Schedule & Results, House League Year End Tournament (Kitchener Minor Hockey)

Complete Tournament Schedule
DivisionGame #TimeVenueVisitorResultHome
Tuesday, March 20, 2018
Wilson PooT15:00 PMPJD Flames 11-16Blues
QueensmounT25:15 PMAlumni Sharks 7-12Kings
Wilson PooT36:00 PMPJD Devils 13-8Canucks
QueensmounT46:15 PMAlumni Penguins 10-10Capitals
Wilson PooT57:00 PMPJD Islanders 7-12Flyers
Wednesday, March 21, 2018
QueensmounPQ15:00 PMSW-Spec Hurricanes Majors
RRPT15:00 PMPJD Nordiques Stars
Wilson DivMPW15:15 PMSW-Prac Lions Bulldogs
RRPT25:15 PMAlumni Oilers Canadiens
QueensmounPQ26:00 PMSW-Spec Pirates Royals
RRPT36:00 PMPJD Blackhawks Senators
Wilson DivMPW26:15 PMSW-Prac Moose Huskies
RRPT46:15 PMAlumni Red Wings Bruins
Pool BMB17:00 PMSW-Spec Jaguars Wildcats
RRPT57:00 PMPJD Leafs Hurricanes
Wilson DivMPW37:15 PMSW-Prac Grizzlies Bisons
Pool AMB28:00 PMSW-Spec Scouts Rock
Round RobiB18:15 PMSW-Prac Giants Blazers
Pool AMB39:00 PMSW-Spec Cobras Aces
Round RobiB29:15 PMSW-Prac Titans Vipers
Thursday, March 22, 2018
Wilson DivAW15:00 PMGR AtoMc Black AtoMc Teal
Wilson DivN15:00 PMPJD Sabres Avalanche
QueensmounAQ15:15 PMSW-Prac AtoMc Blue AtoMc White
QueensmounN25:15 PMAlumni Coyotes Mighty Ducks
Wilson DivAW26:00 PMGR AtoMc Purple AtoMc Sky
Round RobiB36:00 PMDMcL Vipers Giants
Wilson DivN36:00 PMPJD Panthers Lightning
QueensmounAQ26:15 PMSW-Prac AtoMc Yellow AtoMc Red
QueensmounN46:15 PMAlumni Jets Wild
Round RobiB47:00 PMDMcL Admirals Titans
Round RobiMM17:00 PMGR Crunch Combines
Wilson DivN57:00 PMPJD Predators Thrashers
Wilson DivPW17:15 PMAlumni Rampage Bombers
Round RobiMM28:00 PMGR Cowboys Cyclones
Wilson DivPW28:00 PMPJD Gladiators Phantoms
Wilson DivPW38:15 PMAlumni Vikings Inferno
Pool BMB49:00 PMPJD Stingrays Jaguars
Round RobiMM39:00 PMGR Cougars Chill
Friday, March 23, 2018
QueensmounMAQ15:00 PMGR Bulls Ice Dogs
QueensmounMPQ15:00 PMDMcL Rattlers Tigers
Wilson DivPW45:00 PMSW-Spec Bombers Gladiators
Wilson PooT65:00 PMPJD Canucks Islanders
Wilson DivMAW15:15 PMSW-Prac Platers Knights
QueensmounT75:15 PMAlumni Sharks Penguins
QueensmounMAQ26:00 PMGR Storm Otters
QueensmounMPQ26:00 PMDMcL Aeros Lynx
Wilson DivPW56:00 PMSW-Spec Phantoms Vikings
Wilson PooT86:00 PMPJD Blues Flyers
Wilson DivMAW26:15 PMSW-Prac Spitfires Generals
QueensmounT96:15 PMAlumni Kings Capitals
Wilson DivAW37:00 PMGR AtoMc Green AtoMc Orange
Wilson DivMPW47:00 PMDMcL Bulldogs Moose
Wilson DivPW67:00 PMSW-Spec Inferno Rampage
Wilson PooT107:00 PMPJD Flames Devils
Wilson DivMPW57:15 PMAlumni Huskies Grizzlies
Wilson DivMPW67:15 PMSW-Prac Bisons Lions
RR (XOVER)M18:00 PMSW-Spec Rebels Steelers
Pool BMB58:00 PMPJD Wildcats Stingrays
Round RobiMM48:00 PMDMcL Combines Cowboys
Round RobiMM58:00 PMGR Cyclones Cougars
Round RobiB58:15 PMAlumni Vipers Blazers
RR (XOVER)M28:15 PMSW-Prac Lancers Redmen
RR (XOVER)M39:00 PMSW-Spec Gryphons Sting
RRM49:00 PMDMcL Greys Renegades
Round RobiMM69:00 PMGR Chill Crunch
Round RobiB69:15 PMAlumni Giants Admirals
RRM59:15 PMSW-Prac Warriors Rams
Saturday, March 24, 2018
