Atom Girls, Girls, Divisions, Cripps House League Tournament, 2011-2012 (Kitchener Minor Hockey)

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Group Schedule & Results
Tuesday, December 27, 2011
AGCrr 7:00 AMKinsmen Waterloo 2 Remarkable Ravens0-1Waterloo Robotic Ravens 3
AGCrr 8:00 AMKinsmen Cambridge Black #21-1Kitchener Badgers
AGBrr 9:00 AMKinsmen Kitchener Bobcats0-3Cambridge White #1
AGBrr 10:00 AMKinsmen Woolwich Wild1-6Twin Centre Hericanes
AGDrr 11:00 AMKinsmen Kitchener Stingers3-2Grand River Mustangs A3
AGDrr 12:00 PMKinsmen Wilmot #10-3Ayr Rockets
AGCrr 1:00 PMKinsmen Waterloo Robotic Ravens 35-0Waterloo Rockin Ravens 4 Ever
AGArr 2:00 PMKinsmen Waterloo ATOMic Ravens 10-0Grand River Mustangs A2
AGArr 2:15 PMKiwanis Stratford #11-3Wilmot #2
AGBrr 3:00 PMKinsmen Kitchener Bobcats2-1Woolwich Wild
AGBrr 3:15 PMKiwanis Cambridge White #10-1Twin Centre Hericanes
AGCrr 4:00 PMKinsmen Kitchener Badgers1-2Waterloo 2 Remarkable Ravens
AGDrr 5:00 PMKinsmen Ayr Rockets0-2Grand River Mustangs A3
AGCrr 6:00 PMKinsmen Waterloo Rockin Ravens 4 Ever0-3Cambridge Black #2
AGDrr 7:00 PMKinsmen Wilmot #11-6Kitchener Stingers
Wednesday, December 28, 2011
AGCrr 7:00 AMAud Kitchener Badgers0-3Waterloo Robotic Ravens 3
AGCrr 7:00 AMKinsmen Waterloo 2 Remarkable Ravens5-0Waterloo Rockin Ravens 4 Ever
AGArr 7:15 AMKiwanis Wilmot #22-1Grand River Mustangs A2
AGArr 8:00 AMAud Stratford #11-5Waterloo ATOMic Ravens 1
AGBrr 8:00 AMKinsmen Woolwich Wild2-1Cambridge White #1
AGBrr 8:15 AMKiwanis Twin Centre Hericanes4-0Kitchener Bobcats
AGDrr 9:00 AMAud Grand River Mustangs A35-1Wilmot #1
AGDrr 9:00 AMKinsmen Kitchener Stingers2-7Ayr Rockets
AGCrr 12:15 PMKiwanis Cambridge Black #21-4Waterloo 2 Remarkable Ravens
AGArr 2:15 PMKiwanis Grand River Mustangs A25-0Stratford #1
AGArr 3:15 PMKiwanis Waterloo ATOMic Ravens 13-1Wilmot #2
AGCrr 4:15 PMKiwanis Waterloo Rockin Ravens 4 Ever1-1Kitchener Badgers
AGCrr 5:15 PMKiwanis Waterloo Robotic Ravens 35-0Cambridge Black #2
Friday, December 30, 2011
AGFin 12:00 PMKinsmen Twin Centre Hericanes4-1Waterloo ATOMic Ravens 1
AGFin 12:15 PMKiwanis Ayr Rockets1-0Waterloo Robotic Ravens 3
AGFin 6:15 PMKiwanis Ayr Rockets1-3Twin Centre Hericanes
Venue(s) In This Schedule
  • Kinsmen - Kinsmen Arena, 400 East Ave, Kitchener, ON
  • Aud - Kitchener Memorial Auditorium, 400 East Ave, Kitchener, ON
  • Kiwanis - Kiwanis Arena, 400 East Ave, Kitchener, ON

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