Schedule & Results, Blueline Tournament, 2017-2018 (Kitchener Minor Hockey)

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Friday, November 10, 2017
RRMP18:00 AMLions Kitchener Jr. Rangers3-2Huron Perth Lakers
RRMP28:00 AMSW-Spec Cambridge Hawks3-3Waterloo Wolves
RRMP58:00 AMMcL York Simcoe Express5-2Guelph Jr. Gryphons
RRMP98:00 AMGR North Bay Trappers2-2Greater Kingston Jr. Frontenacs
RRP18:00 AMPJD Greater Kingston Jr. Frontenacs6-1Carolina Jr. Hurricanes
RRP48:00 AMKinsmen Kitchener Jr. Rangers0-1Burlington Eagles
RRMP38:15 AMSW-Prac Chatham Kent Cyclones1-4Windsor Jr. Spitfires
RRP28:15 AMAUD North York Rangers3-3Waterloo Wolves
RRP38:15 AMAlumni Brantford 99ers6-2Huron Perth Lakers
RRMP88:30 AMKiwanis Nickel City Sons0-2Clarington Toros
RRMP69:15 AMLions Ajax/Pickering Raiders3-2Grey Bruce Highlanders
RRP59:15 AMMcL Peterborough Petes4-0Clarington Toros
RRP69:15 AMGR Whitby Wildcats5-0Amherst Knights
RRP99:15 AMSW-Spec Nickel City Sons3-5Grey Bruce Highlanders
RRM19:30 AMPJD Kitchener Jr. Rangers0-6Toronto Jr. Canadiens
RRMB29:30 AMKinsmen Rochester Youth Hockey1-4Barrie Jr. Colts
RRP89:30 AMSW-Prac Buffalo Saints2-7Guelph Jr. Gryphons
RRM39:45 AMAlumni Lambton Jr. Sting1-1Toronto Marlboros
RRMB19:45 AMKiwanis Buffalo Saints1-0Kitchener Jr. Rangers
RRMP410:30 AMLions Oshawa Minor Generals1-3Richmond Hill Coyotes
RRB510:45 AMMcL Windsor Jr. Spitfires4-1Southern Tier Admirals
RRMB310:45 AMGR Cambridge Hawks1-3Syracuse Nationals
RRMB510:45 AMSW-Spec Sun County Panthers6-0Brampton 45's
RRB111:00 AMKinsmen Sun County Panthers3-2Kitchener Jr. Rangers
RRB311:00 AMSW-Prac North Bay Trappers2-4Lambton Jr. Sting
RRB211:15 AMKiwanis London Jr. Knights0-3Waterloo Wolves
RRM211:15 AMPJD Cambridge Hawks0-5Mississauga Reps
RRM411:30 AMAlumni Southern Tier Admirals3-5Halton Hurricanes
RRMP712:00 PMLions Huron Perth Lakers3-2North York Rangers
RRB612:15 PMMcL Huron Perth Lakers3-3Brampton 45's
RRMB412:15 PMSW-Spec Huron Perth Lakers1-1West Seneca Wings
RRP712:15 PMGR Carolina Jr. Hurricanes7-5Wheatfield Blades
RRB412:30 PMSW-Prac Chatham Kent Cyclones0-2Guelph Jr. Gryphons
RRMB612:30 PMKinsmen Chatham Kent Cyclones2-2Niagara North Stars
RRB712:45 PMKiwanis Quinte Red Devils5-1Upper Canada Cyclones
RRM51:00 PMPJD Niagara North Stars4-3Toronto Red Wings
RRM61:15 PMAlumni Hamilton Jr. Bulldogs3-4Markham Waxers
RRMP151:15 PMLions North Bay Trappers3-3Chatham Kent Cyclones
RRB81:45 PMSW-Spec Whitby Wildcats5-3Eastern Ontario Wild
RRB91:45 PMMcL Cambridge Hawks2-3Ajax Pickering Raiders
RRMB81:45 PMGR Toronto Nationals8-0Rochester Youth Hockey
RRMB72:00 PMKinsmen North York Rangers5-2Buffalo Saints
RRMP122:00 PMSW-Prac Windsor Jr. Spitfires2-2Ajax/Pickering Raiders
