Schedule & Results, Cripps House League Tournament, 2011-2012 (Kitchener Minor Hockey)

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Complete Tournament Schedule
Tuesday, December 27, 2011
PTRrr 7:00 AMPJD Senators 5-4Bruins
AGCrr 7:00 AMKinsmen Waterloo 2 Remarkable Ravens0-1Waterloo Robotic Ravens 3
NGCRR 7:00 AMAud Kitchener Pandas2-4Woolwich Wild 1
MAArr 7:00 AMSWA Ice Dogs 2-7Bulls
PTRrr 7:15 AMAlumni Leafs 7-3Blackhawks
NGARR 7:15 AMKiwanis Ayr Rockets0-5Waterloo Ravens 3
PWGDrr 7:15 AMSWB Kitchener Warriors0-1Waterloo Ravens 2
PTBrr 8:00 AMPJD Oilers 5-0Hurricanes
AGCrr 8:00 AMKinsmen Cambridge Black #21-1Kitchener Badgers
NGARR 8:00 AMAud Waterloo Ravens 21-1Grand River Mustangs N1
MAArr 8:00 AMSWA Otters 6-3Knights
PTRrr 8:15 AMAlumni Canadiens 2-6Red Wings
NGBRR 8:15 AMKiwanis Waterloo Rockin Ravens 51-6Waterloo Racin Ravens 1
PWGDrr 8:15 AMSWB Grand River Mustangs P24-1Woolwich Wild
PTBrr 9:00 AMPJD Stars 6-1Nordiques
AGBrr 9:00 AMKinsmen Kitchener Bobcats0-3Cambridge White #1
NGBRR 9:00 AMAud Cambridge Black 21-6Wilmot 1
MPArr 9:00 AMGrand Ravens 4-9Moose
MABrr 9:00 AMSWA Platers 0-5Wolves
TRrr 9:15 AMAlumni Flames 6-6Penguins
NGDRR 9:15 AMKiwanis Grand River Mustangs N20-4Woolwich Wild 2
PWGArr 9:15 AMSWB Ayr Rockets PW 22-2Twin Centre Hericanes
TBrr 10:00 AMPJD Flyers 6-1Canucks
AGBrr 10:00 AMKinsmen Woolwich Wild1-6Twin Centre Hericanes
PWGCrr 10:00 AMAud Stratford #11-4Ayr Rockets PW 1
MPArr 10:00 AMGrand Bulldogs 2-2Condors
MABrr 10:00 AMSWA Spitfires 4-1Generals
TRrr 10:15 AMAlumni Islanders 0-5Capitals
NGDRR 10:15 AMKiwanis Waterloo FunkyFierce 4 Ravens5-5Kitchener Seals
PWGArr 10:15 AMSWB Grand River Mustangs P12-5Waterloo Ravens 3
TBrr 11:00 AMPJD Devils 7-2Blues
AGDrr 11:00 AMKinsmen Kitchener Stingers3-2Grand River Mustangs A3
PWGCrr 11:00 AMAud Kitchener Golden Bears0-3Waterloo Raven Lunatics 1
MPBrr 11:00 AMGrand Huskies 2-2Lynx
PArr 11:00 AMSWA Hurricanes 5-2Inferno
TRrr 11:15 AMAlumni Sharks 3-2Kings
BGArr 11:15 AMKiwanis Grand River Mustangs B20-3Cambridge Roadrunners
PWGBrr 11:15 AMSWB Stratford #21-3Waterloo Rebel Ravens 4
MBArr 12:00 PMPJD Aces 1-2Vipers
AGDrr 12:00 PMKinsmen Wilmot #10-3Ayr Rockets
NGCRR 12:00 PMAud Cambridge White 12-3Kitchener Pandas
MPBrr 12:00 PMGrand Lions 4-4Bisons
PArr 12:00 PMSWA Gladiators 2-2Bombers
MBArr 12:15 PMAlumni Roadrunners 2-3Raiders
