Schedule & Results, Fallfest Tournament, 2017-2018 (Kitchener Minor Hockey)

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Friday, November 24, 2017
RRMB-19:30 AMKIW Woodstock Wildcats (6889)2-1Kitchener Lady Rangers (2709)
RRBA-110:00 AMPJD Mississauga Chiefs (5867)1-1Kitchener Lady Rangers (2718)
RRBB-110:00 AMKIN North Halton Twisters (2515)1-2Kitchener Lady Rangers (2747)
RRMB-310:00 AMSWA Chatsworth Rebels (8859)1-0Markham-Stouffville Stars (3593)
RRPBB-1110:00 AMGR Bluewater Hawks (5165)0-2Kitchener Lady Rangers (2710)
RRBA-210:15 AMALU Saugeen Maitland Lightning (8835)0-2Whitby Wolves (4841)
RRPBB-210:15 AMSWB Sault Wildcats (4005)5-1Hamilton Hawks (538)
RRMB-210:30 AMKIW North Durham Blades (4503)5-1Leaside Wildcats (3760)
RRAB-511:00 AMGR Bluewater Hawks (842)1-1Haldimand River Cats (1980)
RRBC-111:00 AMKIN Lambton Attack (4204)2-5South Bruce Blades (8743)
RRPBB-1911:00 AMSWA Scarborough Sharks (821)0-3Ancaster Avalanche (5047)
RR (XOVER)BBB-111:15 AMPJD Haldimand River Cats (1984)1-4Kitchener Lady Rangers (2711)
RRPBB-411:15 AMSWB London Devilettes (663)1-2Mississauga Chiefs (5858)
RR (XOVER)BBB-211:30 AMALU Scarborough Sharks (838)0-0Woolwich Wild (7104)
RRNBC-111:30 AMKIW Wilmot Wolverines (4610)0-5Kitchener Lady Rangers (2713)
RRAB-712:00 PMKIN Kitchener Lady Rangers (2741)1-0Scarborough Sharks (842)
RR (XOVER)BBB-312:00 PMGR West Northumberland Wild (4183)1-4Wilmot Wolverines (4603)
RR (XOVER)PA-112:00 PMSWA Whitby Wolves (4853)0-3Kitchener Lady Rangers (2707)
RRMBB-112:15 PMPJD Norfolk Hericanes (6903)3-1Etobicoke Dolphins (439)
RR (XOVER)PA-212:15 PMSWB Chatham Outlaws (2270)0-1Oakville Hornets (1284)
RRMBB-312:30 PMALU Oshawa Lady Generals (3217)2-2Scarborough Sharks (857)
RR (XOVER)PA-312:30 PMKIW West Northumberland Wild (4189)1-2Saugeen Maitland Lightning (8830)
RRMBB-21:00 PMKIN Scarborough Sharks (845)0-2Huron Heat (3656)
RRMBB-41:00 PMSWA Sarnia Jr. Lady Sting (3360)0-0Aurora Panthers (27)
RR (XOVER)PB-11:00 PMGR Niagara Falls Rapid (2970)0-4Kitchener Lady Rangers (2708)
RR (XOVER)PB-21:00 PMKMAC- DC Flamborough Falcons (2354)3-3Georgina Golden Hawks (3300)
RR (XOVER)PB-31:15 PMSWB Sudbury Lady Wolves (1080)1-4Kincardine Kinucks (8702)
RRMC-11:30 PMKIW Walkerton Capitals (8884)0-3Ilderton Jets (7244)
RRNBC-21:30 PMPJD Mooretown Lady Flags (1911)1-3Lambton Attack (4200)
RRMC-21:45 PMALU Lambton Attack (4206)0-0Sarnia Jr. Lady Sting (3358)
RRBB-22:00 PMGR Chatham Outlaws (2250)0-1Sarnia Jr. Lady Sting (3357)
RRMB-42:00 PMKMAC- DC Bancroft Jets (7406)1-2West Oxford Inferno (2940)
