA-AA198:30 AMAUD GT Capitals1-6Brampton 45's
A MD PoolAA-MD169:00 AMKin Kitchener Jr. Rangers Red2-1Whitby Wildcats
A MD PoolBA-MD189:00 AMDMcL Kitchener Jr. Rangers Blue4-3Orangeville Flyers
MA A PoolAMA-A179:00 AMLions Waterloo Wolves4-1Greater Toronto Capitals
MAAAA PAMA-AAA149:00 AMACT-PJD Kitchener Jr. Rangers3-4Brampton 45's
MA Pool AMA-MD169:00 AMSW-Spec Kitchener Jr. Rangers Red4-3Milton Winterhawks
MA Pool BMA-MD189:00 AMGR Kitchener Jr. Rangers Blue3-1Guelph Jr. Gryphons
MA A PoolAMA-A169:15 AMACT-Alum New Hamburg Huskies2-0Grimsby Kings
MA A PoolBMA-A189:15 AMSW-Prac Meadowvale Hawks2-0Halton Hills Thunder
AA Pool CA-AA259:30 AMAUD Milton Winterhawks2-1Goulding Park Rangers
MA Pool CMA-MD209:30 AMKiw Burlington Bulldogs2-1Erin Hilsburgh Devils
AA Pool AA/AA2310:15 AMSW-Spec Streetsville Tigers6-0Grimsby Kings
AA Pool BA-AA2410:15 AMACT-PJD Mississauga Terriers2-0Burlington Eagles Blue
AA Pool BA-AA2810:15 AMGR Glanbrook Rangers2-8North Durham Warriors
MA A PoolBMA-A1910:15 AMDMcL Stratford Warriors8-0Ted Reeve Thunder
MA Pool CMA-A2110:15 AMKin London Jr. Mustangs White3-3Whitby Wildcats Blue
MA Pool AMA-MD1710:15 AMLions Woolwich Wildcats0-13Leitrim Hawks
MA Pool BMA-MD1910:30 AMSW-Prac Oakville Rangers6-0Flamborough Sabres
MA Pool CMA-MD2110:30 AMACT-Alum West London Hawks2-6Dundas Blues
AA Pool CA-AA3110:45 AMKiw PHI Dental Soo Jr. Greyhounds3-1Hamilton Huskies
A Pool B (XOVER)A-A1511:15 AMKin Amherstburg Stars5-4Oakville Rangers
AA Pool BA-AA3011:15 AMLions GT Capitals0-4Stratford Warriors
A MD PoolBA-MD1911:15 AMDMcL New Hamburg Huskies3-1Ancaster Avalanche
A MD PoolCA-MD2111:15 AMGR North London Nationals3-1Vaughan Rangers Red
MAAAA PBMA-AAA1711:15 AMSW-Spec Hamilton Huskies1-5Quinte Red Devils
MAAAA PCMA-AAA1911:15 AMACT-PJD London Jr. Knights1-0Ottawa Sting
A Pool A (XOVER)A-A1811:30 AMACT-Alum Toronto Royals3-3Brantford 99ers
MAAAA PAMA-AAA1511:30 AMSW-Prac Cambridge Hawks2-5Niagara North
A MD PoolAA-MD1711:45 AMKiw Cambridge Hawks4-0Oakridge Aeros
A Pool B (XOVER)A-A1312:15 PMLions Richmond Hill Stars2-1Woodstock Jr. Navy Vets
AAA Pool AA-AAA1912:15 PMACT-PJD Kitchener Jr. Rangers3-6Gloucester Rangers
AAA Pool CA-AAA2112:15 PMSW-Spec Cambridge Hawks3-4Niagara North Stars
AAA Pool CA-AAA2412:15 PMKin Central Ontario Wolves1-4Richmond Hill Coyotes
AAA Pool AA-AAA2512:15 PMGR Sun County Panthers4-0Guelph Gryphons
AAA Pool CA-AAA2712:15 PMDMcL Hamilton Huskies1-4Huron Perth Lakers
AAA Pool BA-AAA2012:30 PMACT-Alum Waterloo Wolves2-2North Central Predators
AAA Pool BA-AAA2612:30 PMSW-Prac London Jr. Knights7-2Brantford 99ers
A MD PoolCA-MD261:00 PMMoses Waterloo Wolves Black0-5Peterborough Petes
MA Pool CMA-A261:00 PMKiw Burlington Bulldogs7-1York Mills Rangers
MA AA PCMA-AA281:00 PMAUD Ted Reeve Thunder2-1Richmond Hill Stars
A MD PoolAA-MD221:30 PMKin Whitby Wildcats1-5Barrie Colts
A MD PoolBA-MD241:30 PMGR Orangeville Flyers3-1Sarnia Jr. Sting
MA A PoolAMA-A221:30 PMLions Grimsby Kings2-4Barrie Colts
MA A PoolBMA-A241:30 PMACT-PJD Halton Hills Thunder0-3Peterborough Petes
MAAAA PAMA-AAA201:30 PMSW-Spec Brampton 45's2-2Lambton Jr. Sting
