Schedule & Results, Oktoberfest Tournament, 2019-2020 (Kitchener Minor Hockey)

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DivisionGame #TimeVenueVisitorResultHome
Friday, October 25, 2019
A Pool AA-A19:00 AMGR Heartland Dragons1-7Woolwich Wildcats
AAA Pool AA-AAA19:00 AMACT-PJD Halton Hurricanes6-2Kitchener Jr. Rangers
AAA Pool BA-AAA49:00 AMSW-GL Southern Tier Admirals2-3Waterloo Wolves
AAA Pool BA-AAA59:00 AMKin Guelph Jr. Gryphons3-1Brantford 99ers
Girls AtomGBC-19:00 AMCAMB Kitchener Lady Rangers 0-2Ayr Rockets
MA-MD PA (XOVER)MA-MD29:00 AMLions Kitchener Jr. Rangers Blue6-0Markham Waxers
MA-MD PAMA-MD19:15 AMSW-Prac Oakridge Aeros9-0Cambridge Hawks
MA-MD PCMA-MD49:15 AMACT-Alum Burlington Bulldogs2-12Kitchener Jr. Rangers Red
AA Pool AA-AA19:30 AMKiw Mississauga Jets6-1Kitchener Jr. Rangers
A Pool BA-A210:00 AMCAMB Applewood Coyotes4-3New Hamburg Huskies
AAA Pool A (XOVER)A-AAA310:00 AMSW-GL Clarington Toros5-1Cambridge Hawks
A MD A-MD110:00 AMLions Kitchener Jr. Rangers Blue1-4Milton Winterhawks
MA A MA-A110:00 AMGR Hillcrest Canadiens0-10Waterloo Wolves
MA A MA-A210:00 AMDMcL Markham Waxers2-4Toronto Eagles
MA A MA-A310:00 AMACT-PJD North York Knights1-3London Jr. Mustangs Purple
MAAAA PAMA-AAA310:00 AMKin Halton Hurricanes8-3Waterloo Wolves
AAA Pool AA-AAA210:15 AMSW-Prac Ajax-Pickering Raiders6-2Hamilton Huskies
MAAAA PBMA-AAA410:15 AMACT-Alum Clarington Toros6-0Hamilton Huskies
AA Pool BA-AA310:30 AMKiw Toronto Royals2-2Hamilton Huskies
AA Pool CA-AA511:00 AMKin Ted Reeve Thunder0-5Vaughan Rangers
A MD A-MD211:00 AMDMcL Oakville Rangers3-2Northumberland Nighthawks
A MD A-MD311:00 AMLions Kitchener Jr. Rangers Red1-1Barrie Colts
MAAAA PAMA-AAA111:15 AMCAMB Whitby Wildcats1-2Kitchener Jr. Rangers
MAAAA PAMA-AAA211:15 AMSW-GL Toronto Young Nationals0-3Brantford 99ers
MAAAA PBMA-AAA511:15 AMGR Oshawa Generals0-1Lambton Jr. Sting
MA-MD PBMA-MD311:15 AMACT-PJD North Durham Warriors5-2North London Nationals
AA Pool AA-AA211:30 AMACT-Alum Hillcrest Canadiens0-6Barrie Colts
Girls AtomGBC-211:30 AMSW-Prac Lambton Attack2-4Lambeth Lancers
AA Pool BA-AA411:45 AMKiw North Durham Warriors0-2Markham Waxers
AA Pool CA-AA612:00 PMAUD Whitby Wildcats4-4Richmond Hill Stars
A Pool CA-A312:15 PMKin Barrie Colts3-3Centre Wellington Fusion
A Pool DA-A412:15 PMLions Cambridge Hawks2-2Saugeen Shores Storm
A Pool AA-A512:15 PMGR Scarborough Ice Raiders1-4Southpoint Capitals
A Pool CA-A712:15 PMSW-GL Port Credit Storm0-4London Jr. Mustangs Purple
A Pool DA-A812:15 PMCAMB Copper Cliff Reds1-3LPC Wild