BGArr 12:15 PMKiwanis Kitchener Mustangs1-2Waterloo Ravens 2
PWGBrr 12:15 PMSWB Wilmot #12-4Cambridge Black #2
MBBrr 1:00 PMPJD Rock 2-7Stingrays
AGCrr 1:00 PMKinsmen Waterloo Robotic Ravens 35-0Waterloo Rockin Ravens 4 Ever
NGARR 1:00 PMAud Waterloo Ravens 32-4Grand River Mustangs N1
AArr 1:00 PMGrand AtoMc Green 1-2AtoMc Red
PBrr (XOVER)1:00 PMSWA Pirates 2-6Phantoms
MBBrr 1:15 PMAlumni Grizzlies 3-5Wildcats
NGARR 1:15 PMKiwanis Ayr Rockets1-6Waterloo Ravens 2
PWGDrr 1:15 PMSWB Waterloo Ravens 25-0Cambridge White #1
NRrr 2:00 PMPJD Jets 1-4Avalanche
AGArr 2:00 PMKinsmen Waterloo ATOMic Ravens 10-0Grand River Mustangs A2
NGBRR 2:00 PMAud Wilmot 10-5Waterloo Racin Ravens 1
AArr 2:00 PMGrand AtoMc Yellow 2-0AtoMc Grey
PBrr (XOVER)2:00 PMSWA Majors 4-1Rebels
NBrr 2:15 PMAlumni Predators 2-3Sabres
AGArr 2:15 PMKiwanis Stratford #11-3Wilmot #2
PWGDrr 2:15 PMSWB Woolwich Wild1-5Kitchener Warriors
NRrr 3:00 PMPJD Panthers 2-3Ducks
AGBrr 3:00 PMKinsmen Kitchener Bobcats2-1Woolwich Wild
MGArr 3:00 PMAud Waterloo Ravens 13-2Stratford #1
ABrr 3:00 PMGrand AtoMc White 2-6AtoMc Orange
PBrr (XOVER)3:00 PMSWA Royals 2-2Rampage
NBrr 3:15 PMAlumni Lightning 8-3Thrashers
AGBrr 3:15 PMKiwanis Cambridge White #10-1Twin Centre Hericanes
PWGArr 3:15 PMSWB Waterloo Ravens 30-3Twin Centre Hericanes
NRrr 4:00 PMPJD Coyotes 5-2Wild
AGCrr 4:00 PMKinsmen Kitchener Badgers1-2Waterloo 2 Remarkable Ravens
MGCrr 4:00 PMAud Waterloo Ravens 41-4Wilmot #1
ABrr 4:00 PMGrand AtoMc Black 0-1AtoMc Blue
BArr 4:00 PMSWA Aeros 4-2Giants
MPArr 4:15 PMAlumni Condors 3-7Moose
NGBRR 4:15 PMKiwanis Cambridge Black 23-2Waterloo Rockin Ravens 5
PWGArr 4:15 PMSWB Grand River Mustangs P12-4Ayr Rockets PW 2
MPArr 5:00 PMPJD Bulldogs 6-1Ravens
AGDrr 5:00 PMKinsmen Ayr Rockets0-2Grand River Mustangs A3
MGCrr 5:00 PMAud Kitchener Marauders3-3Woolwich Wild #1
MArr 5:00 PMGrand Greys 2-7Cyclones
BArr 5:00 PMSWA Trojans 0-2Admirals
MPBrr 5:15 PMAlumni Bisons 4-3Lynx
NGCRR 5:15 PMKiwanis Woolwich Wild 14-2Cambridge White 1
BGBrr 5:15 PMSWB Stratford 13-3Waterloo Ravens 3
MPBrr 6:00 PMPJD Lions 3-5Huskies
AGCrr 6:00 PMKinsmen Waterloo Rockin Ravens 4 Ever0-3Cambridge Black #2
MArr 6:00 PMGrand Rams 1-7Renegades
BBrr 6:00 PMSWA Broncos 1-3Blazers
MBBrr 6:15 PMAlumni Wildcats 3-7Stingrays
BGBrr 6:15 PMKiwanis Kitchener Thunderbirds2-6Waterloo Ravens 1
BGBrr 6:15 PMSWB Twin Centre Hurricanes2-1Grand River Mustangs B1
