Schedule & Results, Boys House League Year End Tournament, 2018-2019 (Kitchener Minor Hockey)

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DivisionGame #TimeVenueVisitorResultHome
Tuesday, March 26, 2019
Blue DivisMN15:00 PMPJD Islanders 18-17Blues
Blue DivisMN25:15 PMAlumni Flames 10-7Canucks
Red DivisiMN36:00 PMPJD Sharks 3-5Penguins
Red DivisiMN46:15 PMAlumni Whalers 10-15Kings
Red DivisiMB17:00 PMPJD Cobras 1-3Wildcats
Red DivisiMB27:15 PMAlumni Jaguars 1-3Rock
Wednesday, March 27, 2019
Blue DivisA15:00 PMLions AtoMc Sky 7-2AtoMc Orange
RRI15:00 PMPJD Stars 0-0Bruins
Blue DivisP15:00 PMSW-GL Phantoms 3-0Majors
RRI25:15 PMAlumni Oilers 0-0Red Wings
Red DivisiMP15:15 PMSW-Prac Tigers 3-8Lions
Blue DivisA26:00 PMLions AtoMc Green 2-5AtoMc Black
RRI36:00 PMPJD Hurricanes 0-0Leafs
Blue DivisP26:00 PMSW-GL Vikings 0-2Pirates
RRI46:15 PMAlumni Blackhawks 0-0Canadiens
Red DivisiMP26:15 PMSW-Prac Lynx 1-3Rattlers
Red DivisiA17:00 PMLions AtoMc Red 2-2AtoMc Yellow
RRI57:00 PMPJD Nordiques 0-0Senators
Red DivisiP17:00 PMSW-GL Gladiators 8-2Bombers
Red DivisiMP37:15 PMSW-Prac Bisons 0-4Huskies
Red DivisiP27:15 PMAlumni Royals 2-1Inferno
Round RobiMM18:00 PMSW-GL Cyclones 3-5Combines
RRM18:15 PMSW-Prac Lancers 2-4Sting
Red DivisiMB38:15 PMAlumni Wildcats 3-4Chargers
Round RobiMM29:00 PMSW-GL Chill 2-1Cougars
RRM29:15 PMSW-Prac Warriors 1-8Greys
Thursday, March 28, 2019
Red DivisoN15:00 PMPJD Wild 4-4Blue Jackets
Blue DivisA35:15 PMSW-Prac AtoMc Green 7-3AtoMc Sky
Red DivisoN25:15 PMAlumni Jets 8-4Coyotes
Red DivisiA26:00 PMGR AtoMc Blue 1-2AtoMc Red
Blue DivisN36:00 PMPJD Sabres 2-6Predators
Red DivisiP36:00 PMDMcL Inferno 3-6Rampage
Blue DivisA46:15 PMSW-Prac AtoMc Orange 2-6AtoMc Black
Blue DivisN46:15 PMAlumni Thrashers 1-1Avalanche
Red DivisiA37:00 PMGR AtoMc Yellow 3-2AtoMc White
Blue DivisP37:00 PMPJD Majors 6-0Vikings
Red DivisiP47:00 PMDMcL Bombers 1-0Royals
Round RobiB17:15 PMSW-Prac Titans 4-1Bears
Blue DivisP47:15 PMAlumni Phantoms 0-3Pirates
RR (XOVER)M38:00 PMPJD Gryphons 5-3Colts
Round RobiMM38:00 PMGR Combines 6-3Cowboys
Round RobiB28:15 PMSW-Prac Vipers 1-0Rams
Red DivisiMB48:15 PMAlumni Jaguars 1-4Cobras
RR (XOVER)M49:00 PMPJD Broncos 3-0Rebels
Round RobiMM49:00 PMGR Chill 0-1Cyclones
Round RobiB39:15 PMSW-Prac Blazers 4-0Admirals