MA AA PCMA-AA312:15 PMDMcL Stouffville Clippers0-3Burlington Jr. Cougars
MA AA PBMA-AA612:15 PMACT-PJD Sault Jr. Greyhounds5-3Scarborough Young Bruins
A Pool BA-A612:30 PMACT-Alum Lancaster Firebirds10-2Hillcrest Canadiens
MA AA PAMA-AA112:30 PMSW-Prac Peterborough Petes4-3Brantford 99ers
MA AA PBMA-AA212:45 PMKiw Barrie Colts8-1Kitchener Jr. Rangers
MA AA PDMA-AA41:00 PMAUD TNT Tornados1-4London Jr. Knights
MA AA PAMA-AA51:15 PMKin Sudbury Wolves1-3Vaughan Rangers
AAA Pool BA-AAA101:30 PMLions Brantford 99ers2-2Southern Tier Admirals
Girls AtomGBC-31:30 PMGR Ayr Rockets4-2Windsor Wildcats
MA AA PCMA-AA71:30 PMSW-GL Copper Cliff Reds1-4Toronto Eagles
MA AA PDMA-AA81:30 PMACT-PJD Gloucester Rangers White10-2West Hill Golden Hawks
MA-MD PAMA-MD61:30 PMCAMB Markham Waxers0-10Oakridge Aeros
AA Pool AA-AA71:45 PMACT-Alum Kitchener Jr. Rangers4-1Belle River Jr. Canadiens
MA-MD PCMA-MD51:45 PMKiw Kitchener Jr. Rangers Red2-9Whitby Wildcats
MA A MA-A42:00 PMAUD Sarnia Sting20-0Hillcrest Canadiens
MAAAA PBMA-AAA62:15 PMKin Hamilton Huskies5-1Chatham-Kent Cyclones
AAA Pool AA-AAA62:30 PMGR Kitchener Jr. Rangers3-1Ajax-Pickering Raiders
AAA Pool AA-AAA72:30 PMACT-PJD Cambridge Hawks1-5Halton Hurricanes
AAA Pool B (XOVER)A-AAA82:30 PMSW-GL Hamilton Huskies0-2Guelph Jr. Gryphons
MA A MA-A52:30 PMCAMB Waterloo Wolves6-1North York Knights
MA A MA-A62:30 PMLions London Jr. Mustangs Purple2-2Markham Waxers
AA Pool BA-AA92:45 PMACT-Alum Hamilton Huskies1-4Rideau St. Lawrence Kings
AAA Pool BA-AAA93:00 PMKiw Waterloo Wolves6-4Clarington Toros
A MD A-MD63:00 PMSW-Prac Milton Winterhawks2-3Kitchener Jr. Rangers Red
AA Pool CA-AA113:15 PMAUD Vaughan Rangers3-1Windsor Jr. Spitfires
A MD A-MD53:30 PMKin Northumberland Nighthawks2-7Kitchener Jr. Rangers Blue
MAAAA PAMA-AAA73:30 PMCAMB Kitchener Jr. Rangers 3-3Halton Hurricanes
MA-MD PBMA-MD73:30 PMLions North London Nationals0-6Kitchener Jr. Rangers Blue
A MD A-MD43:45 PMSW-GL Barrie Colts3-4Oakville Rangers
Girls AtomGBC-43:45 PMACT-PJD Lambeth Lancers6-0Kitchener Lady Rangers
MA-MD PB (XOVER)MA-MD83:45 PMGR Cambridge Hawks1-4North Durham Warriors
AA Pool AA-AA84:00 PMKiw Barrie Colts0-5Mississauga Jets
MAAAA PBMA-AAA84:00 PMACT-Alum Lambton Jr. Sting1-4Clarington Toros
MAAAA PB (XOVER)MA-AAA94:00 PMSW-Prac Waterloo Wolves3-2Oshawa Generals
AA Pool BA-AA104:15 PMAUD Markham Waxers2-1Toronto Royals
A Pool AA-A134:30 PMCAMB Southpoint Capitals10-0Heartland Dragons
A Pool AA-A94:30 PMLions Woolwich Wildcats8-0Scarborough Ice Raiders
MAAAA PAMA-AAA104:30 PMKin Brantford 99ers5-3Whitby Wildcats
A Pool BA-A104:45 PMSW-GL New Hamburg Huskies3-1Lancaster Firebirds