MBBrr 7:00 PMPJD Grizzlies 3-4Rock
AGDrr 7:00 PMKinsmen Wilmot #11-6Kitchener Stingers
MBrr 7:00 PMGrand Gryphons 1-3Lancers
BBrr 7:00 PMSWA Titans 3-4Scouts
MBArr 7:15 PMAlumni Raiders 2-3Vipers
MGArr 7:15 PMKiwanis Grand River Mustangs M10-5Cambridge White #1
BGArr 7:15 PMSWB Cambridge Roadrunners0-1Wilmot Wolverines
MBArr 8:00 PMPJD Roadrunners 1-3Aces
MGBrr 8:00 PMKinsmen Waterloo Ravens 20-0Woolwich Wild #2
MBrr 8:00 PMGrand Mustangs 1-3Colts
MMBrr 8:15 PMAlumni Cavaliers 3-0Chiefs
MGBrr 8:15 PMKiwanis Grand River Mustangs M21-2Cambridge Black #2
BGArr 8:15 PMSWB Waterloo Ravens 22-1Grand River Mustangs B2
MMBrr 9:00 PMPJD Combines 3-2Crunch
MGCrr 9:00 PMKinsmen Kitchener Lancers0-5Twin Centre Hericanes 1
MCrr 9:00 PMGrand Siskins 1-4Warriors
MMArr 9:15 PMAlumni Cowboys 1-11Cougars
MGCrr 9:15 PMKiwanis Waterloo Ravens 30-1Stratford #2
MMArr 10:00 PMPJD Cruisers 0-11Chill
MGCrr 10:00 PMKinsmen Ayr Rockets0-2Twin Centre Hericanes 2
MCrr 10:00 PMGrand Redman 2-2Kings
Wednesday, December 28, 2011
AGCrr 7:00 AMKinsmen Waterloo 2 Remarkable Ravens5-0Waterloo Rockin Ravens 4 Ever
AGCrr 7:00 AMAud Kitchener Badgers0-3Waterloo Robotic Ravens 3
MPArr 7:00 AMSWA Moose 4-8Bulldogs
TRrr 7:15 AMAlumni Penguins 5-0Islanders
AGArr 7:15 AMKiwanis Wilmot #22-1Grand River Mustangs A2
MPArr 7:15 AMSWB Ravens 3-2Condors
TBrr 8:00 AMPJD Flyers 6-3Devils
AGBrr 8:00 AMKinsmen Woolwich Wild2-1Cambridge White #1
AGArr 8:00 AMAud Stratford #11-5Waterloo ATOMic Ravens 1
MPBrr 8:00 AMSWA Lynx 1-1Lions
TRrr 8:15 AMAlumni Capitals 5-0Sharks
AGBrr 8:15 AMKiwanis Twin Centre Hericanes4-0Kitchener Bobcats
MPBrr 8:15 AMSWB Huskies 0-5Bisons
TBrr 9:00 AMPJD Canucks 6-3Blues
AGDrr 9:00 AMKinsmen Kitchener Stingers2-7Ayr Rockets
AGDrr 9:00 AMAud Grand River Mustangs A35-1Wilmot #1
PCrr (XOVER)9:00 AMSWA Rebels 4-1Pirates
TRrr 9:15 AMAlumni Kings 0-4Flames
PWGBrr 9:15 AMKiwanis Cambridge Black #21-1Waterloo Rebel Ravens 4
PCrr (XOVER)9:15 AMSWB Rampage 2-3Majors
NBrr 10:00 AMPJD Lightning 1-0Predators
PWGBrr 10:00 AMKinsmen Wilmot #12-1Stratford #2
PCrr (XOVER)10:00 AMSWA Phantoms 2-1Royals
NRrr 10:15 AMAlumni Ducks 4-0Coyotes
BGArr 10:15 AMKiwanis Wilmot Wolverines3-4Kitchener Mustangs
PArr 10:15 AMSWB Bombers 1-3Inferno
NBrr 11:00 AMPJD Thrashers 0-3Sabres
PWGDrr 11:00 AMKinsmen Cambridge White #11-4Grand River Mustangs P2
PArr 11:00 AMSWA Gladiators 1-2Hurricanes