RRP122:15 PMKiwanis Huron Perth Lakers2-0Whitby Wildcats
RRMP162:30 PMLions Guelph Jr. Gryphons2-2Clarington Toros
RRP152:45 PMPJD Nickel City Sons1-9Brantford 99ers
RRP103:00 PMAlumni Kitchener Jr. Rangers1-4Greater Kingston Jr. Frontenacs
RRB103:15 PMMcL Ottawa Jr. 67's4-1North Bay Trappers
RRMB113:15 PMSW-Spec Syracuse Nationals6-3Kitchener Jr. Rangers
RRMP173:15 PMSW-Prac Grey Bruce Highlanders2-1Greater Kingston Jr. Frontenacs
RRP163:15 PMGR Clarington Toros1-1Guelph Jr. Gryphons
RRMP103:30 PMKinsmen Oshawa Minor Generals2-3Kitchener Jr. Rangers
RRMP143:45 PMLions Nickel City Sons1-1Cambridge Hawks
RRP143:45 PMKiwanis Buffalo Saints0-3North York Rangers
RRM74:15 PMPJD Kitchener Jr. Rangers1-4Southern Tier Admirals
RRM104:30 PMAlumni Toronto Jr. Canadiens2-1Halton Hurricanes
RRMP134:30 PMSW-Prac North York Rangers1-0Richmond Hill Coyotes
RRMB104:45 PMGR Chatham Kent Cyclones2-4Huron Perth Lakers
RRP114:45 PMKinsmen Waterloo Wolves3-4Peterborough Petes
RRP134:45 PMSW-Spec Wheatfield Blades0-13Burlington Eagles
RRP174:45 PMMcL Amherst Knights0-4Grey Bruce Highlanders
RRMP115:00 PMLions Waterloo Wolves2-5York Simcoe Express
RRMB95:15 PMKiwanis Sun County Panthers6-3Cambridge Hawks
RRMB125:45 PMSW-Prac West Seneca Wings3-1Barrie Jr. Colts
RRM86:00 PMPJD Cambridge Hawks0-4Niagara North Stars
RRB126:15 PMSW-Spec Waterloo Wolves2-4Windsor Jr. Spitfires
RRB136:15 PMKinsmen Cambridge Hawks0-3Huron Perth Lakers
RRB156:15 PMMcL Whitby Wildcats5-2London Jr. Knights
RRM96:15 PMAlumni Lambton Jr. Sting4-6Hamilton Jr. Bulldogs
RRMB136:15 PMGR Brampton 45's1-3North York Rangers
RRMB146:45 PMKiwanis Niagara North Stars1-4Toronto Nationals
RRB187:15 PMSW-Prac Southern Tier Admirals3-1Eastern Ontario Wild
RRB117:45 PMGR Kitchener Jr. Rangers8-0Chatham Kent Cyclones
RRB147:45 PMMcL Quinte Red Devils1-2Sun County Panthers
RRB177:45 PMKinsmen Guelph Jr. Gryphons2-2Upper Canada Cyclones
RRB197:45 PMSW-Spec Ajax Pickering Raiders1-3Ottawa Jr. 67's
RRM127:45 PMPJD Toronto Marlboros3-3Markham Waxers
RRM118:00 PMAlumni Mississauga Reps2-0Toronto Red Wings
RRB168:15 PMKiwanis Brampton 45's2-2Lambton Jr. Sting
Saturday, November 11, 2017
RRMP187:00 AMPJD Huron Perth Lakers3-3Oshawa Minor Generals
RRMP237:00 AMKinsmen Greater Kingston Jr. Frontenacs5-6Windsor Jr. Spitfires
RRP187:00 AMAUD Carolina Jr. Hurricanes1-5Kitchener Jr. Rangers
RRP227:00 AMSW-Spec Guelph Jr. Gryphons2-5Waterloo Wolves
RRP257:00 AMMcL Clarington Toros2-1Buffalo Saints
RRP267:00 AMGR Amherst Knights1-3Nickel City Sons
RRMP217:15 AMAlumni Kitchener Jr. Rangers0-4North York Rangers
RRMP257:15 AMSW-Prac Guelph Jr. Gryphons3-1Nickel City Sons