RRAB-62:15 PMSWA Sarnia Jr. Lady Sting (3356)0-1Leaside Wildcats (3812)
RRBC-22:15 PMKIN Napanee Crunch (1863)4-0Ennismore Eagles (6464)
RRBA-32:30 PMPJD Whitby Wolves (4841)0-0Mississauga Chiefs (5867)
RRMB-52:30 PMSWB Kitchener Lady Rangers (2709)1-1Napanee Crunch (1864)
RRMB-62:30 PMKIW Leaside Wildcats (3760)1-2Nepean Wildcats (2871)
RRMB-72:45 PMALU Markham-Stouffville Stars (3593)0-3Woodstock Wildcats (6889)
RRAB-83:00 PMGR Belmont Blazers (5155)0-6Nepean Wildcats (2879)
RRBC-33:00 PMKMAC- DC South Bruce Blades (8743)3-2Bancroft Jets (7404)
RRBA-43:15 PMSWA Kitchener Lady Rangers (2718)2-3Saugeen Maitland Lightning (8835)
RRBB-33:15 PMKIN Kitchener Lady Rangers (2747)0-0Napanee Crunch (1877)
RRPBB-173:30 PMSWB Kingston Ice Wolves (2602)4-1Bluewater Hawks (5165)
RRPBB-63:30 PMKIW Hamilton Hawks (538)2-5Windsor Wildcats (4767)
RRNBC-33:45 PMALU Kitchener Lady Rangers (2713)13-1Belmont Blazers (5149)
RRAB-94:00 PMPJD Scarborough Sharks (842)1-5Haldimand River Cats (1980)
RR (XOVER)BBB-44:00 PMGR Woolwich Wild (7104)5-2Haldimand River Cats (1984)
RR (XOVER)BBB-54:00 PMKMAC- DC Wilmot Wolverines (4603)5-1Scarborough Sharks (838)
RR (XOVER)PA-44:15 PMKIN Oakville Hornets (1284)1-1Whitby Wolves (4853)
RR (XOVER)BBB-64:30 PMSWA Kitchener Lady Rangers (2711)2-3West Northumberland Wild (4183)
RRMBB-54:30 PMSWB Scarborough Sharks (857)3-5Norfolk Hericanes (6903)
RRMBB-74:30 PMKIW Etobicoke Dolphins (439)0-3Oshawa Lady Generals (3217)
RR (XOVER)PA-54:45 PMALU Saugeen Maitland Lightning (8830)2-0Chatham Outlaws (2270)
RRAB-115:00 PMPJD Bluewater Hawks (842)3-0Kitchener Lady Rangers (2741)
RRMBB-65:00 PMGR Aurora Panthers (27)1-0Scarborough Sharks (845)
RRPBB-155:00 PMKMAC- DC Kitchener Lady Rangers (2710)2-1Scarborough Sharks (821)
RRPBB-85:15 PMKIN Mississauga Chiefs (5858)0-2Sault Wildcats (4005)
RR (XOVER)PB-45:30 PMSWA Georgina Golden Hawks (3300)1-0Niagara Falls Rapid (2970)
RRMBB-85:45 PMKIW Huron Heat (3656)1-1Sarnia Jr. Lady Sting (3360)
RRNBC-45:45 PMALU Lambton Attack (4200)0-1Wilmot Wolverines (4610)
RR (XOVER)PB-55:45 PMSWB Kincardine Kinucks (8702)7-0Flamborough Falcons (2354)
RRMC-46:00 PMPJD Sarnia Jr. Lady Sting (3358)3-0Walkerton Capitals (8884)
RR (XOVER)PA-66:00 PMKMAC- DC Kitchener Lady Rangers (2707)5-1West Northumberland Wild (4189)
RRMB-86:15 PMKIN West Oxford Inferno (2940)4-1North Durham Blades (4503)
RRMC-36:15 PMGR Ilderton Jets (7244)1-1Southpoint Stars (6669)
RRBB-46:30 PMSWA Sarnia Jr. Lady Sting (3357)4-1North Halton Twisters (2515)
RRMB-96:45 PMALU Napanee Crunch (1864)0-1Chatsworth Rebels (8859)