NRrr 11:15 AMAlumni Avalanche 3-1Panthers
BGArr 11:15 AMKiwanis Waterloo Ravens 20-0Cambridge Roadrunners
NRrr 12:00 PMPJD Wild 0-3Jets
PWGDrr 12:00 PMKinsmen Woolwich Wild2-5Waterloo Ravens 2
AArr 12:00 PMGrand AtoMc Grey 1-4AtoMc Red
BBrr 12:00 PMSWA Scouts 3-2Blazers
PTRrr 12:15 PMAlumni Blackhawks 4-5Senators
AGCrr 12:15 PMKiwanis Cambridge Black #21-4Waterloo 2 Remarkable Ravens
PTRrr 1:00 PMPJD Red Wings 5-10Leafs
PWGCrr 1:00 PMKinsmen Kitchener Golden Bears0-1Stratford #1
AArr 1:00 PMGrand AtoMc Yellow 6-6AtoMc Green
BBrr 1:00 PMSWA Titans 2-2Broncos
PTBrr 1:15 PMAlumni Nordiques 5-7Hurricanes
PWGCrr 1:15 PMKiwanis Waterloo Raven Lunatics 10-0Ayr Rockets PW 1
PTRrr 2:00 PMPJD Bruins 4-3Canadiens
MGBrr 2:00 PMKinsmen Woolwich Wild #25-0Kitchener Gryphons
ABrr 2:00 PMGrand AtoMc Blue 5-3AtoMc Orange
BArr 2:00 PMSWA Admirals 1-5Giants
PTBrr 2:15 PMAlumni Stars 1-6Oilers
AGArr 2:15 PMKiwanis Grand River Mustangs A25-0Stratford #1
TRrr 3:00 PMPJD Penguins 6-4Sharks
MGBrr 3:00 PMKinsmen Cambridge Black #22-1Waterloo Ravens 2
TBrr 3:15 PMAlumni Devils 4-2Canucks
AGArr 3:15 PMKiwanis Waterloo ATOMic Ravens 13-1Wilmot #2
TRrr 4:00 PMPJD Flames 1-6Capitals
MGArr 4:00 PMKinsmen Stratford #12-0Cambridge White #1
TBrr 4:15 PMAlumni Blues 4-9Flyers
AGCrr 4:15 PMKiwanis Waterloo Rockin Ravens 4 Ever1-1Kitchener Badgers
TRrr 5:00 PMPJD Islanders 4-5Kings
MGArr 5:00 PMKinsmen Waterloo Ravens 13-0Grand River Mustangs M1
ABrr 5:00 PMGrand AtoMc Black 0-2AtoMc White
BGBrr 5:00 PMMcLaren Grand River Mustangs B12-3Waterloo Ravens 1
MAArr 5:00 PMSWA Knights 2-5Bulls
NRrr 5:15 PMAlumni Jets 0-3Ducks
AGCrr 5:15 PMKiwanis Waterloo Robotic Ravens 35-0Cambridge Black #2
MAArr 5:15 PMSWB Otters 3-5Ice Dogs
NBrr 6:00 PMPJD Predators 2-3Thrashers
MGCrr 6:00 PMKinsmen Stratford #26-1Kitchener Lancers
MBArr 6:00 PMGrand Vipers 4-2Roadrunners
BGBrr 6:00 PMMcLaren Waterloo Ravens 31-3Twin Centre Hurricanes
MABrr 6:00 PMSWA Generals 0-5Wolves
NRrr 6:15 PMAlumni Avalanche 5-0Coyotes
PWGDrr 6:15 PMKiwanis Kitchener Warriors5-0Cambridge White #1
MABrr 6:15 PMSWB Spitfires 3-2Platers
NBrr 7:00 PMPJD Sabres 2-2Lightning
MGCrr 7:00 PMKinsmen Waterloo Ravens 34-3Woolwich Wild #1
MBArr 7:00 PMGrand Aces 2-1Raiders
BGBrr 7:00 PMMcLaren Kitchener Thunderbirds1-0Stratford 1
BArr 7:00 PMSWA Trojans 3-4Aeros
NRrr 7:15 PMAlumni Panthers 6-1Wild