RRP238:00 AMKiwanis Grey Bruce Highlanders7-5Huron Perth Lakers
RRMP198:15 AMPJD York Simcoe Express3-2Cambridge Hawks
RRMP228:15 AMKinsmen Clarington Toros2-2Waterloo Wolves
RRMB158:30 AMGR Syracuse Nationals1-4Sun County Panthers
RRMB168:30 AMMcL West Seneca Wings1-6Chatham Kent Cyclones
RRMP208:30 AMAlumni Ajax/Pickering Raiders4-1Chatham Kent Cyclones
RRMP268:30 AMSW-Prac Grey Bruce Highlanders1-1North Bay Trappers
RRP198:30 AMAUD Peterborough Petes2-4North York Rangers
RRP218:30 AMSW-Spec Greater Kingston Jr. Frontenacs6-1Wheatfield Blades
RRB209:30 AMKinsmen Chatham Kent Cyclones0-3Sun County Panthers
RRM139:30 AMPJD Halton Hurricanes1-2Kitchener Jr. Rangers
RRP209:30 AMKiwanis Whitby Wildcats2-2Brantford 99ers
RRB229:45 AMSW-Prac Brampton 45's2-2Cambridge Hawks
RRM169:45 AMAlumni Toronto Jr. Canadiens5-1Southern Tier Admirals
RRMB1710:00 AMGR Cambridge Hawks3-3Buffalo Saints
RRMB1810:00 AMMcL Huron Perth Lakers5-0Rochester Youth Hockey
RRMB1910:00 AMSW-Spec Kitchener Jr. Rangers4-1Brampton 45's
RRB2111:00 AMKinsmen Windsor Jr. Spitfires1-3London Jr. Knights
RRM1411:15 AMPJD Toronto Red Wings3-3Cambridge Hawks
RRMB2011:15 AMSW-Prac Barrie Jr. Colts2-1Niagara North Stars
RRMP2411:15 AMKiwanis Richmond Hill Coyotes4-2Huron Perth Lakers
RRB2311:30 AMSW-Spec Upper Canada Cyclones2-3Kitchener Jr. Rangers
RRB2711:30 AMMcL Southern Tier Admirals2-5Whitby Wildcats
RRB2811:30 AMGR Lambton Jr. Sting0-4Ajax Pickering Raiders
RRM1711:30 AMAlumni Mississauga Reps1-3Niagara North Stars
RRB2412:00 PMAUD Eastern Ontario Wild0-3Waterloo Wolves
RRB2512:30 PMKinsmen Huron Perth Lakers5-1North Bay Trappers
RRB2612:30 PMKiwanis Guelph Jr. Gryphons5-0Quinte Red Devils
RRMB2212:45 PMSW-Prac Toronto Nationals4-1West Seneca Wings
RRM151:00 PMPJD Markham Waxers3-0Lambton Jr. Sting
RRMB211:00 PMSW-Spec North York Rangers4-1Syracuse Nationals
RRMP331:00 PMMcL Clarington Toros1-2York Simcoe Express
RRP241:00 PMGR Burlington Eagles9-0Carolina Jr. Hurricanes
RRM181:15 PMAlumni Toronto Marlboros2-2Hamilton Jr. Bulldogs
RRMP291:30 PMAUD Windsor Jr. Spitfires1-2North Bay Trappers
RRB292:00 PMKinsmen Ottawa Jr. 67's1-0Brampton 45's
RRMP272:00 PMKiwanis North York Rangers3-1Oshawa Minor Generals
RRP292:00 PMColumbia Huron Perth Lakers4-0Nickel City Sons
RRMP322:15 PMMcL Chatham Kent Cyclones1-4Grey Bruce Highlanders
RRP272:15 PMSW-Prac Wheatfield Blades0-9Kitchener Jr. Rangers
RRMP342:30 PMGR Greater Kingston Jr. Frontenacs2-2Ajax/Pickering Raiders
RRMB232:45 PMPJD Buffalo Saints2-4Sun County Panthers
RRMP282:45 PMAUD Waterloo Wolves4-2Nickel City Sons
RRMB243:00 PMAlumni Rochester Youth Hockey2-2Chatham Kent Cyclones
RRMP313:15 PMKiwanis Cambridge Hawks2-1Guelph Jr. Gryphons