RR (XOVER)M59:15 PMAlumni Renegades 2-7Steelers
Friday, March 29, 2019
Blue DivisMA15:00 PMSW-GL Platers 4-3Spitfires
Red DivisiMN55:00 PMPJD Sharks 11-16Whalers
Red DivisiMA15:15 PMSW-Prac Bulls 4-4Storm
Red DivisiMN65:15 PMAlumni Penguins 4-9Kings
Blue DivisMA26:00 PMSW-GL Generals 2-1Knights
Blue DivisMN76:00 PMPJD Canucks 11-9Blues
Blue DivisMP16:00 PMGR Bulldogs 2-4Aeros
Red DivisiP56:00 PMDMcL Inferno 0-2Gladiators
Red DivisiMA26:15 PMSW-Prac Otters 4-4Ice Dogs
Blue DivisMN86:15 PMAlumni Flames 12-7Islanders
Red DivisiA47:00 PMSW-GL AtoMc Blue 2-1AtoMc White
Blue DivisMP27:00 PMGR Grizzlies 2-1Moose
Red DivisiMP47:00 PMPJD Lions 4-4Lynx
Red DivisiP67:00 PMDMcL Royals 0-3Rampage
Blue DivisMB17:15 PMSW-Prac Scouts 1-6Aces
Red DivisiMP57:15 PMAlumni Rattlers 0-4Bisons
Blue DivisMB28:00 PMSW-GL Raiders 2-5Stingrays
Round RobiMM58:00 PMGR Cowboys 1-3Cougars
Red DivisiMP68:00 PMPJD Huskies 6-3Tigers
Round RobiB48:15 PMAlumni Bears 3-4Blazers
Red DivisiMB58:15 PMSW-Prac Chargers 2-1Rock
Round RobiB59:00 PMPJD Admirals 2-1Vipers
Round RobiMM69:00 PMGR Combines 5-2Chill
Round RobiB69:15 PMAlumni Rams 2-3Titans
Red DivisiMB69:15 PMSW-Prac Wildcats 4-2Jaguars
Saturday, March 30, 2019
RRI67:00 AMPJD Senators 0-0Canadiens
Red DivisiMP77:00 AMDMcL Rattlers 3-1Lions
Red DivisiP77:00 AMGR Bombers 4-3Inferno
RRI77:15 AMAlumni Nordiques 0-0Blackhawks
Red DivisiMA37:15 AMSW-Prac Ice Dogs 1-2Storm
RRI88:00 AMPJD Red Wings 0-0Leafs
Blue DivisMA38:00 AMSW-GL Knights 3-2Spitfires
Red DivisiMP88:00 AMDMcL Lynx 1-4Huskies
Red DivisiP88:00 AMGR Rampage 1-7Gladiators
RRI98:15 AMAlumni Bruins 0-0Oilers
Red DivisiMA48:15 AMSW-Prac Otters 8-6Bulls
RRI109:00 AMPJD Hurricanes 0-0Stars
Blue DivisMA49:00 AMSW-GL Generals 5-4Platers
Red DivisiMP99:00 AMDMcL Tigers 1-3Bisons
Blue DivisP59:00 AMGR Pirates 5-3Majors
Blue DivisA59:15 AMSW-Prac AtoMc Black 2-3AtoMc Sky
Red DivisoN59:15 AMAlumni Coyotes 0-5Blue Jackets
Red DivisiA510:00 AMSW-GL AtoMc White 1-2AtoMc Red
Blue DivisMP310:00 AMDMcL Moose 6-2Aeros
Red DivisoN610:00 AMPJD Jets 3-6Wild
Blue DivisP610:00 AMGR Vikings 1-1Phantoms
Blue DivisA610:15 AMSW-Prac AtoMc Orange 3-4AtoMc Green
Blue DivisN710:15 AMAlumni Predators 2-2Avalanche
Red DivisiA611:00 AMSW-GL AtoMc Yellow 2-4AtoMc Blue
Red DivisiMB711:00 AMGR Rock 4-1Cobras