A Pool BA-A144:45 PMGR Hillcrest Canadiens0-5Applewood Coyotes
A Pool CA-A115:00 PMACT-Alum Centre Wellington Fusion5-1Port Credit Storm
MA AA PBMA-AA105:00 PMACT-PJD Kitchener Jr. Rangers 0-8Sault Jr. Greyhounds
A Pool CA-A155:15 PMAUD London Jr. Mustangs Purple2-5Barrie Colts
AA Pool CA-AA125:15 PMKiw Richmond Hill Stars3-2Ted Reeve Thunder
A Pool DA-A165:45 PMKin LPC Wild3-3Cambridge Hawks
MA AA PAMA-AA95:45 PMLions Brantford 99ers0-3Sudbury Wolves
MA-MD PCMA-MD95:45 PMSW-GL Whitby Wildcats15-0Burlington Bulldogs
A Pool DA-A126:00 PMACT-PJD Saugeen Shores Storm4-0Copper Cliff Reds
AA Pool AA-AA136:00 PMGR Belle River Jr. Canadiens0-0Hillcrest Canadiens
MA AA PCMA-AA116:00 PMACT-Alum Burlington Jr. Cougars7-4Copper Cliff Reds
Girls AtomGBC-56:15 PMKiw Windsor Wildcats0-5Lambton Attack
MAAAA PA (XOVER)MA-AAA116:30 PMAUD Chatham-Kent Cyclones1-5Toronto Young Nationals
MA A MA-A76:45 PMKin Toronto Eagles1-3Sarnia Sting
MA AA PDMA-AA126:45 PMLions London Jr. Knights2-4Gloucester Rangers White
AA Pool BA-AA147:00 PMSW-GL Rideau St. Lawrence Kings3-4North Durham Warriors
MA AA PAMA-AA137:00 PMGR Vaughan Rangers2-1Peterborough Petes
MA AA PBMA-AA147:00 PMACT-PJD Scarborough Young Bruins8-3Barrie Colts
MA AA PCMA-AA157:15 PMACT-Alum Toronto Eagles4-2Stouffville Clippers
MA AA PDMA-AA167:15 PMKiw West Hill Golden Hawks4-4TNT Tornados
AA Pool CA-AA157:30 PMAUD Windsor Jr. Spitfires1-2Whitby Wildcats
Saturday, October 26, 2019
MA AA PBMA-AA228:00 AMACT-PJD Sault Jr. Greyhounds8-0Barrie Colts
MA AA PAMA-AA218:15 AMACT-Alum Peterborough Petes4-4Sudbury Wolves
MA AA PBMA-AA188:30 AMKiw Scarborough Young Bruins4-2Kitchener Jr. Rangers
AA Pool CA-AA208:45 AMAUD Vaughan Rangers5-0Richmond Hill Stars
AA Pool AA-AA169:00 AMCAMB Kitchener Jr. Rangers0-3Barrie Colts
MA AA PAMA-AA179:00 AMLions Vaughan Rangers6-2Brantford 99ers
MA AA PCMA-AA239:00 AMSW-GL Stouffville Clippers4-4Copper Cliff Reds
MAAAA PA (XOVER)MA-AAA139:00 AMKin Clarington Toros2-4Kitchener Jr. Rangers
MAAAA PAMA-AAA149:00 AMACT-PJD Whitby Wildcats6-2Waterloo Wolves
MAAAA PB (XOVER)MA-AAA169:00 AMGR Toronto Young Nationals0-2Lambton Jr. Sting
MA-MD PBMA-MD119:00 AMDMcL North Durham Warriors2-9Kitchener Jr. Rangers Blue
Girls AtomGBC-79:15 AMACT-Alum Lambton Attack3-1Kitchener Lady Rangers
AA Pool BA-AA189:30 AMKiw Hamilton Huskies0-2Markham Waxers
AA Pool BA-AA199:45 AMAUD Toronto Royals0-7North Durham Warriors
MAAAA PBMA-AAA1510:00 AMLions Hamilton Huskies1-5Oshawa Generals
AA Pool AA-AA1710:15 AMGR Mississauga Jets10-0Hillcrest Canadiens
