2022-23 Referee Application (Kitchener Minor Hockey)

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Referee Application to complete
  1. While all referees 14 yrs and older are welcome to submit an application, Kitchener Minor Hockey is specifically seeking adults 20 years of age or older who are familiar with the Hockey Canada Rules for Ice Hockey and have good skating ability, to become referees.
    These applicants are being sought to help officiate games for our U15 and over leagues where they must be 2yrs older than the players. 
    We want to ensure we have referees for all of our games. A specific current need for available referees has been identified for Sunday nights. Individuals regularly participating with Sunday nights will be reimbursed for administrative cost (certification and insurance) by KMHA. Anyone interested please apply below. Successful candidates 
    will be interviewed and assessed for skating skills.
    The cost of referee equipment will be at your expense.  We thank you for your interest. 

    Should you have any questions you can reach out to KMHA through its General Manager at 
    [email protected].

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