Blue DivisMP411:00 AMDMcL Grizzlies 2-2Bulldogs
Blue DivisN811:00 AMPJD Sabres 5-3Thrashers
RR (XOVER)M611:15 AMSW-Prac Rebels 3-5Steelers
Red DivisiMN911:15 AMAlumni Kings 5-7Sharks
RR (XOVER)M712:00 PMSW-GL Colts 1-3Broncos
Red DivisiMB812:00 PMGR Chargers 2-4Jaguars
Round RobiMM712:00 PMDMcL Cougars 4-4Cyclones
Red DivisiMN1012:00 PMPJD Whalers 7-11Penguins
RR (XOVER)M812:15 PMSW-Prac Renegades 4-3Gryphons
RRM91:00 PMSW-GL Greys 2-3Sting
Blue DivisMB31:00 PMGR Stingrays 3-4Aces
Round RobiMM81:00 PMDMcL Cowboys 4-1Chill
Blue DivisMN111:00 PMPJD Blues 8-11Flames
RRM101:15 PMSW-Prac Warriors 2-6Lancers
Red DivisiMA52:00 PMSW-GL Storm 3-2Otters
Blue DivisMB42:00 PMGR Raiders 0-5Scouts
Blue DivisMN122:00 PMPJD Islanders 11-13Canucks
Blue DivisMP52:00 PMDMcL Aeros 2-1Grizzlies
RRI112:15 PMAlumni Leafs 0-0Bruins
Blue DivisMA52:15 PMSW-Prac Spitfires 5-0Generals
RRI123:00 PMPJD Stars 0-0Red Wings
Red DivisiMA63:00 PMSW-GL Bulls 4-2Ice Dogs
Blue DivisMP63:00 PMDMcL Bulldogs 2-3Moose
Red DivisiP93:00 PMGR Rampage 2-1Bombers
RRI133:15 PMAlumni Oilers 0-0Hurricanes
Blue DivisMA63:15 PMSW-Prac Platers 3-2Knights
Blue FinalASF14:00 PMSW-GL 4-9
RRI144:00 PMPJD Canadiens 0-0Nordiques
Red FinalsMPSF14:00 PMDMcL 5-4
Red DivisiP104:00 PMGR Gladiators 2-1Royals
RRI154:15 PMAlumni Blackhawks 0-0Senators
Blue FinalPSF14:15 PMSW-Prac 2-4
Blue FinalASF25:00 PMSW-GL AtoMc Sky 5-2AtoMc Green
Round RobiB75:00 PMGR Blazers 1-3Rams
Red FinalsMPSF25:00 PMDMcL 1-0
Blue DivisN95:00 PMPJD Avalanche 1-0Sabres
Blue DivisN105:15 PMAlumni Thrashers 2-6Predators
Blue FinalPSF25:15 PMSW-Prac Majors 1-0Phantoms
Red FinalsASF16:00 PMSW-GL AtoMc White 1-2AtoMc Red
Round RobiB86:00 PMGR Admirals 5-5Bears
Red DivisoN116:00 PMPJD Blue Jackets 4-2Jets
RR (XOVER)M116:15 PMSW-Prac Steelers 3-1Colts
Red DivisoN126:15 PMAlumni Wild 3-2Coyotes
Red FinalsASF27:00 PMSW-GL AtoMc Yellow 3-2AtoMc Blue
Round RobiB97:00 PMGR Titans 2-3Vipers
Blue DivisMB57:00 PMPJD Aces 3-2Raiders
RR (XOVER)M127:15 PMSW-Prac Gryphons 3-0Rebels
Blue DivisMB57:15 PMAlumni Stingrays 8-3Scouts
RR (XOVER)M138:00 PMSW-GL Broncos 4-4Renegades
Red DivisiMB98:00 PMPJD Rock 5-0Wildcats
RRM148:15 PMSW-Prac Sting 8-0Warriors
Red DivisiMB108:15 PMAlumni Cobras 1-0Chargers
RRM159:00 PMSW-GL Lancers 1-4Greys
Round RobiMM99:00 PMPJD Cougars 2-4Combines