AA Pool CA-AA2110:15 AMACT-PJD Ted Reeve Thunder1-0Whitby Wildcats
MA A MA-A810:15 AMSW-GL Toronto Eagles1-3Waterloo Wolves
MA AA PCMA-AA1910:15 AMDMcL Toronto Eagles1-1Burlington Jr. Cougars
MA AA PDMA-AA2010:15 AMKin London Jr. Knights8-2West Hill Golden Hawks
MA-MD PC (XOVER)MA-MD1310:15 AMCAMB North London Nationals1-6Kitchener Jr. Rangers Red
MA A MA-A910:30 AMSW-Prac Markham Waxers11-1Hillcrest Canadiens
MA AA PDMA-AA2410:30 AMACT-Alum TNT Tornados1-5Gloucester Rangers White
A Pool BA-A1810:45 AMKiw New Hamburg Huskies6-0Hillcrest Canadiens
MA-MD PAMA-MD1011:00 AMLions Markham Waxers2-4Cambridge Hawks
AAA Pool AA-AAA1111:15 AMKin Halton Hurricanes7-2Hamilton Huskies
AAA Pool BA-AAA1211:15 AMSW-GL Clarington Toros5-3Brantford 99ers
AAA Pool A (XOVER)A-AAA1411:15 AMACT-PJD Southern Tier Admirals6-5Kitchener Jr. Rangers
AAA Pool A (XOVER)A-AAA1511:15 AMCAMB Guelph Jr. Gryphons1-1Cambridge Hawks
Girls AtomGBC-611:15 AMGR Lambeth Lancers4-1Ayr Rockets
MA-MD PA (XOVER)MA-MD1211:15 AMDMcL Whitby Wildcats4-0Oakridge Aeros
A MD A-MD711:30 AMACT-Alum Barrie Colts3-3Kitchener Jr. Rangers Blue
MA A MA-A1011:30 AMSW-Prac Sarnia Sting3-3North York Knights
MAAAA PAMA-AAA1211:45 AMKiw Brantford 99ers1-1Halton Hurricanes
AAA Pool B (XOVER)A-AAA1312:15 PMSW-GL Ajax-Pickering Raiders0-1Waterloo Wolves
A Pool CA-A1912:30 PMKin Centre Wellington Fusion1-4London Jr. Mustangs Purple
A Pool DA-A2412:30 PMACT-PJD Cambridge Hawks4-2Copper Cliff Reds
A MD A-MD912:30 PMGR Northumberland Nighthawks0-4Milton Winterhawks
A MD A-MD812:45 PMACT-Alum Oakville Rangers2-2Kitchener Jr. Rangers Red
A Pool AA-A171:00 PMKiw Woolwich Wildcats1-0Southpoint Capitals
A Pool DA-A201:00 PMAUD Saugeen Shores Storm6-3LPC Wild
A Pool AA-A211:30 PMKin Heartland Dragons3-4Scarborough Ice Raiders
A Pool BA-A221:30 PMSW-GL Applewood Coyotes1-1Lancaster Firebirds
A Pool CA-A231:30 PMACT-PJD Barrie Colts6-1Port Credit Storm
Girls AtomGBC-81:30 PMGR Kitchener Lady Rangers 1-2Windsor Wildcats
MA-MD PC (XOVER)MA-MD141:30 PMCAMB Kitchener Jr. Rangers Blue10-0Burlington Bulldogs
MA AA PC (XOVER)MA-AA261:45 PMSW-Prac Brantford 99ers5-0Stouffville Clippers
MAAAA PAMA-AAA181:45 PMACT-Alum Kitchener Jr. Rangers 6-3Toronto Young Nationals
MAAAA PB (XOVER)MA-AAA191:45 PMDMcL Waterloo Wolves3-6Clarington Toros
AA Pool AA-AA222:00 PMAUD Barrie Colts2-4Belle River Jr. Canadiens
AA Pool CA-AA262:00 PMKiw Richmond Hill Stars3-3Windsor Jr. Spitfires
AA Pool BA-AA242:30 PMACT-PJD Markham Waxers5-2Rideau St. Lawrence Kings
MA A MA-A112:30 PMGR London Jr. Mustangs Purple1-3Toronto Eagles