QueensmounMAQ37:00 AMSW-Spec Otters Ice Dogs
Pool AMB67:00 AMDMcL Cobras Scouts
QueensmounPQ37:00 AMGR Royals Majors
RRPT67:00 AMPJD Hurricanes Nordiques
Wilson DivMAW37:15 AMSW-Prac Generals Knights
RRPT77:15 AMAlumni Bruins Canadiens
QueensmounMAQ48:00 AMSW-Spec Storm Bulls
Pool AMB78:00 AMDMcL Aces Rock
QueensmounPQ48:00 AMGR Pirates Hurricanes
RRPT88:00 AMPJD Senators Leafs
Wilson DivMAW48:15 AMSW-Prac Spitfires Platers
RRPT98:15 AMAlumni Red Wings Oilers
Wilson DivAW49:00 AMSW-Spec AtoMc Teal AtoMc Purple
Pool BMB89:00 AMDMcL Jaguars Stingrays
Wilson DivMPW79:00 AMGR Huskies Bulldogs
RRPT109:00 AMPJD Stars Blackhawks
QueensmounAQ39:15 AMSW-Prac AtoMc Red AtoMc White
Wilson DivN69:15 AMAlumni Lightning Predators
Wilson DivAW510:00 AMSW-Spec AtoMc Sky AtoMc Green
QueensmounMPQ310:00 AMDMcL Lynx Tigers
Wilson DivMPW810:00 AMGR Moose Bisons
QueensmounN710:00 AMPJD Jets Coyotes
QueensmounAQ410:15 AMSW-Prac AtoMc Yellow AtoMc Blue
Wilson DivN810:15 AMAlumni Avalanche Thrashers
Wilson DivAW611:00 AMSW-Spec AtoMc Orange AtoMc Black
QueensmounMPQ411:00 AMDMcL Aeros Rattlers
Wilson DivMPW911:00 AMGR Lions Grizzlies
QueensmounN911:00 AMPJD Wild Mighty Ducks
RR (XOVER)M611:15 AMSW-Prac Redmen Sting
Wilson DivN1011:15 AMAlumni Panthers Sabres
Round RobiB712:00 PMDMcL Blazers Titans
RR (XOVER)M712:00 PMSW-Spec Steelers Lancers
Wilson DivPW712:00 PMGR Phantoms Bombers
Wilson PooT1112:00 PMPJD Devils Islanders
RR (XOVER)M812:15 PMSW-Prac Gryphons Rebels
Round RobiB81:00 PMDMcL Admirals Vipers
RRM91:00 PMSW-Spec Rams Renegades
Wilson DivPW81:00 PMGR Gladiators Inferno
Wilson PooT121:00 PMPJD Flyers Flames
RRM101:15 PMSW-Prac Warriors Greys
Wilson DivMAW32:00 PMSW-Spec Knights Spitfires
Pool AMB92:00 PMDMcL Rock Cobras
Wilson DivPW92:00 PMGR Rampage Vikings
Wilson PooT132:00 PMPJD Canucks Blues
QueensmounMAQ52:15 PMSW-Prac Ice Dogs Storm
QueensmounT142:15 PMAlumni Capitals Sharks
Wilson DivMAW43:00 PMSW-Spec Platers Generals
Pool BMB103:00 PMDMcL Stingrays Wildcats
QueensmounMPQ53:00 PMGR Tigers Aeros
RRPT113:00 PMPJD Canadiens Red Wings
QueensmounMAQ63:15 PMSW-Prac Bulls Otters
QueensmounT153:15 PMAlumni Penguins Kings
QueensmounAQ54:00 PMSW-Spec AtoMc White AtoMc Yellow
Pool AMB114:00 PMDMcL Scouts Aces
QueensmounMPQ64:00 PMGR Rattlers Lynx
RRPT124:00 PMPJD Oilers Bruins
Wilson DivAW74:15 PMSW-Prac AtoMc Sky AtoMc Teal
RRPT134:15 PMAlumni Hurricanes Blackhawks
QueensmounAQ65:00 PMSW-Spec AtoMc Blue AtoMc Red
Round RobiB95:00 PMDMcL Titans Giants
Wilson DivN115:00 PMPJD Thrashers Sabres
QueensmounN125:00 PMGR Coyotes Wild
Wilson DivAW85:15 PMSW-Prac AtoMc Purple AtoMc Orange
RRPT145:15 PMAlumni Leafs Stars
Wilson DivAW96:00 PMSW-Spec AtoMc Black AtoMc Green
Round RobiB106:00 PMDMcL Blazers Admirals
Wilson DivN136:00 PMPJD Panthers Predators
QueensmounN146:00 PMGR Mighty Ducks Jets
QueensmounPQ56:15 PMSW-Prac Majors Pirates
RRPT156:15 PMAlumni Nordiques Senators
Wilson DivN157:00 PMPJD Lightning Avalanche
QueensmounPQ67:00 PMSW-Spec Hurricanes Royals
RRM117:15 PMSW-Prac Renegades Warriors
Round RobiMM77:15 PMAlumni Cyclones Combines