MGCrr 7:15 PMKiwanis Wilmot #10-1Twin Centre Hericanes 2
MCrr 7:15 PMSWB Kings 7-0Warriors
MMArr 8:00 PMPJD Chill 4-3Cougars
MGCrr 8:00 PMKinsmen Ayr Rockets1-3Waterloo Ravens 4
MBBrr 8:00 PMGrand Stingrays 3-1Grizzlies
BGArr 8:00 PMMcLaren Grand River Mustangs B24-2Wilmot Wolverines
MCrr 8:00 PMSWA Redman 0-2Siskins
MMArr 8:15 PMAlumni Cruisers 2-6Cowboys
MGCrr 8:15 PMKiwanis Twin Centre Hericanes 14-0Kitchener Marauders
MArr 8:15 PMSWB Renegades 4-3Cyclones
MMBrr 9:00 PMPJD Crunch 2-6Chiefs
MGBrr 9:00 PMKinsmen Cambridge Black #20-3Woolwich Wild #2
MBBrr 9:00 PMGrand Rock 6-2Wildcats
BGArr 9:00 PMMcLaren Cambridge Roadrunners2-0Kitchener Mustangs
MArr 9:00 PMSWA Rams 4-8Greys
MMBrr 9:15 PMAlumni Combines 1-5Cavaliers
MBrr 9:15 PMSWB Lancers 4-0Mustangs
MGBrr 10:00 PMKinsmen Kitchener Gryphons1-3Grand River Mustangs M2
MBrr 10:00 PMSWA Gryphons 6-3Colts
Thursday, December 29, 2011
AArr 7:00 AMPJD AtoMc Red 2-2AtoMc Yellow
PWGArr 7:00 AMKinsmen Ayr Rockets PW 21-0Waterloo Ravens 3
AArr 7:15 AMAlumni AtoMc Green 7-5AtoMc Grey
NGCRR 7:15 AMKiwanis Cambridge White 11-6Woolwich Wild 1
ABrr 8:00 AMPJD AtoMc Orange 6-2AtoMc Black
PWGArr 8:00 AMKinsmen Twin Centre Hericanes3-0Grand River Mustangs P1
ABrr 8:15 AMAlumni AtoMc White 2-3AtoMc Blue
NGDRR 8:15 AMKiwanis Kitchener Seals6-6Grand River Mustangs N2
PTBrr 9:00 AMPJD Hurricanes 1-3Stars
PWGDrr 9:00 AMKinsmen Grand River Mustangs P21-5Kitchener Warriors
PTRrr 9:15 AMAlumni Leafs 6-1Bruins
NGDRR 9:15 AMKiwanis Waterloo FunkyFierce 4 Ravens2-5Woolwich Wild 2
PTBrr 10:00 AMPJD Oilers 5-0Nordiques
PWGCrr 10:00 AMKinsmen Ayr Rockets PW 12-1Kitchener Golden Bears
PTRrr 10:15 AMAlumni Senators 6-1Red Wings
NGARR 10:15 AMKiwanis Grand River Mustangs N15-0Ayr Rockets
PTRrr 11:00 AMPJD Blackhawks 8-3Canadiens
PWGCrr 11:00 AMKinsmen Stratford #10-0Waterloo Raven Lunatics 1
MAArr 11:15 AMAlumni Bulls 2-4Otters
NGARR 11:15 AMKiwanis Waterloo Ravens 20-3Waterloo Ravens 3
MAArr 12:00 PMPJD Ice Dogs 5-1Knights
PWGBrr 12:00 PMKinsmen Waterloo Rebel Ravens 42-1Wilmot #1
MABrr 12:15 PMAlumni Wolves 6-1Spitfires
NGCRR 12:15 PMKiwanis Kitchener Pandas1-3Cambridge White 1
MABrr 1:00 PMPJD Platers 1-2Generals
PWGBrr 1:00 PMKinsmen Stratford #20-2Cambridge Black #2
NBFin 1:15 PMAlumni Predators 3-6Lightning
NGDRR 1:15 PMKiwanis Woolwich Wild 25-2Kitchener Seals
NRFin 2:00 PMPJD Jets 1-4Avalanche