RRP283:30 PMKinsmen Waterloo Wolves6-0Buffalo Saints
RRP323:30 PMColumbia Brantford 99ers2-1Amherst Knights
RRP343:30 PMMcL Grey Bruce Highlanders4-2Whitby Wildcats
RRMP303:45 PMGR Richmond Hill Coyotes3-2Kitchener Jr. Rangers
RRP333:45 PMSW-Prac Guelph Jr. Gryphons3-4Peterborough Petes
RRMB254:00 PMAUD Brampton 45's1-3Cambridge Hawks
RR (XOVER)M194:15 PMPJD Toronto Red Wings3-3Kitchener Jr. Rangers
RR (XOVER)M234:30 PMAlumni Halton Hurricanes8-0Cambridge Hawks
RRP314:30 PMKiwanis North York Rangers2-2Clarington Toros
RRB305:00 PMGR Kitchener Jr. Rangers2-3Quinte Red Devils
RRB325:00 PMColumbia North Bay Trappers2-2Cambridge Hawks
RRB335:00 PMMcL Sun County Panthers2-0Guelph Jr. Gryphons
RRMB265:00 PMKinsmen Niagara North Stars1-1Huron Perth Lakers
RRMB285:30 PMAUD Barrie Jr. Colts3-4Toronto Nationals
RR (XOVER)M206:00 PMPJD Southern Tier Admirals4-2Lambton Jr. Sting
RRP306:00 PMKiwanis Burlington Eagles4-1Greater Kingston Jr. Frontenacs
RR (XOVER)M226:15 PMAlumni Markham Waxers1-2Toronto Jr. Canadiens
RRB346:30 PMColumbia London Jr. Knights2-0Southern Tier Admirals
RRB356:30 PMMcL Ajax Pickering Raiders1-5Huron Perth Lakers
RRB366:30 PMGR Upper Canada Cyclones1-1Chatham Kent Cyclones
RRMB276:30 PMKinsmen Kitchener Jr. Rangers1-2North York Rangers
RRB387:00 PMAUD Lambton Jr. Sting1-2Ottawa Jr. 67's
RRB377:30 PMKiwanis Eastern Ontario Wild1-4Windsor Jr. Spitfires
RR (XOVER)M247:45 PMPJD Toronto Marlboros1-3Niagara North Stars
RRB318:00 PMKinsmen Waterloo Wolves2-3Whitby Wildcats
RR (XOVER)M218:00 PMAlumni Mississauga Reps2-2Hamilton Jr. Bulldogs
Sunday, November 12, 2017
FinalsMPSF17:00 AMPJD Richmond Hill Coyotes4-3York Simcoe Express
FinalsPSF17:00 AMKinsmen Brantford 99ers2-3Burlington Eagles
FinalsMPSF27:15 AMAlumni Ajax/Pickering Raiders2-1North York Rangers
FinalsPSF27:30 AMKiwanis North York Rangers1-3Grey Bruce Highlanders
FinalsMBSF18:15 AMPJD Huron Perth Lakers2-4Toronto Nationals
FinalsBSF18:30 AMKinsmen Huron Perth Lakers0-2Ottawa Jr. 67's
FinalsMBSF28:30 AMAlumni North York Rangers1-3Sun County Panthers
FinalsBSF29:00 AMKiwanis Whitby Wildcats3-2Sun County Panthers
FinalsMSF19:45 AMPJD Mississauga Reps1-2Toronto Jr. Canadiens
FinalsMSF210:00 AMAlumni Markham Waxers6-2Niagara North Stars
FinalsMPChampionship11:45 AMPJD Ajax/Pickering Raiders0-1Richmond Hill Coyotes
FinalsPChampionship12:00 PMAlumni Grey Bruce Highlanders1-3Burlington Eagles
FinalsMBChampionship1:15 PMPJD Sun County Panthers1-4Toronto Nationals
FinalsBChampionship1:45 PMAlumni Whitby Wildcats2-4Ottawa Jr. 67's
FinalsMChampionship2:45 PMPJD Markham Waxers2-4Toronto Jr. Canadiens
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