RR (XOVER)PB-66:45 PMSWB Kitchener Lady Rangers (2708)1-3Sudbury Lady Wolves (1080)
RRAB-107:00 PMKMAC- DC Nepean Wildcats (2879)1-0Leaside Wildcats (3812)
RR (XOVER)IA-37:00 PMPJD Mississauga Chiefs (5876)4-0Brampton Canadettes (263)
RRAB-127:15 PMKIN Sarnia Jr. Lady Sting (3356)3-1Belmont Blazers (5155)
RR (XOVER)IA-17:15 PMGR St. Catharines Jr. Badgers (6726)1-3Kitchener Lady Rangers (2746)
RRMB-107:30 PMSWA Nepean Wildcats (2871)3-0Bancroft Jets (7406)
RRBC-47:45 PMSWB Ennismore Eagles (6464)0-10Lambton Attack (4204)
RRPBB-137:45 PMALU Ancaster Avalanche (5047)4-1Kingston Ice Wolves (2602)
RR (XOVER)IA-28:00 PMKMAC- DC Saugeen Maitland Lightning (8836)1-0Cambridge Roadrunners (2223)
RRSA-18:15 PMPJD Brampton Canadettes (270)5-1Kitchener Lady Rangers (2727)
RRSA-28:15 PMKIN Guelph Jr. Gryphons (4485)1-1Bluewater Hawks (5172)
RRBB-58:30 PMGR Napanee Crunch (1877)3-2Chatham Outlaws (2250)
RRPBB-108:30 PMSWA Windsor Wildcats (4767)4-0London Devilettes (663)
RRBC-58:45 PMALU Bancroft Jets (7404)2-1Napanee Crunch (1863)
Saturday, November 25, 2017
RRMC-97:00 AMGR Southpoint Stars (6669)0-1Sarnia Jr. Lady Sting (3358)
RRNBC-87:00 AMSWA Kitchener Lady Rangers (2713)5-0Mooretown Lady Flags (1911)
RRAB-37:15 AMPJD Scarborough Sharks (842)0-6Bluewater Hawks (842)
RRAB-47:15 AMKMAC- DC Nepean Wildcats (2879)6-0Sarnia Jr. Lady Sting (3356)
RRNBC-77:15 AMSWB Wilmot Wolverines (4610)6-0Belmont Blazers (5149)
RRAB-17:30 AMKIN Haldimand River Cats (1980)4-1Kitchener Lady Rangers (2741)
RRMB-147:30 AMALU North Durham Blades (4503)1-1Nepean Wildcats (2871)
RRAB-28:00 AMKIW Leaside Wildcats (3812)2-1Belmont Blazers (5155)
RRMB-138:00 AMSWA Woodstock Wildcats (6889)0-1Napanee Crunch (1864)
RRPBB-58:00 AMGR Kitchener Lady Rangers (2710)2-0Kingston Ice Wolves (2602)
RRBA-58:15 AMSWB Saugeen Maitland Lightning (8835)0-0Mississauga Chiefs (5867)
RRBA-68:15 AMKMAC- DC Whitby Wolves (4841)0-1Kitchener Lady Rangers (2718)
RR (XOVER)PB-78:15 AMPJD Niagara Falls Rapid (2970)0-5Kincardine Kinucks (8702)
RRBB-98:30 AMKIN Napanee Crunch (1877)2-4Sarnia Jr. Lady Sting (3357)
RRBC-98:30 AMALU Bancroft Jets (7404)4-0Ennismore Eagles (6464)
RRPBB-148:30 AMMcLaren Sault Wildcats (4005)4-1Windsor Wildcats (4767)
RR (XOVER)IA-59:00 AMKIW Brampton Canadettes (263)2-1Saugeen Maitland Lightning (8836)
RR (XOVER)IA-69:00 AMGR Kitchener Lady Rangers (2746)3-0Mississauga Chiefs (5876)
RRMBB-99:00 AMSWA Oshawa Lady Generals (3217)2-0Norfolk Hericanes (6903)
RRMC-109:15 AMPJD Lambton Attack (4206)0-3Walkerton Capitals (8884)
RR (XOVER)IA-49:30 AMALU Cambridge Roadrunners (2223)1-1St. Catharines Jr. Badgers (6726)