MA Pool CMA-MD261:30 PMDMcL Erin Hilsburgh Devils1-0Peterborough Petes
MA Pool AMA-MD221:45 PMACT-Alum Milton Winterhawks3-1Ajax Knights
MA Pool BMA-MD241:45 PMSW-Prac Guelph Jr. Gryphons2-2Whitby Wildcats
A Pool CA-A202:00 PMKiw Victory Honda Blue8-0Sarnia Sting
AA Pool DA-AA362:00 PMAUD York Toros12-2Belle River Jr. Canadiens
MA Pool CMA-A272:15 PMMoses Whitby Wildcats Blue2-5Woolwich Wildcats
AA Pool CA-AA352:30 PMGR Goulding Park Rangers2-4Richmond Hill Stars
MA A PoolBMA-A252:30 PMSW-Spec Ted Reeve Thunder1-1Meadowvale Hawks
MA AA PAMA-AA262:30 PMACT-PJD Newmarket Redmen2-2Mississauga Beast
MA AA PAMA-AA292:30 PMDMcL Kitchener Jr. Rangers0-8Copper Cliff Redmen
MA AA PBMA-AA302:30 PMKin Soo PeeWee Selects5-1Barrie Colts
MA AA PAMA-AA312:30 PMLions Lasalle Sabres2-2Toronto Aeros
MA A PoolAMA-A232:45 PMSW-Prac Greater Toronto Capitals1-4New Hamburg Huskies
MA AA PBMA-AA272:45 PMACT-Alum London Jr. Knights Green2-0GT Capitals
AA Pool AA-AA333:00 PMKiw Windsor Jr. Spitfires0-5Streetsville Tigers
MA Pool BMA-MD253:00 PMAUD Flamborough Sabres1-10Kitchener Jr. Rangers Blue
AA Pool BA-AA343:30 PMKin North Durham Warriors2-1Mississauga Terriers
AA Pool AA-AA373:30 PMACT-PJD Kitchener Jr. Rangers3-5Barrie Colts
AA Pool AA-AA393:30 PMLions Grimsby Kings2-5Vaughan Rangers
AA Pool DA-AA423:30 PMSW-Spec Niagara Falls Flyers4-3Tonawanda Lightning
MA Pool AMA-MD233:30 PMDMcL Leitrim Hawks3-2Kitchener Jr. Rangers Red
MA Pool CMA-MD273:30 PMGR Dundas Blues4-2Burlington Bulldogs
AA Pool BA-AA383:45 PMSW-Prac Stratford Warriors11-1Glanbrook Rangers
AA Pool BA-AA403:45 PMACT-Alum Burlington Eagles Blue5-0GT Capitals
A Pool BA-A224:00 PMKiw Oakville Rangers4-1Toronto Eagles
A Pool BA-A194:15 PMAUD Woodstock Jr. Navy Vets3-1Bradford Bulldogs
A Pool AA-A214:45 PMDMcL Woolwich Wildcats6-2Amherstburg Stars
A Pool CA-A234:45 PMSW-Spec Burlington Bulldogs1-2Toronto Royals
A Pool AA-A244:45 PMKin Brantford 99ers2-3Richmond Hill Stars
AA Pool CA-AA414:45 PMACT-PJD Hamilton Huskies2-3Milton Winterhawks
A MD PoolBA-MD254:45 PMGR Ancaster Avalanche0-14Kitchener Jr. Rangers Blue
AAA Pool BA-AAA295:00 PMLions Grey Bruce Highlanders2-6Waterloo Wolves
A MD PoolAA-MD235:00 PMACT-Alum Oakridge Aeros1-4Kitchener Jr. Rangers Red
A MD PoolCA-MD275:00 PMSW-Prac Vaughan Rangers Red0-1Burlington Bulldogs
MAAAA PB (XOVER)MA-AAA235:15 PMKiw Ottawa Sting5-1Hamilton Huskies
MAAAA PC (XOVER)MA-AAA255:15 PMAUD Quinte Red Devils3-7London Jr. Knights
AAA Pool AA-AAA285:45 PMKin Brampton 45's1-3Kitchener Jr. Rangers
MA AA PCMA-AA335:45 PMGR Richmond Hill Stars1-8Guelph Gryphons
MA AA PCMA-AA335:45 PMSW-Spec Whitby Wildcats8-0Hamilton Huskies
MAAAA PB (XOVER)MA-AAA225:45 PMACT-PJD Southern Tier Admirals1-6Huron Perth Lakers
MAAAA PC (XOVER)MA-AAA245:45 PMDMcL Burlington Eagles5-4Waterloo Wolves
AAA Pool AA-AAA316:00 PMSW-Prac Guelph Gryphons6-1Buffalo Regals
A MD PoolCA-MD306:00 PMACT-Alum Peterborough Petes4-1North London Nationals
MA AA PBMA-AA326:00 PMLions Brampton 45's1-1Leaside Flames
AA Pool DA-AA446:15 PMAUD Belle River Jr. Canadiens1-6Copper Cliff Redmen
AAA Pool CA-AAA336:15 PMKiw Huron Perth Lakers4-0Central Ontario Wolves