MA AA PA (XOVER)MA-AA252:30 PMKin Kitchener Jr. Rangers 1-3Peterborough Petes
MA AA PA (XOVER)MA-AA292:30 PMCAMB Copper Cliff Reds3-2Vaughan Rangers
MAAAA PBMA-AAA172:30 PMSW-GL Oshawa Generals2-0Chatham-Kent Cyclones
MA AA PD (XOVER)MA-AA272:45 PMACT-Alum Barrie Colts3-1London Jr. Knights
MA AA PB (XOVER)MA-AA302:45 PMDMcL Sudbury Wolves0-4Scarborough Young Bruins
MA AA PB (XOVER)MA-AA322:45 PMSW-Prac West Hill Golden Hawks3-15Sault Jr. Greyhounds
MA AA PD (XOVER)MA-AA283:00 PMAUD Burlington Jr. Cougars6-1TNT Tornados
AA Pool AA-AA233:15 PMKiw Hillcrest Canadiens1-4Kitchener Jr. Rangers
AA Pool BA-AA253:45 PMSW-GL North Durham Warriors3-1Hamilton Huskies
AA Pool CA-AA273:45 PMACT-PJD Whitby Wildcats3-2Vaughan Rangers
Girls AtomGBC-93:45 PMCAMB Ayr Rockets1-5Lambton Attack
MA-MD PB (XOVER)MA-MD163:45 PMGR Oakridge Aeros7-5North Durham Warriors
MA-MD PA (XOVER)MA-MD173:45 PMKin Kitchener Jr. Rangers Red7-1Markham Waxers
MA A MA-A124:00 PMAUD North York Knights2-0Markham Waxers
MAAAA PB (XOVER)MA-AAA214:00 PMACT-Alum Halton Hurricanes6-0Hamilton Huskies
MA-MD PC (XOVER)MA-MD154:00 PMDMcL Cambridge Hawks2-10Whitby Wildcats
MA AA PC (XOVER)MA-AA314:15 PMKiw Gloucester Rangers White4-3Toronto Eagles
AAA Pool A (XOVER)A-AAA164:45 PMGR Brantford 99ers2-5Halton Hurricanes
AAA Pool B (XOVER)A-AAA174:45 PMACT-PJD Kitchener Jr. Rangers2-5Clarington Toros
AAA Pool BA-AAA184:45 PMKin Waterloo Wolves1-1Guelph Jr. Gryphons
AAA Pool B (XOVER)A-AAA204:45 PMSW-GL Hamilton Huskies3-3Southern Tier Admirals
A MD A-MD105:00 PMCAMB Milton Winterhawks1-2Barrie Colts
MAAAA PA (XOVER)MA-AAA205:00 PMACT-Alum Lambton Jr. Sting2-7Brantford 99ers
AAA Pool AA-AAA195:15 PMAUD Cambridge Hawks5-3Ajax-Pickering Raiders
A MD A-MD125:15 PMDMcL Kitchener Jr. Rangers Blue2-1Oakville Rangers
MA A MA-A135:15 PMKiw Waterloo Wolves1-3Sarnia Sting
A Pool D (XOVER)A-A265:45 PMGR Hillcrest Canadiens0-6Saugeen Shores Storm
A Pool A (XOVER)A-A275:45 PMSW-GL London Jr. Mustangs Purple14-0Heartland Dragons
A Pool C (XOVER)A-A285:45 PMACT-PJD LPC Wild1-1Centre Wellington Fusion
A Pool A (XOVER)A-A316:00 PMKin Port Credit Storm0-7Woolwich Wildcats
A MD A-MD116:00 PMCAMB Kitchener Jr. Rangers Red9-0Northumberland Nighthawks
MA-MD PB (XOVER)MA-MD186:00 PMACT-Alum Burlington Bulldogs1-6North London Nationals
A Pool B (XOVER)A-A256:15 PMDMcL Southpoint Capitals2-5Applewood Coyotes
AA Pool AA-AA286:15 PMKiw Belle River Jr. Canadiens0-7Mississauga Jets
Girls AtomGBC-106:15 PMAUD Windsor Wildcats0-5Lambeth Lancers
A Pool B (XOVER)A-A297:00 PMKin Scarborough Ice Raiders2-6New Hamburg Huskies