RRM128:00 PMSW-Spec Greys Rams
Pool BMB128:00 PMPJD Wildcats Jaguars
RR (XOVER)M138:15 PMSW-Prac Sting Steelers
Round RobiMM88:15 PMAlumni Cowboys Chill
RR (XOVER)M149:00 PMSW-Spec Rebels Redmen
RR (XOVER)M159:15 PMSW-Prac Lancers Gryphons
Round RobiMM99:15 PMAlumni Crunch Cougars
Sunday, March 25, 2018
Wilson FinMAWSF17:00 AMSW-Spec 4th Place1st Place
QueensmounMPQSF17:00 AMGR 4th Place1st Place
Wilson CelTWC7:00 AMPJD 6th Place5th Place
Wilson FinMAWSF27:15 AMSW-Prac 3rd Place2nd Place
Wilson DivNWSF17:15 AMAlumni 4th Place1st Place
QueensmounMAQSF18:00 AMSW-Spec 4th Place1st Place
QueensmounMPQSF28:00 AMGR 3rd Place2nd Place
Wilson CelTWC8:05 AMPJD 4th Place3rd Place
QueensmounMAQSF28:15 AMSW-Prac 3rd Place2nd Place
Wilson DivNWSF28:15 AMAlumni 3rd Place2nd Place
QueensmounAQSF19:00 AMSW-Spec 4th Place1st Place
Wilson FinMPWSF19:00 AMGR 4th Place1st Place
QueensmounAQSF29:15 AMSW-Prac 3rd Place2nd Place
QueensmounNQSF19:15 AMAlumni 4th Place1st Place
Wilson CelTWC9:20 AMPJD 2nd Place1st Place
Wilson FinAWSF110:00 AMSW-Spec 4th Place1st Place
Wilson FinMPWSF210:00 AMGR 3rd Place2nd Place
Wilson FinAWSF210:15 AMSW-Prac 3rd Place2nd Place
QueensmounNQSF210:15 AMAlumni 3rd Place2nd Place
QueensmounTQC10:25 AMPJD 4th Place3rd Place
FinalsMBSF111:00 AMSW-Spec 4th Place1st Place
QueensmounPQSF111:00 AMGR 4th Place1st Place
FinalsMBSF211:15 AMSW-Prac 3rd Place2nd Place
FinalsMMSF111:15 AMAlumni 4th Place1st Place
QueensmounTQC11:40 AMPJD 2nd Place1st Place
FinalsBSF112:00 PMSW-Spec 4th Place1st Place
QueensmounPQSF212:00 PMGR 3rd Place2nd Place
FinalsBSF212:15 PMSW-Prac 3rd Place2nd Place
FinalsMMSF212:15 PMAlumni 3rd Place2nd Place
Wilson CelPTWC12:45 PMPJD 6th Place5th Place
FinalsMSF11:00 PMSW-Spec WildcardA1
Wilson FinPWSF11:00 PMGR 4th Place1st Place
FinalsMSF21:15 PMSW-Prac C1B1
Wilson DivNWPlaydown1:15 PMAlumni 6th Place5th Place
Wilson FinMAWChampionship2:00 PMSW-Spec Winner of SF2Winner of SF1
Wilson CelPTWC2:00 PMPJD 4th Place3rd Place
Wilson FinPWSF22:00 PMGR 3rd Place2nd Place
QueensmounMAQChampionship2:15 PMSW-Prac Winner of SF2Winner of SF1
QueensmounNQChampionship2:15 PMAlumni Winner of SF2Winner of SF1
Wilson CelPTWC3:05 PMPJD 2nd Place1st Place
Wilson FinAWChampionship3:15 PMSW-Spec Winner of SF2Winner of SF1
Wilson FinMPWChampionship3:30 PMSW-Prac Winner of SF2Winner of SF1
Wilson DivNWChampionship3:30 PMAlumni Winner of SF2Winner of SF1
QueensmounPTQC4:20 PMPJD 4th Place3rd Place
QueensmounAQChampionship4:30 PMSW-Spec Winner of SF2Winner of SF1
FinalsMBChampionship4:45 PMAlumni Winner of SF2Winner of SF1
QueensmounMPQChampionship4:45 PMSW-Prac Winner of SF2Winner of SF1
QueensmounPTQC5:30 PMPJD 2nd Place1st Place
FinalsBChampionship6:00 PMAlumni Winner of SF2Winner of SF1
QueensmounPQChampionship6:45 PMPJD Winner of SF2Winner of SF1
FinalsMMChampionship7:15 PMAlumni Winner of SF2Winner of SF1
Wilson FinPWChampionship8:00 PMPJD Winner of SF2Winner of SF1
FinalsMChampionship8:30 PMAlumni Winner of SF2Winner of SF1
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