AA Pool CA-AA436:45 PMKin Richmond Hill Stars2-6PHI Dental Soo Jr. Greyhounds
AAA Pool BA-AAA356:45 PMSW-Spec North Central Predators1-4London Jr. Knights
A MD PoolBA-MD296:45 PMDMcL Sarnia Jr. Sting2-2New Hamburg Huskies
MA Pool CMA-A306:45 PMACT-PJD York Mills Rangers0-3London Jr. Mustangs White
MAAAA PAMA-AAA266:45 PMGR Lambton Jr. Sting2-4Cambridge Hawks
MA A PoolAMA-A287:00 PMACT-Alum Barrie Colts2-3Waterloo Wolves
MA A PoolBMA-A297:00 PMSW-Prac Peterborough Petes2-2Stratford Warriors
MAAAA PAMA-AAA217:00 PMPillers Niagara North4-1Kitchener Jr. Rangers
AAA Pool CA-AAA367:15 PMKiw Niagara North Stars4-0Hamilton Huskies
AAA Pool CA-AAA307:30 PMAUD Richmond Hill Coyotes3-0Cambridge Hawks
AAA Pool BA-AAA328:00 PMACT-PJD Brantford 99ers3-0Buffalo Regals SCTA
AAA Pool AA-AAA348:00 PMKin Gloucester Rangers2-2Sun County Panthers
A MD PoolAA-MD288:00 PMACT-Alum Barrie Colts3-0Cambridge Hawks
MA Pool AMA-MD288:00 PMGR Ajax Knights7-0Woolwich Wildcats
MA Pool BMA-MD298:00 PMSW-Spec Whitby Wildcats2-1Oakville Rangers
MA Pool CMA-MD308:15 PMSW-Prac Peterborough Petes0-4West London Hawks
Sunday, October 22, 2017
AA FinalsA-AAQF17:00 AMACT-PJD Copper Cliff Redmen0-5Streetsville Tigers
AA FinalsA-AAQF27:00 AMGR PHI Dental Soo Jr. Greyhounds2-3North Durham Warriors
AA FinalsA-AAQF37:00 AMKin Stratford Warriors4-0Milton Winterhawks
AA FinalsA-AAQF47:00 AMAUD Barrie Colts3-2York Toros
M/A FinalsMA-AASF17:15 AMACT-Alum Copper Cliff Redmen1-5Whitby Wildcats
M/A FinalsMA-AASF27:15 AMSW-Prac Guelph Gryphons4-7Soo PeeWee Selects
A FinalsA-ASF17:30 AMKiw Oakville Rangers1-0Woolwich Wildcats
A FinalsA-ASF27:30 AMDMcL Woodstock Jr. Navy Vets1-4Toronto Royals
MD FinalsA-MDSF28:30 AMGR Barrie Colts1-3Kitchener Jr. Rangers Blue
MA AFinalsMA-SF18:30 AMACT-PJD Peterborough Petes1-4Waterloo Wolves
MA AFinalsMA-SF28:30 AMKin Woolwich Wildcats4-1Stratford Warriors
MA FinalsMA-AAASF18:45 AMACT-Alum Quinte Red Devils3-6London Jr. Knights
MA FinalsMA-AAASF28:45 AMSW-Prac Ottawa Sting1-3Niagara North
MD FinalsA-MDSF19:00 AMDMcL Orangeville Flyers2-3Peterborough Petes
AAA FinalA-AAASF110:00 AMACT-PJD Niagara North Stars3-10London Jr. Knights
AAA FinalA-AAASF210:00 AMKin Gloucester Rangers5-4Waterloo Wolves
MA FinalsMA-MDSF210:00 AMGR Dundas Blues1-3Whitby Wildcats
MA FinalsMA-MDSF110:15 AMACT-Alum Kitchener Jr. Rangers Blue4-3Leitrim Hawks
AA FinalsA-AASF111:30 AMGR North Durham Warriors0-6Streetsville Tigers
AA FinalsA-AASF211:30 AMACT-PJD Barrie Colts3-4Stratford Warriors
M/A FinalsMA-AAFinals11:45 AMACT-Alum Soo PeeWee Selects7-2Whitby Wildcats
A FinalsA-AFinals1:00 PMACT-PJD Oakville Rangers0-2Toronto Royals
MD FinalsA-MDFinals1:15 PMGR Kitchener Jr. Rangers Blue1-3Peterborough Petes
MA AFinalsMA-AFinals1:15 PMACT-Alum Woolwich Wildcats1-0Waterloo Wolves
MA FinalsMA-AAAFinals2:30 PMACT-PJD Niagara North1-2London Jr. Knights
MA FinalsMA-MDFinals2:45 PMACT-Alum Kitchener Jr. Rangers Blue3-0Whitby Wildcats
AAA FinalA-AAAFinals4:00 PMACT-PJD Gloucester Rangers7-5London Jr. Knights
AA FinalsA-AAFinals4:15 PMACT-Alum Stratford Warriors2-3Streetsville Tigers
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