Coaches Corner - On Ice Testing - Mar-2021 (Kitchener Minor Hockey)

PrintCoaches Corner - On Ice Testing - Mar-2021

The purpose of the KMHA On-Ice Baseline Testing is to have a continuum of development in our programs, while ensuring progression for our athletes.  


Test results will provide athletes, coaches and the association with accurate, sport specific performance metrics that reveal athlete strengths and weaknesses in a tangible and actionable way.  The On-Ice Testing will remain similar across all age groups, with additional skills being tested as players get older. 


The testing does not determine the style of play or hockey sense of an athlete.  It assists in assessing and tracking the fundamental skills a hockey player repeats every shift, every game and every practice through the utilization and technology of lasers ensuring accurate results.   


Skaters will be assessed on: speed, transition, agility and endurance.  


Goalies will be tested on: speed, transition, agility and endurance, that simulates critical game play movements that are relative to their position.  This includes challenging shooters, covering angles, reading and reacting to the puck changing direction.

The On-Ice baseline testing is NOT used during evaluations or tryouts. 



The On-Ice Testing will be an on-going part of our development program. With annual testing, it presents opportunities for players to set goals and have expectations that are realistic, providing incentive for personal growth within their game; tracking their skill development as they move through the KMHA system. 


Lady Rangers, U15 and older, rep programs have been utilizing this On-Ice Skill Testing for many years as a teaching tool. We have adapted it slightly, so  relevant information is also available to be shared with: University, Major Junior, USport or NCAA, as part of their recruitment processes.  Currently, the three CHL leagues across Canada utilize this type combine prior to the draft for invited players.  KMHA’s On-Ice Testing will provide a familiarity for any of our players that are invited to such a combine. 


All tested players, will receive an electronic copy of their test results, including the average and fastest times within their specific age group.  All personal information (e.g. names, teams) is confidential and will NOT be shared.  

Testing for the 2020/2021 season, is being held during the school break, currently scheduled the week of April 12 to April 16. Testing will be done between the hours of 7:15am and 4:00pm.  

Note: Players are unable to switch times or join another team due to COVID-19 protocols and restrictions. 


We are excited to provide this On-Ice Testing resource, as a tool for our KMHA rep athletes. Something we hope the players use to challenge themselves, pushing themselves forward to greater improvement in a game they love.    

Dean DeSilva
KMHA Development Coordinator