Alumni - Adam & Michelle DeJong - Mar 2021 (Kitchener Minor Hockey)

PrintAlumni - Adam & Michelle DeJong - Mar 2021


 Alumni_-_Adam_Michelle_-_Mar-2021_-_Pic_2_Updated.jpg  Michelle & Adam are now in their mid 30’s but what seems like a long time ago they both grew up in Kitchener playing for the Lady Rangers and Jr Rangers. After minor hockey Michelle went on to play for the University of Waterloo Women’s Varsity Team and Adam went on to play Jr B & Jr A Hockey before playing NCAA DIV 1 Hockey at Sacred Heart University.  They carried their mutual love for hockey on their wedding day when they were given permission to take pictures in the rink at Activa!

Growing up, Michelle enjoyed fastball (her second favourite sport).  It was a nice change from hockey and allowed her to learn different skills. But, really she likes all sports - anything with a little competition. Adam grew up playing soccer and hockey. Soccer helped him develop strength and conditioning for hockey. Soccer is also very focused on patience and positional play which helped him on the ice. Adam attributes soccer for being a big part of his development as an athlete.

When  asked about their favourite minor hockey and university memory, for Michelle, away tournaments.  The staying in hotels and running around the halls.  So many good weekends playing hockey and having fun! As a young adult at UofW, the growth from my rookie year into my final year and more importantly building some amazing, long lasting friendships.

Adam remembers fondly the Bauer Krauts minor hockey year and the trip to Vancouver, staying with billets and travelling with his teammates.  While his university memory would be during his first season in the NCAA and playing Notre Dame.  "We gave them a run for their money in the first game. They kicked our butt in the second game!" Adam remembers fondly.

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Reflecting on the influence hockey has had on their lives, Michelle believes hockey has given her the life skills to manage a busy career and be confident in who she is. Hockey gave her a community to be a part of at University and gave her the best of friends that she now considers family.  For Adam, hockey taught him almost every skill he uses today in his career and personal life.  Hockey taught him commitment, dedication and hard work. Taught him how to be a team player, how to coach and be coached. Hockey taught him how to fail, be defeated and learn from his mistakes and constantly look for ways to improve.  

When looking for inspiration, Michelle has a vision of who she wants to be and become with a clear vision board.  It motivates her every day and keeps her on track when things get tough.  Adam gathers strengths from the incredible men and women who have pursued their dreams, when told they weren't good enough, overcame the obstacles and persevered to achieve their goals.  Their stories inspire Adam to stick to his dreams and passions.

Asked to share some words of wisdoms for our young athletes who are finding themselves and their dreams.

Michelle - "Be grateful for these challenges as they are going to build you into the person you need to be to reach your dreams. Do not let these challenges stop you from continuing on. Learn from them and embrace the next steps."

Adam - "Success doesn’t happen overnight. It takes years of hard work, dedication and sacrifice to achieve your dreams and goals. Focus on what is in your control - effort, attitude, dedication, consistency, preparation. Remember, the more successful your team is, the more successful you will be. Play for your team first and your success will follow. "

Michelle and Adam are #KMHAproud and we wish them continue success and happiness!