RRMB-169:30 AMKIN Leaside Wildcats (3760)0-1Bancroft Jets (7406)
RRMBB-109:30 AMKMAC- DC Sarnia Jr. Lady Sting (3360)2-1Scarborough Sharks (845)
RRMBB-119:30 AMSWB Scarborough Sharks (857)1-1Etobicoke Dolphins (439)
RRMBB-129:30 AMMcLaren Aurora Panthers (27)0-2Huron Heat (3656)
RRMB-1510:15 AMGR Kitchener Lady Rangers (2709)0-2Chatsworth Rebels (8859)
RR (XOVER)PA-710:15 AMSWA Whitby Wolves (4853)0-4Saugeen Maitland Lightning (8830)
RRSA-310:15 AMKIW Bluewater Hawks (5172)4-4Brampton Canadettes (270)
RRBB-810:30 AMKIN Kitchener Lady Rangers (2747)1-1Chatham Outlaws (2250)
RR (XOVER)PB-910:30 AMPJD Sudbury Lady Wolves (1080)4-2Georgina Golden Hawks (3300)
RRBC-810:45 AMMcLaren South Bruce Blades (8743)2-1Napanee Crunch (1863)
RR (XOVER)PA-810:45 AMSWB Chatham Outlaws (2270)0-3Kitchener Lady Rangers (2707)
RRSA-410:45 AMALU Kitchener Lady Rangers (2727)2-2Guelph Jr. Gryphons (4485)
RRNBC-511:15 AMGR Belmont Blazers (5149)0-9Mooretown Lady Flags (1911)
RR (XOVER)PA-911:15 AMSWA West Northumberland Wild (4189)0-2Oakville Hornets (1284)
RR (XOVER)PB-811:30 AMPJD Flamborough Falcons (2354)0-0Kitchener Lady Rangers (2708)
RRPBB-711:30 AMKIW Bluewater Hawks (5165)1-1Ancaster Avalanche (5047)
RR (XOVER)BBB-911:45 AMSWB West Northumberland Wild (4183)1-3Woolwich Wild (7104)
RRMB-1811:45 AMMcLaren Nepean Wildcats (2871)1-1West Oxford Inferno (2940)
RRNBC-611:45 AMKIN Lambton Attack (4200)1-7Kitchener Lady Rangers (2713)
RR (XOVER)BBB-812:00 PMALU Scarborough Sharks (838)3-3Kitchener Lady Rangers (2711)
RRMB-1712:15 PMGR Napanee Crunch (1864)0-4Markham-Stouffville Stars (3593)
RRPBB-1212:15 PMSWA Mississauga Chiefs (5858)2-1Hamilton Hawks (538)
RR (XOVER)BBB-712:30 PMPJD Haldimand River Cats (1984)0-1Wilmot Wolverines (4603)
RRPBB-912:30 PMKIW Kingston Ice Wolves (2602)1-2Scarborough Sharks (821)
RRBB-712:45 PMMcLaren North Halton Twisters (2515)3-2Napanee Crunch (1877)
RRBC-712:45 PMSWB Lambton Attack (4204)1-2Bancroft Jets (7404)
RRPBB-2012:45 PMKIN London Devilettes (663)0-3Sault Wildcats (4005)
FinalsAB-131:00 PMKMAC- DC Belmont Blazers (5155)0-7Bluewater Hawks (842)
RRMC-61:00 PMALU Sarnia Jr. Lady Sting (3358)0-2Ilderton Jets (7244)
FinalsBA-71:15 PMSWA Saugeen Maitland Lightning (8835)0-3Whitby Wolves (4841)
RR (XOVER)IA-81:15 PMGR Saugeen Maitland Lightning (8836)3-1Kitchener Lady Rangers (2746)
FinalsAB-141:30 PMKIW Scarborough Sharks (842)1-3Nepean Wildcats (2879)
RRMC-51:30 PMPJD Southpoint Stars (6669)3-0Lambton Attack (4206)
FinalsAB-151:45 PMKIN Sarnia Jr. Lady Sting (3356)4-2Haldimand River Cats (1980)
