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Oct 21, 2021 | KMHA | 394 views
Heroic Minds Now Available to all KMHA members
KMHA is pleased to announce our partnership with Heroic Minds Inc. 

This new platform for mental exercise will help our athletes, parents, coaches and other volunteers to strengthen their mental "Game"  In a time when athletes are speaking up about struggles and challenges involving their mental health we wanted to provide necessary tools to our KMHA Family members to help empower them on a daily basis.  

Starting in November you can access Heroic Minds. 


Why Heroic Minds?


Right now, people are giving up sleep, an active lifestyle, eating healthy, nurturing relationships, connection to the environment, connection to each other and a connection to their own thoughts and emotions. All of which help to sustain a healthy mind and a powerful life. Why is this all given up? For the illusive ideals of being rich, famous, powerful, perfect or having more than the person beside them. Which of course have proven unsuccessful in avoiding this mental health crisis we see today.


Thus, there is a constant void that people feel they must fill to reach a certain mental or emotional state. This is what leads to the experience that when it is time to perform, time to change a behaviour, time to “do the right thing”, the required energy or feeling, just isn’t there.


What is the product of living this way? Presently there is more anxiety, depression, and fatigue, than there has ever been.


When we bake this down to its simplest form, what is happening is people are seeing the world through the lens of their current emotional configuration or mental state. If you are in a bad mood, you may see all the things wrong in the world. You may have less energy, less patience, and less clarity. If you are in a good mood, you will see opportunities, have more energy, more patience, a clear mind and enjoy the little things a bit more.


So, what is the answer? Well, 70% percent of gym memberships don’t get used. 95% of diets fail and the daily release of a new self-help book doesn’t appear to be pushing the needle either. So, the root of the problem is not that we need more life-hacks or short-cuts. It is not that we haven’t worked hard enough, set measurable goals, read enough neuroscience, or meditated enough. The root of the problem is that people are not given an opportunity to consistently nurture their mind. To question and shape the values that orient their behaviour. To learn about and practice influencing their thoughts and emotions. Any sort of psychological or philosophical exercise such as this only occurs when the issues have become debilitating, and one is directed toward therapy. On top of that, accessing such exercise is expensive, stigmatized, and quite frankly, inconvenient.


Heroic Minds put psychological and philosophical exercise in the palm of your hands anywhere, anytime, through an enjoyable and engaging platform.



We don’t want anyone to feel that the state of their mind is reliant on something outside of themselves. We want people to realize that the answers and power they need, already exist inside them.


Essentially, the world needs more heroes. We want you to become the hero of your story and at the same time, a hero for other people.


Heroic Minds will be accessible on iOS & Android at the beginning of November and on the Web at the end of November.


*The Website is in renovation mode until November but feel free to check it out anyways: www.heroicminds.live



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