PWGDrr 2:00 PMKinsmen Cambridge White #13-0Woolwich Wild
NBFin 2:15 PMAlumni Thrashers 3-0Sabres
NGDRR 2:15 PMKiwanis Grand River Mustangs N22-2Waterloo FunkyFierce 4 Ravens
NRFin 3:00 PMPJD Panthers 2-3Ducks
PWGDrr 3:00 PMKinsmen Waterloo Ravens 26-1Grand River Mustangs P2
TBFin 3:15 PMAlumni Blues 1-6Flyers
NGBRR 3:15 PMKiwanis Waterloo Racin Ravens 15-0Cambridge Black 2
TRFin 4:00 PMPJD Sharks 0-5Capitals
MGBrr 4:00 PMKinsmen Waterloo Ravens 22-0Kitchener Gryphons
TBFin 4:15 PMAlumni Canucks 4-2Devils
NGBRR 4:15 PMKiwanis Waterloo Rockin Ravens 52-4Wilmot 1
TRFin 5:00 PMPJD Flames 2-3Penguins
MGBrr 5:00 PMKinsmen Woolwich Wild #25-0Grand River Mustangs M2
BGArr 5:00 PMAud Wilmot Wolverines1-1Waterloo Ravens 2
MBrr 5:00 PMGrand Colts 5-4Lancers
MBrr 5:00 PMMcLaren Mustangs 2-0Gryphons
PCrr (XOVER)5:15 PMAlumni Rebels 5-3Royals
NGCRR 5:15 PMKiwanis Woolwich Wild 13-1Kitchener Pandas
PCrr (XOVER)6:00 PMPJD Rampage 2-5Pirates
MGCrr 6:00 PMKinsmen Twin Centre Hericanes 23-0Waterloo Ravens 4
BGArr 6:00 PMAud Kitchener Mustangs0-2Grand River Mustangs B2
MArr 6:00 PMGrand Cyclones 5-1Rams
MMBrr 6:00 PMMcLaren Chiefs 3-1Combines
PBrr (XOVER)6:15 PMAlumni Majors 2-2Phantoms
MGCrr 6:15 PMKiwanis Woolwich Wild #10-2Twin Centre Hericanes 1
PArr 7:00 PMPJD Inferno 3-2Gladiators
MGCrr 7:00 PMKinsmen Wilmot #11-1Stratford #2
BGBrr 7:00 PMAud Waterloo Ravens 10-0Waterloo Ravens 3
MArr 7:00 PMGrand Greys 2-6Renegades
MMBrr 7:00 PMMcLaren Cavaliers 6-2Crunch
PArr 7:15 PMAlumni Hurricanes 4-3Bombers
MGCrr 7:15 PMKiwanis Kitchener Lancers1-2Waterloo Ravens 3
BArr 8:00 PMPJD Giants 6-1Trojans
MGCrr 8:00 PMKinsmen Kitchener Marauders3-0Ayr Rockets
BGBrr 8:00 PMAud Stratford 11-3Grand River Mustangs B1
MCrr 8:00 PMGrand Warriors 2-4Redman
MMArr 8:00 PMMcLaren Cougars 9-1Cruisers
BArr 8:15 PMAlumni Aeros 3-3Admirals
MGArr 8:15 PMKiwanis Cambridge White #11-1Waterloo Ravens 1
BBrr 9:00 PMPJD Blazers 3-1Titans
MGArr 9:00 PMKinsmen Grand River Mustangs M10-1Stratford #1
BGBrr 9:00 PMAud Twin Centre Hurricanes2-2Kitchener Thunderbirds
MCrr 9:00 PMGrand Siskins 2-5Kings
MMArr 9:00 PMMcLaren Cowboys 1-6Chill
BBrr 9:15 PMAlumni Broncos 4-0Scouts
MGBrr 9:15 PMKiwanis Grand River Mustangs M20-2Waterloo Ravens 2
MGBrr 10:00 PMKinsmen Kitchener Gryphons1-1Cambridge Black #2
Friday, December 30, 2011
PTRFin 7:00 AMPJD Red Wings 4-3Leafs
AFin 7:00 AMKinsmen AtoMc Orange 4-1AtoMc Red
