OWHA Development Stream (DS) Program Requirements (Kitchener Minor Hockey)

PrintOWHA Development Stream (DS) Program Requirements


Development  Stream  (DS)
  is a  subset  of  the  House  League  Program, not another level of hockey, offering  a  tryout-based, enhanced opportunity for House League players who are:
a)  Looking for a development bridge to competitive hockey or
b)  Do not wish to make the commitment, in time or cost, to competitive hockey but are seeking more competition and skill development that is afforded by house league alone. 

1) The Association must offer both Competitive AND House League programs.
2) DS teams may be formed in novice, atom, peewee, bantam and midget divisions.  The Intent to Register (ITR) fee is $25 per team.
3) DS teams may only be formed from a registered OWHA House League. All players must be registered within House League in the same division within your association.
4)  A player who is registered to a competitive team CANNOT be on a DS team.
5) DS teams may only be formed if there are 2 or more teams in the same division.
6) DS tryouts may begin after House League registration is complete and submitted to OWHA & not before November 1st.
7) DS registration may commence after House League registration is complete and submitted to OWHA & not before December 1st.  Games may be played once the registration is complete.
8) Teams may only play 17 players in a game but may roster up to and including 25 players. Pick up players are not permitted for a DS team.
9) A DS team will not be permitted to register as a competitive team.
10) DS teams may participate ONLY in DS divisions of sanctioned tournaments.
11) DS teams are permitted to play a maximum of 8 exhibition games against other DS teams and attend a maximum of 3 DS tournaments each season.
12) Schedules of exhibition and tournament games MUST be entered on the OWHA online registration system prior to any games being played.  All game scores must be entered as soon as they are complete.
13) DS teams are not permitted to play in a league.
14) Players playing on a DS team may also fully participate on their house league team and in house league tournaments.
15) If a DS team is found to be in violation of requirements, the staff will be suspended and the players will be deemed to be members of the house league only. The Association is subject to losing its approval to operate DS teams for a full season. 

• The Values of the OWHA.
• The purpose of this pilot project is to provide opportunities for players as noted in the rationale above.
• This project is designed to support house league teams and players and is to be managed accordingly.
• The onus is on the association and house league management to ensure the integrity of this project.