Important Information for Lady Rangers Local League (Kitchener Minor Hockey)

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Lady Rangers Local League Program

The Lady Rangers Local League is a community-oriented hockey program structured to provide development and competition at a recreational level. The Kitchener Minor Hockey Association is proud to offer the fastest and most exciting sport on ice to girls aged 21 and under in Kitchener. Our teams participate in the Kitchener Girls Local League and play against centers in and around the Region of Waterloo. This Program is designed to support the passion, commitment and enjoyment of all its participants. The only requirement to play in this league is to have some skating experience and the promise to have fun! BE A PART OF OUR TEAM! 
Participating centres within the Kitchener Girls Local League are: Ayr, Cambridge, Grand River, Guelph, Central Perth, Stratford, Twin Centre, Waterloo, Wilmot, Woodstock, and Woolwich. Travel from year to year will vary based on the number of participating centres per division and match-ups made at the start of the season. 
On averages teams will have one game and one practice per week. There will be a minimum of 10 shared practices (or 5 full-ice or a combination of the two) and 10 games between October 1 and December 23. At the end of this period, teams are ranked by points and will be pooled according to standings. The schedule for the second half of the season will be finalized and posted on-line by January 1. The second half of the seasons is playoffs. The top four teams in each pool will play one semi-final game. The winners from these games will advance to the Kitchener Girls Local League Championships.  The week of March Break is blocked off with no games being played during this time.  Divisions within the Lady Rangers Local League program that consist of two (2) or more teams will participate in a one-day tournament referred to as the Lady Rangers Local League Championships which will be held at the end of the season. 
All Lady Ranger teams may compete in up to four tournaments (one of those must be the Jason Cripps Memorial tournament). Teams can also purchase additional practice ice and dryland training. Each of these items must be included in a team budget and voted on by parents. This team budget would be over and above your base registration fee. Budgets cannot exceed a maximum of $275. Team budgets are to be voted on during the team’s first parent meeting which must by the second practice. A KMHA representative must be present at the parent meeting.  All Lady Ranger Local League teams will participate in the Jason Cripps Memorial tournament (held every year on December 27, 28, 29 and 30); Girls Hockey Day which will be scheduled on or about the third Sunday in January; and the Lady Rangers Local League (LRLL) Championship Day to be scheduled on or about the second Saturday or Sunday in April. 
To assist with offsetting the cost of the budget, each family may participate in fundraising. Fundraising must be approved by the KMHA before the activity begins and can include activities like bottle drives, chocolate bar sales, poinsettia sales and participation in the Cripps Silent Auction. Any money raised over and above a family’s budget must either be donated to the team in general, another family on the team or to the Donna’s Kids Program. 
The Lady Rangers Local League Silent Auction is an opportunity for Local League families to raise money to offset the cost of player registration, team and DS team fees or DS Rep. fees. 100% (less administration costs) of successful bids will be provided to Local League families at the end of the season, provided they have no outstanding unpaid fees with either the KMHA, their team or DS team.   

Information regarding participation will be provided to families at the start of the season. Participation is not mandatory and will only benefit the families that do participate. If they do participate they will be expected to obtain “new” items for people to bid on in the Auction. Each family will be refunded 100% of the successful bid for the items that they have obtained for the Auction less the administration costs for the auction.
As part of our commitment to keeping the sport of hockey safe, KMHA has made mandatory anti-bullying clinics for all of it participants Peewee aged and older. This clinic must be taken once by all participants. If you are new to the Peewee age group or new to Kitchener please ensure your attendance. Those not participating will be suspended from all team functions until they have attended the clinic. The clinic KMHA uses is Hockey driven and created by Hockey professionals with the intent to make the Hockey environment a safer and more fun place to play. 
All Kitchener Lady Rangers Local League teams will have Home (White) and Away (Blue) jerseys. These jerseys are the property of the KMHA organization and must be returned in the same condition. Each player must have a jersey bag of some sort before they can carry their assigned jersey. They cannot be put loosely in a hockey bag and risk damage by skates and Velcro. Parents will be expected to purchase the blue “Away” Name Bar. These can only be purchased from a KMHA approved supplier (contact information is on the KMHA website). Lady Ranger jerseys are not to be worn for practices. As a result, the coach may request that practice jerseys be purchased. The price of these cannot be included in the team budget, however, can be covered through fundraising. All jerseys are to be returned to your coach / manager prior to April 15. 
All age divisions of Local League from Novice to Midget may be eligible to form a “House League DS (Development Stream) Team” to participate in Hockey Canada sanctioned exhibition games and tournaments. Tryouts for this program begin in November. There is a nominal fee associated for tryouts to cover the cost of the ice. Selected players from these tryouts will play on an additional team (i.e. Bantam DS). There are additional Rep. fees for this team to cover the cost of the extra practice ice, games, officials; and team fees to cover the cost of tournaments, additional practice ice and/or dryland training. Team fees will be included in a team budget and voted on during the team’s first parent meeting. 
Volunteers are always welcome whether you choose to help out a team or help with an event. Opportunities can be found on the following link.