AA Pool BA-AA297:00 PMACT-PJD Rideau St. Lawrence Kings5-2Toronto Royals
AA Pool CA-AA307:00 PMCAMB Windsor Jr. Spitfires2-0Ted Reeve Thunder
MA A MA-A147:00 PMSW-GL Hillcrest Canadiens1-10London Jr. Mustangs Purple
MAAAA PA (XOVER)MA-AAA227:00 PMGR Chatham-Kent Cyclones0-6Whitby Wildcats
A Pool D (XOVER)A-A307:15 PMACT-Alum Lancaster Firebirds2-6Cambridge Hawks
A Pool C (XOVER)A-A327:15 PMKiw Copper Cliff Reds1-5Barrie Colts
Sunday, October 27, 2019
A-AAAFinalA-AAAQF27:30 AMKiw Ajax-Pickering Raiders1-0Guelph Jr. Gryphons
A-AAAFinalA-AAAQF18:00 AMKin Clarington Toros2-1Cambridge Hawks
MA-AAAFMA-AAAQF18:00 AMSW-GL Lambton Jr. Sting4-2Kitchener Jr. Rangers
MA-AAAFMA-AAAQF28:00 AMGR Halton Hurricanes4-1Oshawa Generals
MA-MDFinalMA-MDSF18:00 AMACT-PJD Kitchener Jr. Rangers Red3-2Kitchener Jr. Rangers Blue
MA-MDFinalMA-MDSF28:15 AMACT-Alum Oakridge Aeros3-2Whitby Wildcats
MA-AFinalsMA-ASF29:00 AMKiw London Jr. Mustangs Purple2-3Waterloo Wolves
A-A FinalsA-ASF19:30 AMACT-PJD Applewood Coyotes1-3Woolwich Wildcats
A MDFinalsA-MDSF19:30 AMKin Milton Winterhawks0-3Kitchener Jr. Rangers Red
A MDFinalsA-MDSF29:30 AMGR Oakville Rangers2-3Kitchener Jr. Rangers Blue
MA-AFinalsMA-ASF19:30 AMSW-GL Toronto Eagles4-2Sarnia Sting
A-A FinalsA-ASF29:45 AMACT-Alum Barrie Colts2-1Saugeen Shores Storm
A-AAFinalsA-AASF111:00 AMKin North Durham Warriors5-4Mississauga Jets
A-AAFinalsA-AASF211:00 AMSW-GL Vaughan Rangers5-2Markham Waxers
Girls AtomGBC-Final11:00 AMACT-PJD Lambton Attack3-5Lambeth Lancers
MA-AAFinalMA-AASF111:00 AMGR Vaughan Rangers1-4Sault Jr. Greyhounds
MA-AAFinalMA-AASF211:15 AMACT-Alum Burlington Jr. Cougars4-5Gloucester Rangers White
A-AAAFinalA-AAASF112:30 PMKin Clarington Toros1-2Waterloo Wolves
A-AAAFinalA-AAASF212:30 PMACT-PJD Ajax-Pickering Raiders3-6Halton Hurricanes
MA-AAAFMA-AAASF112:30 PMGR Lambton Jr. Sting2-4Brantford 99ers
MA-AAAFMA-AAASF212:30 PMSW-GL Halton Hurricanes2-1Clarington Toros
MA-MDFinalMA-MDFinal12:45 PMACT-Alum Oakridge Aeros3-5Kitchener Jr. Rangers Red
MA-AFinalsMA-AFinal2:00 PMACT-PJD Waterloo Wolves1-3Toronto Eagles
A-A FinalsA-AFinal2:15 PMKin Barrie Colts1-2Woolwich Wildcats
A MDFinalsA-MDFinal2:15 PMACT-Alum Kitchener Jr. Rangers Blue2-0Kitchener Jr. Rangers Red
A-AAFinalsA-AAFinal3:30 PMACT-PJD Vaughan Rangers2-1North Durham Warriors
MA-AAFinalMA-AAFinal3:45 PMKin Gloucester Rangers White1-10Sault Jr. Greyhounds
A-AAAFinalA-AAAFinal5:00 PMACT-PJD Waterloo Wolves4-2Halton Hurricanes
MA-AAAFMA-AAAFinal5:15 PMKin Clarington Toros2-4Brantford 99ers
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