Volunteer (Kitchener Minor Hockey)



The Kitchener Minor Hockey Association is a community based non-profit minor hockey association, guided by our volunteer Board of Directors and run primarily by 850 volunteers from our membership. We are proud to offer a variety of volunteer positions sure to appeal to any level of expertise and experience. On and off ice and special events positions are available throughout the hockey season. Volunteering with the KMHA will provide you with an opportunity to meet new people and have new experiences.

Currently we are seeking individuals for the following positions (click the link provided for a Description of the Role):

Volunteer Positions 

  1. KMHA is currently seeking Tournament Convenor Volunteers - Click here for a role description. You would volunteer approximately four hours of your time. We have two tournaments currently seeking Volunteers: Blueline - November 12 to 14; and Fallfest - November 26-28) Please reach out to the Tournament Volunteer Coordinators at [email protected]
  2. We are always grateful to have people interested in volunteering. Please review the application form to see if there is a position right for you.


Paid Positions

  1. The KMHA Scheduler, Jennifer Rolson, is currently seeking Timekeepers. Click here for the role description. If interested, please reach out directly to [email protected]


To complete an application for the positions above or any other position, please complete the following application form.

When applying for a volunteer position you may be required to complete:

  1. Police Check Certificate (Required for Volunteers 18 years and older)
  2. Gender Identity and Expression Training (Required for Volunteers 16 years and older) 
  3. Respect in Sport Training (Required for Volunteers 16 years and older)
  4.  Coaching Certification (Required for Volunteers 16 years and older)
  5.  Trainers Certification (Required for Volunteers 16 years and older)
  6.  COVID Safety Protocols - The Safe Return to Hockey (Required for All Volunteers)

Thank you.

Lisa Frank, KMHA Director of Volunteers