FinalsAB-161:45 PMSWB Kitchener Lady Rangers (2741)1-0Leaside Wildcats (3812)
FinalsMBB-131:45 PMMcLaren Scarborough Sharks (845)1-2Oshawa Lady Generals (3217)
FinalsMBB-142:00 PMALU Etobicoke Dolphins (439)0-2Huron Heat (3656)
FinalsMBB-152:00 PMKMAC- DC Aurora Panthers (27)1-3Norfolk Hericanes (6903)
RR (XOVER)IA-92:30 PMKIW Mississauga Chiefs (5876)3-1Cambridge Roadrunners (2223)
FinalsMBB-162:30 PMPJD Scarborough Sharks (857)2-0Sarnia Jr. Lady Sting (3360)
RR (XOVER)IA-72:45 PMKIN St. Catharines Jr. Badgers (6726)5-1Brampton Canadettes (263)
RRBC-63:15 PMMcLaren Ennismore Eagles (6464)0-2South Bruce Blades (8743)
RRSA-63:15 PMALU Bluewater Hawks (5172)1-4Kitchener Lady Rangers (2727)
RRMB-203:30 PMKMAC- DC Bancroft Jets (7406)0-1North Durham Blades (4503)
RRBB-63:45 PMKIW Sarnia Jr. Lady Sting (3357)2-2Kitchener Lady Rangers (2747)
FinalsBA-84:00 PMPJD Kitchener Lady Rangers (2718)3-0Mississauga Chiefs (5867)
RRSA-54:00 PMKIN Guelph Jr. Gryphons (4485)0-1Brampton Canadettes (270)
RRNBC-104:15 PMMcLaren Mooretown Lady Flags (1911)2-1Wilmot Wolverines (4610)
RRNBC-94:30 PMKMAC- DC Belmont Blazers (5149)0-16Lambton Attack (4200)
FinalsPA-114:30 PMALU West Northumberland Wild (4189)0-4Chatham Outlaws (2270)
RRMB-194:45 PMKIW Chatsworth Rebels (8859)2-0Woodstock Wildcats (6889)
FinalsPA-105:15 PMKIN Oakville Hornets (1284)0-1Saugeen Maitland Lightning (8830)
RRPBB-15:15 PMMcLaren Ancaster Avalanche (5047)1-1Kitchener Lady Rangers (2710)
RRMC-85:30 PMKMAC- DC Ilderton Jets (7244)6-1Lambton Attack (4206)
FinalsPB-105:30 PMPJD Georgina Golden Hawks (3300)2-3Kitchener Lady Rangers (2708)
FinalsPB-115:45 PMKIW Niagara Falls Rapid (2970)0-3Flamborough Falcons (2354)
RRPBB-185:45 PMALU Windsor Wildcats (4767)1-1Mississauga Chiefs (5858)
RRPBB-36:00 PMGR Scarborough Sharks (821)3-4Bluewater Hawks (5165)
FinalsBBB-106:15 PMMcLaren Kitchener Lady Rangers (2711)0-4Woolwich Wild (7104)
RRBC-106:30 PMKMAC- DC Napanee Crunch (1863)2-5Lambton Attack (4204)
RRMC-76:30 PMKIN Walkerton Capitals (8884)1-2Southpoint Stars (6669)
RRMB-126:45 PMPJD West Oxford Inferno (2940)5-1Leaside Wildcats (3760)
RRBB-107:00 PMGR Chatham Outlaws (2250)0-1North Halton Twisters (2515)
FinalsIA-117:00 PMKIW St. Catharines Jr. Badgers (6726)0-1Saugeen Maitland Lightning (8836)
RRPBB-167:00 PMALU Hamilton Hawks (538)1-1London Devilettes (663)
FinalsIA-107:30 PMKIN Cambridge Roadrunners (2223)3-0Brampton Canadettes (263)
FinalsMBB-177:30 PMKMAC- DC Scarborough Sharks (857)1-2Oshawa Lady Generals (3217)
FinalsMBB-187:30 PMMcLaren Norfolk Hericanes (6903)1-3Huron Heat (3656)
