Volunteer Requirements, Kitchener Inclusive Hockey (Kitchener Minor Hockey)

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Welcome Interested Volunteers

Volunteer Roles:

ON-ICE Helper:

Require the ability to skate themselves and teach children/ adults with Special Needs the fundamentals of hockey and skating. Also, to assist coaches/ players in performing drills.

Equipment Needed: Helmet, Hockey Gloves, Skates and Hockey Stick. 

OFF-ICE Helper: 

Require Organizational Skills, Computer Skills, the ability to multi-task and/or Fundraising skills. MUST be able to work well with Children/ Adults with Special Needs as well as their families. 

General Inquiries or for more information please contact Volunteer Co-ordinator Madi Pengelly at [email protected] 

New Volunteers

Interested in volunteering with the Ice Pirates Special Needs Hockey Program, please fill out the Online Application below. Once completed, wait for response from the Ice Pirates Volunteer Coordinator and/or GM before proceeding to Required Courses and Certificates for New Volunteers.
New Volunteer Application - Click Here

Required Certificates and Courses for New Volunteers

Below is to be Completed AFTER Volunteer Application is Accepted by Ice Pirates Volunteer Coordinator and/or GM

Respect in Sport (16 and Over) - Activity Leader - CLICK HERE
Gender Identity and Expression (16 and Over)

Police Check (18 and Over) -  CLICK HERE

KMHA Medical Release Form (All Ages)- 

Returning Volunteers

Thank you for continuing to volunteer with the Ice Pirates, please click the link below and fill out the Online Returning Volunteers Form 

Returning Volunteers Application - Click Here

Required Certificates and Courses for Returning Volunteers

Police Check (18 and Over)  Yearly Declaration in Application and Full Process to be Completed Every 5 Years-   CLICK HERE

KMHA Medical Release Form
 (All Ages) to be Completed Yearly-   

Volunteer Reimbursement And Document Upload

To be reimbursed for courses and/or certificates click the link below and complete the form

To upload Police Check, KMHA Medical Form click the link below and complete the form

*Documents can be submitted ALL at once or individually

Reimbursement and Document Upload - Click Here

*Please note, we have a "No Parent(s) and/or Grandparent(s) on the Ice With Their Child/ Grandchild Who is a Player For the Kitchener Ice Pirates" Policy.
**Please note, we also have a "No Sibling(s) on the SAME ICE as Their Sibling Who is a Player" Policy. If this is the case, the sibling(s) are more than welcome to help with a different Ice Pirates Level.