Round RobiMM109:15 PMAlumni Cyclones 1-3Cowboys
Sunday, March 31, 2019
Blue FinalMPSF17:00 AMGR Bulldogs 3-4Moose
Trophy DayTrophy Day7:00 AMPJD Stars 0-0Oilers
Blue FinalMASF17:15 AMSW-Prac Spitfires 2-1Generals
Blue DivisNBlueSF17:15 AMAlumni Thrashers 2-6Predators
Blue FinalMASF28:00 AMSW-GL Knights 6-2Platers
Blue FinalMPSF28:00 AMGR Grizzlies 5-1Aeros
Trophy DayTrophy Day8:05 AMPJD Senators 0-0Leafs
Red FinalsMASF18:15 AMSW-Prac Ice Dogs 0-2Storm
Blue DivisNBlueSF28:15 AMAlumni Sabres 2-1Avalanche
Red FinalsMASF29:00 AMSW-GL Otters 3-2Bulls
Blue FinalMBSF19:00 AMGR Raiders Aces
Red DivisiNRedSF19:15 AMAlumni Coyotes 4-5Blue Jackets
Red FinalsPSF19:15 AMSW-Prac Royals 2-6Gladiators
Trophy DayTrophy Day9:20 AMPJD Red Wings 0-0Blackhawks
Blue FinalAFinal10:00 AMSW-GL AtoMc Sky 2-6AtoMc Black
Blue FinalMBSF210:00 AMGR Scouts Stingrays
Red DivisiNRedSF210:15 AMAlumni Jets 3-4Wild
Red FinalsPSF210:15 AMSW-Prac Bombers 2-3Rampage
Trophy DayTrophy Day10:25 AMPJD Bruins 0-0Canadiens
Red FinalsMBSF111:00 AMGR Wildcats Rock
Red FinalsAFinal11:15 AMSW-GL AtoMc Yellow 4-6AtoMc Red
FinalsBSF111:15 AMSW-Prac Admirals 2-1Blazers
FinalsMMSF111:15 AMAlumni Cyclones Combines
Trophy DayTrophy Day11:40 AMPJD Nordiques 0-0Hurricanes
Red FinalsMBSF212:00 PMGR Cobras Chargers
FinalsBSF212:15 PMSW-Prac Vipers 3-0Titans
FinalsMMSF212:15 PMAlumni Cougars Cowboys
Blue FinalMAFinal12:30 PMSW-GL Knights 3-4Spitfires
Red CelebrMNCelebration12:45 PMPJD Sharks 3-2Whalers
FinalsMSF11:00 PMGR Broncos 1-3Steelers
Blue FinalMPFinal1:15 PMSW-Prac Grizzlies 4-3Moose
Blue DivisNBlueFinal1:15 PMAlumni Sabres 1-3Predators
Red FinalsMAFinal1:45 PMSW-GL Otters 0-3Storm
Red CelebrMNCelebration2:00 PMPJD Penguins 2-7Kings
FinalsMSF22:00 PMGR Greys Sting
Red FinalsMPFinal2:30 PMSW-Prac Rattlers 3-4Lions
Red DivisiNRedFinal2:30 PMAlumni Wild 5-4Blue Jackets
Blue FinalPFinal3:00 PMSW-GL Majors 2-3Pirates
Blue CelebMNCelebration3:05 PMPJD Blues 1-4Islanders
Blue FinalMBFinals3:45 PMAlumni ScoutsAces
Red FinalsPFinal4:15 PMSW-GL Rampage 0-2Gladiators
Blue CelebMNCelebration4:20 PMPJD Canucks 1-5Flames
Red FinalsMFinal5:00 PMAlumni WildcatsCobras
FinalsMMFinal5:35 PMPJD CowboysCombines
FinalsBSFinal6:50 PMPJD Admirals Vipers
FinalsMFinal8:00 PMPJD SteelersSting
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