Fallfest Rules, Fallfest Tournament (Kitchener Minor Hockey)

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27th Annual Kitchener Lady Rangers FallFest

Girls Hockey Tournament Rules and Regulations

November 26-28, 2021

Each team’s head coach or manager must report to the arena of their first game one-hour prior to game time for registration.  The Team’s Final roster and OWHA Pickup Consent forms must be presented at this time.  OWHA game sheet labels must be provided by each team and put on the game sheets for all games played by the team.

Spectators are NOT allowed in the change areas or dressing rooms.  It is the responsibility of the Team Officials to respect and enforce this rule at all times.

Tournament Format

FallFest will host with 11 divisions. Tournament format will depend on the number of teams in each division. All teams are guaranteed 4 games.


·       U13 A, U13 BB, U13 B

·       U15 A, U15 BB, U15 B

·       U18A,U18 BB, U18 B, U18 C

·       U22 A


Tournament Chairman – Scott Snider – 519.895.6700 / [email protected]



Tournament Playing Rules



1) Hockey Canada and OWHA rules will apply, except for the added rules/conditions as detailed below.

2) To be eligible to play in the Tournament, a player must appear on the tournament roster submitted by each team.  Players on Ontario teams must be registered with OWHA. All OWHA player pickup forms must be presented prior to your first game.

3) The 2021-2021 OWHA minimum suspensions list will be strictly enforced.  Additional suspensions may be imposed at the discretion of the Tournament Committee.

4 Suspension(s) of player(s), coaching staff, managers, trainers, etc. will be served in the tournament.  Major and Match Penalties will be reported to the OWHA Tournament Discipline Chair and the OWHA.

5) Teams are required to bring two sets of sweaters.  The Home team will wear light sweaters and the Visitor team will wear dark sweaters.

6) A two-person referee/linesjperson system will be used for ALL games

7) U13 A, BB, B,  U15 A, BB, B, U18 B,C divisions: (10-10-12 game length).   U18  BB, U22 A and Over 22 A divisions: (12-12-12 game length).

8) The 3-minute warm-up clock will commence when the ice resurfacing gate is closed.  Teams must be ready to commence play after the buzzer sounds at the end of the 3 minute warm-up. 

9) Teams must be prepared to go on the ice 15 minutes before the scheduled game time. 

10)Time-outs will NOT be allowed during Round Robin games.  One time-out is allowed for all elimination games per team, and will be 30 seconds in length.

11)If the goal differential is 5 goals or more at any time in the 3rd period of any game, excluding a championship game, the clock will not stop until the goal differential becomes less than 5 goals at which point it will revert back to stop time.

12)The score clock will not show more than a 5 goal differential.  

13) Checking from behind penalties are zero tolerance penalties.

14) Flooding of the ice will occur at the end of each game.

15) KHMA and the Tournament Committee will not be responsible for any injuries incurred during the duration of the tournament.  All precautions will be taken to protect participants.

16) In the event that the TOTAL number of penalty infractions assessed to both teams, combined, EXCEEDS 24 infractions (not minutes) the clock will operate on run time for the remainder of the game.

17) Minor penalties will be 2 minutes, major penalties will be 5 minutes if the clock is running at stop time.   If the clock is on run time when the penalty is assessed , minor penalties will be 3 minutes, major penalties will be 7 minutes, and misconducts will be 12 minutes.

18) Referee’s on ice decisions are final and cannot be protested or appealed.

19) Any of the rules and regulations may be changed or altered at the discretion of the Tournament Committee. The TOURNAMENT OFFICIAL(S) decision(s) will be final and there will be no appeal process.


Tie Breaker formula for Any Series

In the event that teams are tied for a play-off position, the following procedure will be used to rank teams.  These steps will be followed in order ( i to v ) until a winner or ALL positions have been decided. 

The maximum goal differential per game will be capped at five for all game results.  (Example:  Team A scores 8, Team B scores 2, for tie breaking purposes, the Team A has 7 GF, 2 GA and Team B has 2 GF and 7 GA). 

                   i.  If two teams are tied, record against other tied team.  If 3 or more teams are tied the next steps will be used to determine a winner or the position of all teams.

                   ii. Goals scored minus goals against in round robin (using maximum goal differential described above)

                   iii. Fewest goals allowed against in round robin (using maximum goal differential described above).

                   iv. Number of wins in round robin

                   v.  Flip of coin.


Please note that the website tie-breaker calculation does not reflect the above rules and therefore a team MUST use the above tie breaker formulas to determine a team’s ranking, REGARDLESS OF THE WEBSITE RANKINGS.  Please contact the tournament Chairman with any questions or clarification needed.


PLAY OFF AND Championship Games


Game duration and rules for clock stoppage for all Divisions will be the same as the Round Robin Games.  Home and visitor teams will be assigned based on the schedule created prior to the point in which the teams may be known.

Each team will be allowed one (1) time-out during each playoff game. 

If overtime is required to determine a winner, the overtime format below will be used.  Overtime is sudden victory.

 For 5 minutes, teams will play 3 on 3 plus goalie.  If overtime does not result in a winner, a 3-player shoot-out will occur (Coaches to list shooters on the game sheet before the game starts). If still tied, single player shoot-outs will occur until a winner is determined. A player cannot participate in the shoot-out if they are serving a penalty at the end of the overtime and will not be considered as part of the roster for the below ruling.  A player can only be used once during the shoot-out format until all players on the team with the least number players have shot at which point players can be selected again (this is repeated each time a team is required to go thru their roster again).    Players will shoot one at a time.  Once a player has shot they must go into the penalty box or to the penalty box area.

Player substitutions in overtime for all divisions:  Substitutions are allowed at any time (during play and during stoppages in play).

Penalties: The non-penalized team adds a player. At the end of the penalty, the penalized player enters the ice. At next stoppage teams return to 3 on 3. Any player with a penalty at the end of the overtime is not eligible for the shootout.

OT Special Conditions:

Time-outs:  An additional time-out for each team will be provided for the overtime.  Unused regulation time time-outs CANNOT be carried forward to overtime.

Awards Presentation:

Award presentations for all divisions will take place on the ice after the game. Parents are NOT allowed on the ice after the award ceremony for pictures.  They may stand at the teams bench.