FinalsBBB-117:45 PMPJD Haldimand River Cats (1984)1-3West Northumberland Wild (4183)
RRMB-118:00 PMGR Markham-Stouffville Stars (3593)1-2Kitchener Lady Rangers (2709)
FinalsSA-78:00 PMALU Bluewater Hawks (5172)2-3Brampton Canadettes (270)
FinalsSA-88:15 PMSWB Guelph Jr. Gryphons (4485)3-1Kitchener Lady Rangers (2727)
Sunday, November 26, 2017
FinalsAB-177:00 AMKIN Kitchener Lady Rangers (2741)1-0Bluewater Hawks (842)
FinalsAB-187:00 AMKMAC- DC Sarnia Jr. Lady Sting (3356)1-6Nepean Wildcats (2879)
FinalsPB-127:00 AMPJD Flamborough Falcons (2354)0-5Kincardine Kinucks (8702)
FinalsPB-137:15 AMKIW Kitchener Lady Rangers (2708)1-2Sudbury Lady Wolves (1080)
FinalsPA-128:00 AMKIN Chatham Outlaws (2270)0-3Kitchener Lady Rangers (2707)
FinalsPA-138:00 AMPJD Saugeen Maitland Lightning (8830)0-2Whitby Wolves (4853)
FinalsPBB-218:00 AMKMAC- DC Windsor Wildcats (4767)3-2Kitchener Lady Rangers (2710)
FinalsPBB-228:15 AMKIW Ancaster Avalanche (5047)0-2Sault Wildcats (4005)
FinalsBBB-129:00 AMPJD West Northumberland Wild (4183)1-2Wilmot Wolverines (4603)
FinalsMB-219:00 AMKIN Nepean Wildcats (2871)1-0Chatsworth Rebels (8859)
FinalsIA-129:15 AMKMAC- DC Saugeen Maitland Lightning (8836)6-2Mississauga Chiefs (5876)
FinalsIA-139:30 AMKIW Cambridge Roadrunners (2223)2-1Kitchener Lady Rangers (2746)
FinalsBBB-1310:00 AMPJD Woolwich Wild (7104)2-1Scarborough Sharks (838)
FinalsMB-2210:15 AMKIN Woodstock Wildcats (6889)0-5West Oxford Inferno (2940)
FinalsMC-1110:30 AMKMAC- DC Sarnia Jr. Lady Sting (3358)0-5Ilderton Jets (7244)
FinalsMBB-1910:45 AMKIW Huron Heat (3656)2-1Oshawa Lady Generals (3217)
FinalsBA-911:15 AMPJD Kitchener Lady Rangers (2718)1-0Whitby Wolves (4841)
FinalsBC-1111:30 AMKIN Bancroft Jets (7404)3-0South Bruce Blades (8743)
FinalsBB-1112:15 PMKIW Kitchener Lady Rangers (2747)0-1Sarnia Jr. Lady Sting (3357)
FinalsAB-1912:30 PMPJD Nepean Wildcats (2879)1-0Kitchener Lady Rangers (2741)
FinalsNBC-1112:45 PMKIN Lambton Attack (4200)1-4Kitchener Lady Rangers (2713)
FinalsPB-141:30 PMKIW Sudbury Lady Wolves (1080)1-2Kincardine Kinucks (8702)
FinalsPA-142:00 PMKIN Whitby Wolves (4853)1-0Kitchener Lady Rangers (2707)
FinalsPBB-232:00 PMKMAC- DC Sault Wildcats (4005)3-2Windsor Wildcats (4767)
FinalsBBB-142:45 PMKIW Woolwich Wild (7104)0-1Wilmot Wolverines (4603)
FinalsIA-143:15 PMKIN Cambridge Roadrunners (2223)2-1Saugeen Maitland Lightning (8836)
FinalsSA-93:15 PMKMAC- DC Guelph Jr. Gryphons (4485)2-4Brampton Canadettes (270)
FinalsMB-234:00 PMKIW West Oxford Inferno (2940)0-1Nepean Wildcats (2871)
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