MAFin 7:00 AMSWA Spitfires 3-2Bulls
PTRFin 7:15 AMAlumni Blackhawks 3-4Senators
AFin 7:15 AMKiwanis AtoMc Yellow 1-3AtoMc Blue
PTBFin 8:00 AMPJD Nordiques 1-6Oilers
MPFin 8:00 AMKinsmen Huskies 2-3Bulldogs
MAFin 8:00 AMSWA Otters 1-5Wolves
PTBFin 8:15 AMAlumni Hurricanes 2-7Stars
MPFin 8:15 AMKiwanis Moose 0-2Bisons
PTRFin 9:00 AMPJD Canadiens 4-5Bruins
PBFin9:00 AMKinsmen Majors 1-4Hurricanes
BBFin 9:00 AMSWA Blazers 1-3Aeros
NRFin 9:15 AMAlumni Wild 0-3Coyotes
PBFin9:15 AMKiwanis Rebels 1-4Phantoms
TRFin 10:00 AMPJD Islanders 5-1Kings
MBFin 10:00 AMKinsmen Rock 1-2Vipers
BBFin 10:00 AMSWA Giants 2-1Scouts
MMFin 10:15 AMAlumni Cougars 2-3Cavaliers
MBFin 10:15 AMKiwanis Aces 0-5Stingrays
MMFin 11:00 AMPJD Chiefs 1-2Chill
NGFin 11:00 AMKinsmen Waterloo Racin Ravens 10-3Grand River Mustangs N1
TRFin 11:15 AMAlumni Penguins 2-9Capitals
NGFin 11:15 AMKiwanis Woolwich Wild 21-3Woolwich Wild 1
TBFin 12:00 PMPJD Canucks 9-6Flyers
AGFin 12:00 PMKinsmen Twin Centre Hericanes4-1Waterloo ATOMic Ravens 1
AGFin 12:15 PMKiwanis Ayr Rockets1-0Waterloo Robotic Ravens 3
PTRFin 12:30 PMAlumni Red Wings 2-6Senators
PWGFin1:00 PMKinsmen Cambridge Black #21-0Twin Centre Hericanes
PTBFin 1:15 PMPJD Stars 3-6Oilers
PWGFin1:15 PMKiwanis Waterloo Ravens 21-4Ayr Rockets PW 1
MFin 1:15 PMSWB Kings 4-5Renegades
NRFin 1:45 PMAlumni Ducks 0-2Avalanche
BGFin 2:00 PMKinsmen Twin Centre Hurricanes3-2Waterloo Ravens 2
BGFin 2:15 PMKiwanis Cambridge RoadrunnersWaterloo Ravens 1
MFin 2:15 PMSWB Cyclones 5-1Colts
NBFin 2:30 PMPJD Thrashers 3-2Lightning
MGFin 3:00 PMKinsmen Twin Centre Hericanes 22-0Waterloo Ravens 1
MGFin 3:15 PMKiwanis Twin Centre Hericanes 10-1Woolwich Wild #2
MAFin 3:45 PMPJD Spitfires 0-5Wolves
AFin 4:00 PMAlumni AtoMc Orange 6-3AtoMc Blue
MPFin 5:00 PMPJD Bisons 1-0Bulldogs
PBFin5:15 PMAlumni Phantoms 3-2Hurricanes
NGFin 6:00 PMKinsmen Woolwich Wild 13-2Grand River Mustangs N1
MBFin 6:15 PMPJD Vipers 4-3Stingrays
AGFin 6:15 PMKiwanis Ayr Rockets1-3Twin Centre Hericanes
BBFin 6:30 PMAlumni Giants 4-2Aeros
PWGFin7:15 PMKinsmen Ayr Rockets PW 12-1Cambridge Black #2
MMFin 7:30 PMPJD Cavaliers 0-2Chill
BGFin 7:30 PMKiwanis Cambridge RoadrunnersTwin Centre Hurricanes
MFin 7:45 PMAlumni Winner B1 vs WildcardWinner A1 vs C1
MGFin 8:30 PMKinsmen Woolwich Wild #2Twin Centre Hericanes 2
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